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Jlaroon anli
Initial Football Contest Of
Season Between Elon And State
An Interesting Game Expected.
Entering upon the third Tveek of prac
tice, the Elon team is beginning to
take shape and to look like a gridiron
organization of fair promise. Coach
Walker declares himself fairly well
satisfied with the way the team has
been shaping up for the past week, and
says tliat by Friday the team ought to
be in shape to' give State College a
tussle. Prospects have never been too
bright this year following the dis
astrous season of last year; but the
liope that Coach Walker -will put out
a creditable team this year with the
material he has, has sprung anew, and
has increased considerably during the
last week. It is generally believed that
It will take the new coach two or three
years to build the team up to a first-
rate organization, but the students are
beginning to anticipate a team this year
that will compete favorably with the
4)ther small colleges of the state.
Coach Walker has not been able to
get in much scrimmage work as yet
due to the hot weather of the past
week, but Tvdll send his men through
liard practice this week preparatory to
the opening game on Friday. All posi
tions are still open according to his
statement, and any one still has a
•chance to win them. However, certain
men are standing out in the practices
as likely candidates for the first squad.
For the end positions Branner, Zeigler,
and Waggoner are showing good form.
Captain Jones is showing mid-season
push for his berth at tackle, and R.
Smith, and Wilson also look go'od in
the tackle positions. Foster, Johnson,
and ^IcCauley seem to stand out among
the candidates for guards, and Hardy
for the pivot position. Bock, Daniels,
Coggins, F. Jones, and Walker are
running mates fo'r the backfield posi
tions. Several new men have been
iidded to the squad-during the last week,
and there may be some material of
varsity caliber among these. Coach
Walker will give opportunity for a
large squad to show their strength
©gainst the Wolpack Friday; and after
I the game this week it is likely that
the re^lars can be picked with fair
jertainty, but not at this time.
Taking the team as a whole, it will
be light this year, especially in the
backfield; and the Christians will have
to depend on team work and speed for
The schedule is arranged so that the
three hardest games come first, State,
Wake FoTest, and Davidson coming in
siiccession at the head of the schedule.
Iota Tau Kappa, 'Philologian.
President of Freshman Class 24-25.
President of Buck Three Club 25-26.
Captain varsity football team 26,
President Pan-Hellinic Council 26-27.
President Student Senate 27-28.
Three years varsity football.
‘‘Mack’^ hails from Union Ridge, N.
C. He has made a record that speaks
for itself since coming to Elon. He is
an all-round good fellow, gentleman,
true friend and pal to all. If you are
in need, just call on Mack.
He has been one of our mainstays on
the football team for three years. He
was in ev^ry minute of play the year
he was captain, and we are counting
on him again this year. He is a man
who always works hard and plays a fair
A better man could not have been
selected to' be president of the boys’
student body this year. He is a good
leader and has all the qualities required
to make it a success. “Stick in there
Mack.” and we assure you the full co
operation of the student body.
Beginning a new school year, stu
dents, we can make it the best year yei;.
In order to accomplish great things we
as individuals must each resolve to do
our bit and our best to promote good
spirit and fellowship among students.
In order to do this, we must co-operate
and work together. * As president of
the Student Senate, I extend to each
and every student my most hearty wel
come. It is my aim to aid you in every
way possible.
With the remarkable freshmen class
and the large number of upperclassmen
with us it will be a pleasant task to-
make this Elon’s best year.
“Students may go to Burlington once
a week to sliop, ” So reads one of the
regulations of the college. All possible
advantages of this rule are taken by
the students of Elon. Every week al
most every girl decides on a day that
she will go to‘Burlington—sometimes to
a show; sometimes for shopping; and
always for pleasure.
There is pleasure in shopping because
of the friendly feeling between the
students here and the citizens of Bur-
lirgton. The merchants of that city
have co-operated wonderfully with the
young men and young women here, and
are ready to make any effort on their
part to meet our desires. We agree
with Mr. Brown, manager of Efird's
department store, and president of the
Merchants Association, tliat they will
do everything they can to please us.
Any demand for merchandise on the
part of the Elon student can be met
by the merchants of Burlington. May
such co-operative friendliness continue
to exist, and let us Elon stiidents give
them our support.
President Harper and Professors Enjoy
The Eats and Fellowship.
Elon College, Sept. 16.—About 100 of
the men students of Elon College hik
ed to Moonelon last evening at 7:30
and enjoyed a weenie roast sponsored
by the Y. M. C. A. This hike was one
of the first public activities of the
Y. M. C. A. this year and was one that
was highly enjoyed.
When the students tired of the camp
fire and weenies, games and stunts were
engaged in, under the leadership of
Troy Regan, director of gymnasium
work at the college.
Drs. Harper, Brannock, Jay; Profs.
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“Grand Pa” Thompson Elected
As Circulation Manager of
Maroon and Gold.
Mary Brannock Appointed Typist.
The Junior class held its first meet
ing Friday, September 19th. President
R. E. Sims presided. Mrs. J. B. Brown
was elected vice-president for the com
ing year and Miss Birdie Rowland,
Mr. P. B. Sawyer was elected to*
represent the Junior class in the final
contest for head cheer leader.
Mr. George Robertson was chosen to
help Mr. E. W. McCauley carry out the
orders of the Senate.
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A. L. Hook, A. B., M. A., M. S.
Born 1892. entered Elon 1909, gradu
ated J913.
M. A. Elon College, 1914.
Johns Hopkins University, Summer
School, 1915 and 1916.
M. S. Cornell University. 1926.
Member North Carolina Physics
Teachers Association.
Member North Carolina Academy of
Member of American Association for
Advancement of Science.
Member Pi Gamma Mu.
Charter Member North Carolina In
tercollegiate Athletic Conference.
President North Carolina Intercol
legiate Athletic Association, 1927.
Instructor, Elon College, 1914-1918. ‘
Head Physics Department. Elon Col
lege, 1918—.
Dean of Elon College, 1922—.
Miss Savage Re-elected President.
One of the most enjoyable events of
the faculty women of the fall semester
is the initial annual gathering of the
Faculty Nevele Club. The session was
held in the home of Mrs. W. A. Harper,
a charter member of the club. The
home had been beautifully decorated
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Business Department Ranks
With Leading Colleges
Psykaleon; Delta Upsilon Kappa;
Pres. S. S. Class ’24-’25; Cob. Member
Y. W. C. A. ’25-26; Sec. Literary So'-
ciety ’25-’26; Head Proctor ’26-’27;
Ass’t. Cheer Leader ’26-27; Ass’t. So
ciety Marshal ’26-’27; Junior Repre
sentative ’26-’2; Society Essayist, 2
years; Rel. Ed. Phipsicli ’26-’27; Mem
ber Pan-Hellenic Council ’26-27; Sec.
Pan-Hellenic Council ’26-27; Voted
Most Popular Girl ’26-’27; President
Student Council ’27’-28.
She has been popular her entire three
years here, and to follow up such de
serving popularity. Rosebud has been
selected and elected to head the most
important oTg^ni^ation for g’rls dur
ing her Senior year at Elon. She is re
spected and loved by the whole student
body as president of the Elon College
Woman’s Association for Student Gov
IMany are the qualifications required
of the young woman in this honorable
position, and we have found all these
in one person who has been placed
in one of the hardest as well as the
most dignified offices in college.
She has been elected to this position
because of her affability, geniality, and
sense of fair play. It is believed that
every student in the body under her
head will play the game as slie expects
her to do, and a hearty co-operation
is assured.
Prof. Tower Heads One of the Largest
Departments in School.
On behalf of the Student Council I
wish to express our appreciation for
your co-operation in conforming to our
rules and regulations.
We especially commend the freshmen
on their good behavior. You have
proved to be wonderful sports. You
are a fine class, and there are within
yon great possibilities. We, as upper
classmen, are beckoning you on to the
day of graduation when you recieve a
diploma, which is not an end, but a
means to' an end.
This Elon is better in every re
spect; t);e;efore, we are challenged to
make Student Government the best in
its history. How can this be attained?
Only through confidence on our part,
and it isn’t lacking, and by each girl
taking it upon herself to make this
system of government an individual re
sponsibility. The results would be,
therefore, a harmonio'us group—a well
regulated unit, and the council would
not be visited on Tuesday night.
We are hoping for a great year to
gether, and by taking proper advant
age of the privileges given us, religi
ously, athletically, and socially, we shall
show ourselves worthy of all that are,
or may be, given. Watch out for your
Sunday night privilege. Do you want to
keep it? Do not abuse it.
The Department of Business Admin
istration of Elon College under the
direction of Professor Ralph B. Tower
has begun what promises tO' be the
most successful year in its history. In
the two years since Professor Tower
took charge of the department the en
rollment has increased at a favorable
rate and the quality of the work done
has improved in a very marked degree.
At present the Department of Business
Administration is one of the largest in
the college.
Professor Tower graduated from Bos
ton University in 1924 with the degree
of B. B. A. ’cum laude. ’ He received the
degree of M. B. A. ’with distinction’
from the same institution last year.
In addition he has done considerable
work ai. Cornell University. This year
he is to begin work at Duke University
for the degree of Ph. D. The subject
of his thesis for the M. B. A. degree
was “The Production and Marketing
of North Carolina Furniture.” This
thesis was one of three chosen for
honorable mention by the university
faculty, At the present time the De
partment of Business Administration is
so oTganized as to give students major
ing in the field of business a basic
training in the principal aspects of
applied economics. Courses are offered
in accounting, marketing, finance, and
economic history. It is hoped that as
soon as circumstances permit the work
may be expanded to include business
English, economic geography, money
and banking, labor economics, economics
of transportation, and statistics.
Since a proper understanding of the
application of theory to practice is
essential to business success, students
in the Department of Business Admin
istration are assigned problems which
deal with actual business conditions. ^
Students in the accounting courses keep
the books for the Ladies’ Hall, the
Young Men’s Club, the Maroon and
Gold, and the Phipsicli -and assist with
the work in the college offices and the
Elon Blanking and Trust Co. But the
Phipsicli and the Maroon and Gold are
managed by students from this depart
ment. The students in the marketing
course are assigned original research
problems, as are those in the course in
As the department continues to de
velop and additional teaching facilities
becomes available for its use, it is hop
ed that some plan of vocational guid
ance may be introduced and that, as
graduates from the college demonstrate
the effectiveness of their business train
ing, wider relations may be established
with employers who are seeking the
services of college trained business men
and women.
Sawyer and Watts Are His Assistants.
At a meeting held in the college
chapel Tuesday morning, the student
body of Elon unanimously chose “Pap^'
Eure as their official cheer leader for
the year 1927-28.
Eugene Watts and P. Byron Sawyer
were elected as his assistants.
In an inspiring talk on spirit and co
operation, “Pap” charged each student
to make this year the banner year for
“Old Elon.”

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