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annual fees?
M. & G. FEE?
Maroon and Gold Team Gets
Short End of Score In Two
Games With Carolina Teams
One Played Here
State Game is Played at Raleigh
and Guilford Game is Played
on Comer Field.
many hits registered
jesvy Hitting of N. C. State and Gull-
ford Eesults in the Loss of Two
Games by Elon Team.
has grandstand on IT
’ Caacli Corboys nieii jourjieyed to
Isleigl) last Thursdjiy, fresh fi-om an
lir tight game with Wake Forest, aud
ibigh hopes ot holding the heavy hit-
jsg State uine to a close score. Many
^dents went along with tlie team, by
ray of the “JHop-it ’’ bus line, expcet-
jg to witness a close and exciting
The beginning o'f the first frame was
ja manner that seemed to point to the
^tificatioii of these hopes. Two of
fete's sluggers had gone back to their
tspective seats on the bench when
"Bed’’ Johnson’s line drive to' center
jfld was muffed by Slangiiter. This in-
fldem was not in itself one of such
|reat importance, but it happened to be
ke key log under an avalanche of hits
ud rmis. Wlien six tallies liad been
blked Up prowler went in to relieve
Jogleniaii. This cliaiige served as a
leek for alxmt three iiuiings, but the
jeat game Fowlor pitched at Wake
hrest two days before soon began to
tew niul he retired, at the end of five
idathird innings, in favor of “Tobe’’
^Tutclifield. But even this did no't serve ,
lapennnnent check on a team that!
id suddenly gone hitting mad, and
If game ended with State sitting on
ielarge end of a 17-0 score.
The feature of the game was the con-
istent hitting of State’s team. McTver
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nmny years the students have
longed for ii gramlstaiKl on CoiDer Fiehl.
Tliere was, for a go'od wliile, some
l.leaoliers on tlie field but they were
torn down last year and makesliift seats
were used at tlie base ball games last
spring. A good many of us were be
ginning to wonder if we w'ould have to
'iew the games this spring from the
same seats,, but now we find that cob-
ditums have changed at the old field.
Master Monday we found a neiv
grandstand, from wliich we foul.I wateh
Atlantic Christian College bite the dust.
Xecdless to say tiiis structure adds one
liundred per cent to the pleasure of
watching one of the gaineis.
It is expected that wo will have mov
able bleachers for football season, as
they would be in keeping with the uew
Popular Author is Subject for Evening
and Judges Decide in Favor cf
Misses Horn, Grissom
and Hall.
^^on, Denton, Wicker, and Peele
Represent Elon in the First Match
of the Year.
Saturday morning the Klon ten-
fiitMmwas defeated by the Wake Vov-
ttteaiii by the score of 17 to U. ThiS
ut^li was tlie first one -f the season
tlie hoiiie boys. Wake I'^orest wo;i
the singles and doubles n'atches
fTstraight sets. The g:imes were more
'■«tlT ooiitested than the score indicates
 most of the games were rim into
team lias been handicapped
yiar by the lack of hard courts,
ones have been constructed but
** Dot yet iu good condition. The
^ are practicing hard and hope to
1 better sho\A'ing iu tlieir other
matches Saturday were as fol-
In the single, acting Captain
Elon, was defeated by Capt.
Sn, Wake Forest, 6-0, 6-2. Peele,
K lost to Burroughs, Wake Forest,
i 6-0. 'W’^icker, Klon, was bested by
Wake Forest, 60, G-1. In the
''ibles, Newton and Agelasto, Wake
H defeated Johnson and Denton,
6-1. B-.*?. Powers and Burroughs
^'from Peele and Wicker 6-3, G 1.
The Psijtiielian Literary Society held
it.s regular meeting on last Wednesday
(light, at vvhich tinie a^verx' int«'resting
])rogram was rendered, which was as
Keading—C’hiyo Jto.
Life of Gene Stratton Porter—Sue-
nuill Alcorn.
Synopsis of one of Gene Stratton
Porter’s Books—.^^argnret Grissom.
Tliinior—Dorothy LcAve. j
Zip! Zing! Decree! Divorce a ’ la j
Fi-ancaise—Ruth Horne. !
Current Events—Lyde Bingham.
Piano Solo—Elizabeth Hnll.
The Psipludian Society has been doing
e,\cellent wark along literaary lijies this
year and its members have been iiighly
iileased with the jirogress which has
been made. This jtrogram was up to'
the usual high stamlnrd aud the judges
decided in favor i»f ^Misses Jrorn. Gris-
s(nn and Ilnll.
This is the Last Banquet to be
Given This Year and It
Closes the Season in
a Fitting Manner.
The Beta Oniicron Beta’s seventh an
nual banquet, held in the young ladies'
banquet liall, closed the baiujuet season
ol: the college in a Jiiost fitting and
elaborate maTiner. A note of distinction
and originality was evident throughout
Hie occasion, in the decorations, in the
]uenu, and in the i»rogrnm.
The bampiet tables, arranged in a
V shape, were banked with various col
ored sweet peas mingled with lacc fern,
and large bowls of sw'eet peas at inter
vals along the tables. The same flow’^-
ers "were used in the other decorations,
with the addition of palms and ferns,
and the gu^sts were greeted at the door
by little ]\risses Eilith Bra nnock and
Winifred Barney, each hobling a large
basket of sweet peas, giving a flower
to each of the guests as they entered.
Blue and white v\ere tlie colors found
in the menus, favors and place cards,
all of which bore the seal of the club.
Miss Annie Simpson as toastmistress
j)resided over a very deliglitful pro
gram, giving the welcome address,
which was responded to by W. C. Elder
Readings by Frances Sterrett au(
Eunice Ricli were especially enjoyed, as
were the vocal solos by Delba Cotten
and Florence Fisher. Other items of
the program were; toast to the old mem-
bei's by ^''ranees Turnej’ and response
by Essie Cotten. toast to the faculty by
^^rs. C. Ar. Cannon aud respojise by
Prof. J. W. Barney, followed by .in io-
formal ]irogram of jokes and toasts.
An elaborate seven course dinner w'as
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Elon Debating Team Divides
Honors With Lenoir-Rhyne
In Intercollegiate Contest
N. G. >*’evvjnan, Jr., of Holland Va.,
a tliird year student at the Harvard
Dental School, read his report as Sec
retary of the Dental School Society at
the annual meeting of the officers of
the Phillips Brooks House Association
on the night of April 13th. Newman
announced that during the past year
the Society has brouglit students at the
Dental School together more than ever.
“Nat’’ graduated with the class of
’22, and lias since been a student in the
Harvard Dental School. He was very
popular while a student here and is well
j’emembered from the fact tiiat he to'ok
aji active interest in all phases of stu
dent life.
Elon Wins Here
A Very Interesting Debate Closes
the Season and Makes Way
for Senior Orations Which
Begin This Week.
Rulings of Both Decision Committees
Seem to Point to the Fact That
the Negative Side Was the
Strongest Side.
To Speak at Dedication Service and to
the Religious Education
'^^6 Hill over the last week end.
■ew's, '23, w'as a vi
Many Interesting Facts Concerning the
Phlpsicli are Garnered.
•■At least, it's different." The doors
of the Phipsicli office have finally ad
mitted a Maroon and Gold reporter, aud
the above is its entire statemen! for
publii-ation. 1-iowever, by carefully
]ilaniied questions uinch information
about the book was obtained from the
reticent staff.
It was learned that beautiful aud
original introductory pages have been
jdaced in the book, in fact so beautiful
that the engraving company is using
copies of them as samples of the best
of work. These samples are proving of
invaluable service iu securing their
102(5 contract.s. Tt is the opinion of the
reporter that the Elon students appre
ciate the fact that the work in their
annual is of such quality as to warrant
the conipauy-s faith that the attract
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Program of Unusual Merit is Given and
Negative Wins Hotly Contested
The f’lio Literary Society convened
i)i its regular weekly meeting Tuesday
evening at seven o’clock. The meeting
was called to order by the president,
after which the Chaplain held a short
devotionfil sessicn. TJien in order canivT
the business items which were disposed
of a?id the literary session was begun.
Tiie program for the evening was ren
dered in an interesting maimer. The
uunil)ers appearing were as follows:
Poem e)ititlel ‘‘Old ^Prof* Dickson
Dies,*’ by H. Richardson. The selectimi
contains some excellent sentiment and
was made impressive to the audience by
the splendid style in which it was pre
sented by the speaker.
Humor, by L. V. W^atson. “Doc”
in his unique manner amused the so
ciety very much with some “peppy’’
bits of wit. One might well brand this
worthy senior as quite a huniorist.
Current Events, by Atkins Clark. Mr.
Clark brought to the society some up-
to-date current news both national and
international in nature.
Thp Life in a Military School, by H.
A. Clark. Tliis stately youth in an or
derly stand at attention gave to his
hearers some interesting facts of the
daily routine at a military academy.
From the discourse one would concludc
that the way of the “bugle” is right
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President W. A. Harper left the Coh
lege early Tuesday morning for an ex
tended visit in Ohio and Wisconsin. He
will go to Dayton, Ohio, first to attend
the dedication of the new Christian
Publishing Association Building there,
and tlien to the Keligious Education As
sociation meeting in Milwaukee.
At the dedicatio)! of the new quarters
of the publishing interests O'f the Chris
tian Church, President Harper wull
make the dedicatory address. His sub
ject for this occasion will be “Chris
tian Education and Christian Publish
Also he is to S]ieak at the Eeligioiis
Education Association meeting, and his
subject there will be “Some Exjieri-
ences in Motivating (’onduct.”
W> are proud to know’ that our presi
dent is in such denuind as a speaker in
such a broad field. The student body
wishes him a pleasaiit and successful
Debate on the Merits of Co-operative
Marketing Results in a Decision
for the Affirmative.
Last Friilay evening Elon and Lenoir-
Khyne held the last debate of a three
year contract between the two schools.
Both schools sent their affirmative teams
away from home and the affirmative
teams of both schools lost their deci
sions unanimously. This debate was
also the third and last inter-collegiate
debate in Mhich Elon w’ill participate
this year. It was, how'^ever. the first de
bate this year in w’hich Elon has won a
decision, cithei’ at ho'me or away.
Elon’s negative team, w’hich debated
at home was composed of Messrs. S. C.
Deskins and J. X. Denton. The affirma
tive team, w'hich debated at Lenoir, was
composed of Messrs. E. C. Brady and
Howard Richardson.
The query for the debate was as fol
lows: Resolved, that the proposed
amendment to the Federal constitution,
])ermitting the regulation of child labor,
should be adopted.
The issues of the debate seemed to- re
volve around the affirmative’s conten
tion that the state laws had not justified
themselves, because they had failed to
remedy conditions. The affirmative
then based its contention for national
child labor laws on the fact that the
two previous enactments of congress,
which had beeii declared unconstitution
al, were fair examples of what might
be expected in case cengress w^ere al-
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Program is Well Rendered and Results
in Misses Wright, Elder, and Banks
Being Chosen as Best for the
In a short snappy meeting last Thurs
day nigiit the Pliilologian Literary So
ciety had another very good program.
In an interesting account of a recent
rabbit hunt, T. F. Wright ])ointed out
some of the disadvantages of good wire
fences. He showed that they are de
trimental in that they impede the traf
fic of hunters and dogs while the little
rabbit can easily get thru and thread
his way thru some impenetrable thicket
to freedom before his pursuers find an
opening. Like many another good
“preacher” Wright appreciates the
great out-’o-doors and can get great
pleasure from a day thus spent. Then
he can tell others about it, too. for his
story was so well given that it won for
him the honors as best orator of the
Mr. Thompson in a sketch of the life
of Burns, showeil a few of the things
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The Psykaleon Literary Society met
Monday evening for its regualr weekly
session. After the business roaitine was
over, a very interesting program was
rendered. It was as follows;
Reading—Naughty Sal—by Thyra
Original Short Story—Easter Lilly--
Hattie ]\rae Pitt.
Piano Solo—Mary Price.
Current Events—Susie Elder.
Humor—Mary Herbert Watkins.
Essay—Sinrit of Easter—Dessie
The program as a whole was up to
the usual standard of excellence. The
judges decided in favor of Misses
W^right, Elder and Banks as best Ofi
The-Psykaleon Literary Society es
sayist contest will be held Monday
evening at 8:00 in the College Chapel.
The public is cordially invited.
Misses Della and Essie Cotten, both
of the class of ’24, attended the B. O.
B. banquet Saturday night.
Miss Eunice Rich attended the B. O.
B. banquet Saturday night.

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