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    IM&roon ^nd Oold
15, 1938
V61Umb M
Ntw Students Enroll
For Sccond Semester;
Include Old Fricnd^f
P"um pll iiiiiicn ion theie will
bt * Uife number uf .Htudrn:> «n-
rolling for the le.-ona
The incte»»e lar the Sprinn n iiev
Ur l expected to t>r ue.Werii 4U
and 60, »'i.;■ will LrinK the .ot^i
•nroliment for me year I' mu.e
than 675.
Acturdiii* to . ff:L-e of ihc
Field Secret*r.v, thu t .‘Jiiecujd
to re-enter in Kebruaiy, a..j inji
iiive &ttenuej Liuti before ire;*
Nortfc Lewid, tVej; tnu.
Hti/ Helen CiiAson, Lumber
Bridge, N. C.; 'Archiabie Fieciing,
Grimeikind, V. C.; Je^ie Hen ia^>
ton, Ilerf7 Oakj, N. C.; Elajbeili
IhrUiam. Durham, N. C.; Crston
Stepbeni, UertJ.rd, N. C.; Rebec-
a Hoidan, Louiaburg. N. C.; Al*
kert McDuffie, Weat End, N. C.;
Benun Watkini, WhiUfUla, N. —
C; Kobart Hiatoa, Pitubore. N. |T»|,|Ki* n.U
C: Ed P«rinru>B, Chapal Hill. MMDIt Held
M. C.; A. G. 'Inoaapion, Burtiof-
IN, N. C.; W. H. Portar, Jr, CW-
ted, N. C.; Matron Liadta/, SUai
Qtr. N. C.; Balaith Kiof, Gtttaa I
N. C.; AUa Gurrlaoa, Burllactoa |
KC; W. U. Fraamaa, Jr„ Kthar
N. C.; Carl Fraaiar, Cbarlotu, N
C.; J- D. Canrar, Prf.4pact ffiU
PnllMil % r« »fMla •( Baa Callaae
Maroan and GaM
Z S3il
No. 8
New Eqoipment To
Aid Elm Dramatistt
CarUlM amd Ujchtii P«rclia»Ml
Lif^ of Emile ZoIa** is ranlrad „
the best picture* of all t mc. and was recentlj voted the beat Acted
film of 1937 by the movie critics Guild.
Local Contest Is
On The Campos, Extended To Feb. 1
Because Of Uohdajs
Tha Eton 0>Uag« Litarary Clab
apoaaorad aa art ailiibit aad taa. .
Thurwlay aftacBoon, from t;SO t» . eonfuaioa wkieh
»:»0 in tha Y. W. C. A. Tha ax- **
hlblt waa oadar tha Tutpica. of
the North Carollaa Fadaration o **AJlOON aad
M. a; Parry Laa Aaycua, Haa- Womea’a Club*, aad wai com- ^ '•eaiTad le« raapoaaa to
*noa, N. C. I poaad «f tha palntiafi of the beat ^ ““ tJ ntort thaa tha
The Marooa aad Gold waleoaai artiata of the Stata. ' aeemed to be worth. Oa ac-
tkH* old friaada back lato
wUifa commuaity.
Elon Writers Join
Forces To Compose
Another *^lonnades”
U*i: Spring, a claaa in Ad-
nnced Composition was organit- iT.'r.jM"'!'!.'!! iV
*1. ubder the direction of Dr.
The mambara of tha iayitad lit-
erary clubs o( Burliagton aad *
Graham war* gr^tad at tha door
by Mr*. U D. Martin. Mr*. A. L f* A. M.
Hook introdacad the guaata to tha -1.1* “
r»c.iving line, co«po.ed of Ma*.
dame* L. E. Smith. Oma U. John ^ * P'*" » i» »> !>•
awarded l>
n and C. A Wharton. The
guests were then invited to view f'xn'd” >»•» the happieat
the exhibit by Mesdames J. P.
r. E. Powell poured. Assisting
in the serving were Mesdames G.
Elon Movies
Fletcljer Collins. The course was
primarily and »l»;Ve all a writing „ Colclough, A. L. I»ich, J. D.
«r.e designed to bnng out the j ^ Barney and Miss
Utent liur.ry t aents of its mem a„„ Watson.
btrs. The direct result of a se*
setter of writing and claas criti
cism was the first idsue of ELON
GOLONN-ADi^S, the initial liter-
iry magasine of the college. The
type was set up by hand, by mem
ber^ of the cla^s, and by other
ioterested students. The Editor
tal Siaff for the COLONNADES
m compssed f.f Margaret Earp
Peggy Ellingiworth, Arthur
Greenwald. Mary Harrington, Uil
Lee Heatwole, William Maness
Pearl Preston Paris, Iris Roun
tree, haiah Sears, and Gwen
This year, because of the neces
ury schedule of English classes
there will be no course in Ad-
viQced Composition
idea. Participants are to submit
compositions of approximately 100
words on **A Happier Canpui Ltie
.it Elon’*. The Administration ia
A’ill.Bg CO bear the financial ex
pense necessary to carry out the
suggestion which will be f^ und in
Tharsday evening, the art ex- '''■"5*“*
hibit was open to students of the "“ri ‘‘“P
college, from 7:30 until i.:3u. *>e
■Up to the present time th
Dramatic Gruuiu f the culle^■
have been ^laitinK their pU.v
with a^.'n jmuunt of uta r
equipment, bit aJiiitional etju.p
nient ha« been purcha.'ied auj i-
tieing indtalleJ. The equipment
nas 'jeen urgently needed evei
since plays hjve been pruducfd
on the campus Ur. Kleii her t o
t.ii' 'laled that h.e believe J thai
this new equipment would periuj
much better pieentation,' thj
luve been posiiible in the r*9t.
The equipment'cb^sista of blaclt
velure curtains for the back cl
the stage, maro'n veiare curtaio'r
for the front curtains, and fou
mobile spotlights to be mounted
wheravar needed on the stage.
Thia equipment will be put up on
toe new ataga in the little chapel.
Tha black curtaiaa, which color
:>aa bean found to be tha baat for
backrrt'iad natarial, will b^
araetad at tha back of tha stage
with a walkway batwaaa thaa aad
tha wall. The marooa eurtaiaa
will ba jiut laaida tha footUchts
aad will fraatly iacraaaa tha dapth
of tha atac* aad tha baauty of
tha atata aattiaga aa a whola.
Tha apotlifhta which bara baao
addad ara tha latast ia ataga light-
iag parapharaaUa. Thay wara
purehaaad for tha collaga by Or.
Collias whaa ha waa in New York
duriag tha holidays, and are
conatructad that they may ba fo-
cuaad on aay part of tha *tag«.
The lanaas have framas in uie
front of them into which may be
Inaertad ahadaa of various colori.
thu* aiding make-up, costumes,
and increasing the beauty of the
stage settings as a wh>>le.
Thia stage is used by all f.ur
of the Dramatic groups in action
on the .ampus. The groups ara:
the Shaltespeiare clau, the Drama
tics Class, the looal unit of Delts
Psi Omega, and the Draniaii,.
Club. PU>’s writien bj member?
of the Dramatics cUsies are to be
Lyceum Enterteiner
Earle Spicer
To Sing Here
Ballads and Artas
On His Program
Pictarad abare is Mr. Earla
Splccr, baritone, who in to slaf
an iatermtiac groap of oM bal
lads ia Whitley Memorial Aadl-
tariam aaxt Maaday alght.
Faculty To Go West
Dnrinsr Summei
t>e very snMll.
■■ ' So y.u c*n see, it’s very easy,
George Brent, Anita Louise, and Just one hundrei w^rds bdsed up-
Charles Winninger are starred in ^n a little seriaus thought. Ke-
the inspiring movie, “The Go-Get- member, you not only benefit
er,” which is showing in the yourelf by winning five dollars,
Whitley Memorial Auditorium to- ^^t make things much happier for
night. George Brent is cast in •‘U concerned,
the role of a rising young naval The same rule^ which appeared
officer who suddenly finds him- before are as i^.llows:
, . .iproauced experimeatally e^rly in
beneficial to the majority of j second «emener. Tne beit ol
pecple atuched to the college, and ^^ese will be piesen.ed to the pub-
the cost of carrying it out must
Two BMmb^rf of the art
to **fo w$t^ thia aumiMr. Dr
aad Mrs. Bowd«a are (o fu tc
Idaho to ahow off little Doug U
Grandma McHom who haa oere>
aaen him. They plaa to make the
trip by motor aomotime ia July.
Dr. Fletcher ColliAa has accept
ed (>>r the aummer a poaition as s
member of the Committee on
Workshops of the Progresaive As-
sociation which is to have a aix
week summer school at Milla Col
lege, Oakland, Califorr ia, fron
June 29 until August 9. Dr. C' I
iins is to be a staff meruber an.
consultant in the field of liters
tuce and language arts. This i
a mnement designed primirily t
develope a new program of ser
vice to secondary schools tha
ire actually undertaking a re
organiza.ion of lurriculiim. l)t
.and Mis. O llins are to make
rip by motor.
The Semester Passes In Brief Review
As Examination Period Approaches
Ccncert Series Monday
Next Monday evening at »e\*eo
oVl(K‘k In Whitley Memorial Au-
Jitonum A d nc«rt .will l>e given
by Karle Spicer, celebrated bari-
U>ne, accompanied by Merle Free*
man. ' This concert will includo
one group of Arias, one group of
Lieder, and two groups of Eng«
EUsh aad Anerioan ballada. Spi
er, who begaa tioffiBg im hia
boyh.'od. baa appaared bofor*
crowned heada and rojaltiaa of
Europe and haa baaa soloiat witk
many of the world*a laadiog or-
ehaatraa. Ha U atpodally aot*4
for hia baliad-^ia^ag.
It waa ia coU«b« that Spiear waa
paraaadod to coatiaaa muaie aa a
life So. Jaaviac Acadia, his
oativa hoaa, ha aet out for Ba*
ropa ia taarch of a earaar. Tha
war than daairojrad kU pUaa a*d
ha joined tha BriUMh forcas ia
Gnglaod aad aer^ad for four
yaara. After tha war. he gava
hia first coacart ia LMdoa, ia
192S, bafora a crowd uf aaveral
thousand. From thia first par-
/ormaaca, Spicar has devatopad
into one of the greatest aingara of
today. He aot only haa taken yp
concert and oraf.rto work, but is
well known to radio audiences in
the British Elmpire.
In America he has appeared a«
soloist on the National Broadcast-
mg Company hookup as the “Stjry
Singer”. His program > f balUtin
has been enthusiaaiicaliy received
at many of the large colleges and
music clubs.
This conLert ia the second in
the Elon Concert Series and
promi.^es to be one of the most
interesting of the year.
self a cripple, encountering the
business world. His m^tto, *4t
Can Be Done,” should give' every
However, student at Elon a new outlook on
^ince ctnsiderable interest has life. Anita Louise pJ-^rtrays the
heen shown thus far this year, same lovable person she 'did in
ELON COLONNAJ>ES will again “Green Light”. Charles Winnin-
nake its appearance on the cam- ger appears in the role of.fiery
pui> This year, writing for the millionaire who makes the audi-
Difazine will be in the nature of ence for^t he is Charles vTinin-
w extra-corricular activity. All ger. This is a picture yo^ will
»ho are interested in writing for not regret seeing,
the literary magazine are urged pa^i Muni, last year’s AcAdemy
sw Dr. Collins. Members of Award winner, stars in the W-r-
CMftses are welcome. The or- u^j. Brothers’ great success, “Ihe
Uniiition of the writing group Life of Emile Zola,” which is
Dot take piace until after ex* showing January 28. This un-
inati.aa, but directly after this ui,j*i picture gives a co) rful ac-
P«nod. the group will meat and count of this writer of bitter, |
next issue of realistic novels, and his p-art in \
1. All Elon College student are
eligible to enter contest.
Z. E.'says must closely approxi
mate 100 words.
3. Essays must be in the MA
ROON AND GOLD office or in its
.luil box in Alamance Building
loc la^er than 9:00 A. M., Tues-
uay. February 1.
(Continued on page 4)
D. U. K. Entertains
Last Wednesday the Delta Up-
silon Kappa Sorority entertained
informally for the Tau Zeta Soro-
r..y, in the Y. W. C. A. Among
„ . „ „ , „ J , the gueitj were Nancy Butner,
the Dreyiui Caae. ^le S-nder-1 Mon^n. Margaret Smith,
Elon O liege opened in Septem
ber uitn a record enrollment. Ap
proximately 540 students eiirolleJ, a new high mark in the
number of student'*, and the
Fres.'iman class led, with ;I00 mem-
bei i. It is ea^y to see the pro
gress made sin«.e 1^31, wnen Dr.
Smi:h first 'became President; in
that yeai. there were only 25u
siudeais enrjllej.
Larly in October, the ann:unce*
ment was made that an e.xiension
course for public sclji.oi teachers
was to be startled. Dean Messick,
SuperintendeiU L. E. Spikes oi'
Burlington, M. E. Younl of the;
Alamance County Schools, and tne
Stace Department of,
made tne arrangements for the
course. Profe^k^.r Beecher, of the
College faculty, holds classes in
Burlington Monday afternoons
and evenings of each week; the
Examination Schedule
Announced by Messick
Begrins On January 22
.i^ociation. Chapel services wci>
.onau.ted by members of :he A- , Meaaick has announced
. ciat:on, and socul afiairs «eit, examination «hedule for
,.Uniied. j first .semester will beKin "in
Oitcber 30 was Hjllowe’ep, ail.. I January 22, and will continue
jruuKht with it the tiaditi, lu, I throutth January 27. *
banquet and Hallowe'en l-ariy, j RegUirati. n for the second
I semester is set for Thursday,
I January 27. Dean Messick calls
! to the attention of the studenL’i
' th^ rule that late registration in
penalized by a charge of one dollar
With stunts ana dancing. 1 rize
were aw*arded for the most uni
que table decoration a: ban
guet. uiid for the outstanding c.'
tume worn at the party. In aod.
1.^1. lo tne Hai? ween party, 0^|LO-j lateness, with a
ber 30 SdW a Youth Guidance C un-'
leience taking place on the
pu». Among the speakers w ere
A. L. \\alker, Director of .the
Vouth Program, Raleigh;
Oliver Cornwell. Director of }•
sical Lciucation. U. N. C.; Miss
I.n.'iaa.e, Instructor in Physic,il
Eiu.:atf n, W. C. U. N. C.; and
Dr. J. R. M.Gregor of Burhngt^n
Dramatics held an important
position during the semester. On
maximum limit of five dollars.
The examination schedule is
posted on the bulletin b a.'-d in
Alamance Building, and :«hjuld
be consulted by all stjdent tor
the time of each exam.nJiion.
aun of the course is to ohow in- November 21, the Shakespeare
Courses To Be
Offered Next Term
®*»B Maiiick haa announced
the following new courtes
^ be (rfferad.aext aamcster, and
•lie the profaaaor by wbom each
will bt tautbt.
witk Dr. Bjwdaa. vMi
to all thoM abova IM
'jwkiHa laraL Prof. Baachar
a elaM la
BMagy ii-u aa a pMM*
(■Ul*. fnt. HowaU wiU ottt
tCMNa ia Aaditiac; Daaa Mm-
I fsrd, winner of the 1936 Academy
: Awaxa for the bast pertormance
In a supporting r^le, plays Ma
dame Dr^yfua. Joseph Schlld-
' kraut is cast as Captain Dreyfua.
Nana, the inspiration for Zola's
first great o^vel is played by Erin
O’Briaa-lfa^re. The cast also in
cludes such great stars aa Gloria
HfMaa, Donald Crisp, Halph Mor-
■aa, Md aaaty O’Neill.
service leachers how to apply pA--
Maybelle Tutor, Beatrice Wilkins, I ..
Edith Brannock. Helen Dailey.
Virginia Kerns, Rebecca MaUJck,
Edna Fitch, Doraey Stlmsoo. Hat-|
tie Pickett, Mary Lou Uayea, Fio-|
rine Rae, Louise Pender, Ethelia*
tMynolds, Juanita Waugb.
roataa la CkancMr M*-
Ifaa: aad • ^staa ta Gaaan-
int wiH tm fiMB kr tuL Dlak-
Oa 'niimday avaaiag the
D. U. K.'a •atertaiaad at a Scot-
(ie Supper in tha Y. W. C. A.
Guaita of the aeroritj ware Doro
thy Edwafidi, Mary Claytor, PoUy
•ath Walters, Fraocaa
■wlyi Wal-
The outstanding event for the
fraternities and sororities, duhng
the semester, was Bid Night, faff
ing on Saturday, October 9. At
Class officially opened the dra*
Reminder To
Ticket Holders
“Boy Meets GiH”, the Broadway
matics season with the productio^ j comedy hii, will be the third public
vf **The Taming of the Shiew, produh.t>on of the Carolina Play-
starring A1 Mastro and Juanitti
Waugh. On Thursday, Decembet |
2, the Cait^lina Playmakers, o;
the University of North Cardinal. I
makers at CKapel Hill on Jan. 27,
2$, and 29, immediately aittr the
doaeof the Elon eiaminaoon period.
this time the Beta Omicroo BeU presented a program jdi-tlivte^'Qe
Sorority was ra^rganixed; Tau act plays-h*^, '"Leavina,” "Funer-
Zeta Phi Sorority pledge^ six new
atembers; Delta Upailon Kappa,
four; Sigma Phi Beta-Fratomity,
ieren; Iota .Tau Kappa, three; aad
Alpha Pi Delta, aevaa..
The week of Oetobar 17 was 3.
al Flowers for the Bride.”
“Sunday Coata Five Pesos.’”
One of ntany outatanding chapsi
apeakers, waa Mr. Kirby Page, lec
turer, writer, and well-known
economiat SiJnaor*d by the Stu- reti|r^ed, aettlad iato their p.>utiBe,
C. A. Weak, planaad aad apoaaor-1 dent Christian Asaociation, Hr. an4. apzioualy awaltlag draad
ad by tha Studaat Chriatiaa Aa-1 Page diacuaaad the problem oi war aau^atioos.
lu it standa today, with spacial
empiiaais upon the crisis between
J|«pail and China.
‘ Dumber 18 marked the exodus
of Elpn studenta for the Christ'
ma^ Itolidaya. Now, they ara all

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