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BisKeil.:ill Team Is
Things r-
SUi!'.in- j.
iriuS i«‘" ‘ ‘ ‘
— . 1. I I
noithu.ti«l. I ; »• »v I• I . .
t.r ■ N. . . » t.
i>in (■ Mil. i.-1- ^ .
the *if-i \ i '. .1. - * .. .
IclU ,.u. *.»« • t*-. •»
thf K-'fi: ■ ■ ■■■ ''•*. I-
m*\* r u"'i j.i ..
• I. t \ V V \ V ... .
from \ *' Ml I * » ..
tkn« III *
1 til fi> >'-• ..ii'
and ii l » j. •
out on I j» iiy I '4.K i.,.K i:.
Thf A. .V«• ..
from N«*w|»*ri ,»:i: i.,, n»
tuUKhet i>a(Uf • ; u.i ;!u v ;
up.oiieiK!*. Ihf ^h;p tju.iJ
•ra got ot: .u a mmw «tj!. lu
nUrteu a lully in thf :.a rut.
that looked m-Kn.y u.iM.en.u,
iiuue\«r, .i>nu‘ 'Ui-.n b.«
the Klun hi tne i.i' it.
minute.t p.a eve ytiuMK ' i m
again for tne Cnri.^iiaii.H, and iiiat
made me .'icoie iniee up und hrte
down fur tr.e li.dtonc .'late o(
Virginia, wnicii .> gradually
iting that when a comes t acme*
tic>s \ulx)n‘i really gji soiHCthing
It took an extra five minutes
period for the Can:p .nade to
due the **Johnnie'' uf St. John‘:»
of Annapolii, Md. Klon s.ored
five points id St. John'^i one in
this extra se sion. which proved
WrestllnR Prospecla
Still ( lu’crtain I
t '
Thiiir* n»'‘rt like l«
SV*'* M M.ii tl -Im |un/ a? tlir I l';i.lnr i;i K*ii-
' ■»», oil hl» «.•> «*\f f k til'
'• tell the UumI vokri --«> v..\y
.u* iua tell !h»*n: a * ui Klon*'
lUOsent lia>ki‘t>>u!! U ani,
‘‘.Murphy. 1 .iichiii-k>. A'%im
I'lui'l, Hen l.ilit'ii. II lumlui . .\r*
r.H* An, iie|ev\ ily., -n;! Av»k lj're»*n-
vald. ‘ill tile Ht*: Aj-|ilv to "Kei
Mile B^t l»u v-h. n‘.
Hilgi een grtling up one
tnorning lxkin»f an it he \\aA u
iull night'« Mieep.
Vi : K-
out f.'T pr m'T. ♦
r ^\er‘« iii.i:n
ale Heverul
'i.le-. |.4‘l \e.»!■■?. h
hiiig WiDiuni tii.i A x r
> t.r (
I l.ll
•t» lU' I
lie .il H III* I li.-i I-
' «t |*r j»pe« t • J»e-\« i.Iinim
I liotn > tt.
Some “who dune in Ih
Kl n mov e*.
Al Mi't*' rultUinK' van
I re in. on hm n.'’*e ( .*».« I’i>\\.-r li.i' iutji -ir
tne hei)fh!h of iipt nii.nH Htl‘eMitoii« evei. .>e an ■ 'iini>l- . .iii
Thlnii'* we’d like to hear:' t • l*.i- new.' •m i!*. Hr
C... illaiy tellin>: the lie.^k ilerU “•i»*J'Hy «“ld « repie«eiitalive ol
ul thi w'-jthingion Y. M. A. *'i;*ro .n .n*i (. I.t iti..t (*r\er.J
tiiji! f.e ua« om .*f the V nri-tiMn>». he ol.i he aiinounie-.l
..».-rv vxfMiim. If.'
Alt I..-.-, '••ilMo I'linklv ui» '"""K I"-' n.» ,.i,.
iiK' !*me iie.U'h exjn*. ie;u e'*.
The ntvvH tiial Ihe f.iculty h:i»
lie. ided not ia give exum* tiii«
r.vvjh-., >iiiue. and (itiioni-
bvk have le ei\ei f.tvorabit*
nienl.'*. 1 ite ineK'.iiarit> of iti»itie
t t.te men rej>or.intf t'i pra. tue
make.« it im, >'iti))le to predict any
poti'ibie Atarlei-4 or
.After Hiuli a Hiu*ee.-j*iul fir^t
year, along
(.'oiich l’ v\er, tlie M.iti:i>n and
iiold lit uiging the ‘VrAppler.'*" to
"bear d un“. Letn try and beat
IJbrary Newsi
In *‘iet?niL' AiijutCe I I..f ‘
I-e.* tin* |»i M*ni’M-r *'l‘«»r.iMr ni
\ .• .t . ,1 . I. . .n.. I..
I • .i.iiy III a !«•! > I 11 I nt.t..
u > (iii>f no nil 1.1 \eii.:iK M M '
*’ i lie \ li e. t
‘ re.«l-t\’ o: li!«* tlu> are t.*
1' uni I h ■' I K •> t ‘Vp«*i .e.i c >1
toll and h.n .liii >.* an.i p.i
tni -Ill'll u>tfl • ItltT pe {
aiidbeiii^; iiht .Keil lo «(t.i :j.i i
ne« liie HI* .1 I
I'-. ..uhiin iii.i. «i:. .1 it‘ia!-oi.’. w li
: olni r p.Nipji- .nviilv.•
{ '‘When e.iiu'at i »«M-e . .i-ith
lMyiii!i. A.itI edt.i * n I Hi'*
iliU^ litMh lor a .svxce: '-x iiing
wan a )> \ >f li.mbon^. Kouvat-
h>n i.' I niaUer . f d.-» .pline, vigor-
Alumni Nows
.M. M \^al I >niil‘i. Kipl ng. V.
( . IS M-linnt vr t" )- it t • .* m*
•*le I* • M nr%- 'i-mt -ter.
IJ'viai 1 ),a' Im» ;i iiig 4
tilling •(al >>n in h • hunii- ' >An.
Holiei'l l.n- liravt-'. »Mdeut
h«te diir UK ItKlii-;:?. i'* .it pie-ent
aiaii.«K>‘r oi .t «t>.e a* rn..>ii,
lilt, ('ar lina.
O. K  Ui»n. a •‘Sllile.l h»*J#
during M niikuif.’ h • .’umM
in \\a^h..igton. I>. i . at the piea-
( ornehiM Moy 1. of Ui s* End,
N. r., i-H Working tor the .\ >rfolk-
Smtherrj K.«ilr>*ad. '‘.••yd i>* hop
ing that he Mill 1h> aide t> enter
“Ke-f Ived, iK»t to make any more *‘ttempt last
lesuiuli n.s \au«e 1 bteaiv the.ii
any way.”
AIKLS’IN JAMKS. Junior: “Ke-
solve.I. to liave jnuie different years uMird
kinds of pilld for the infiinuiy."
“Kes.lived to do all I can, wiien 1
can. and where I i*an.”
AL MASTkO, Senior, "Ke'' Ived
on\i*.K ■.i>.
ou-« a .li K*ng coiil.niteii aiu otteh Klon In the fall «.f
*'tern. j iiydney lline-i, of ll^nder^on,
"And that m .something n t ^itudent here in is work-
What New Year’s Reso
lutions Did You Make?
G. C. MITniKLL. >rr:
“I re.solve to do my best t.) get in
Prof. Stewart’.^ eight o*cloi.k To abide by ihe rul
claisie.s on time.’* • fornulities which g«»vera society
VERNON BRAXTON. Senifr:!at large, and to make a 1> rmal
“Resolved to pass “Math” an I study of Joe Golembek':i treatin'!
sleep m)re." | on “Etiquette ^ . Men”, particJ*
J. McGALLIARD. Senior: “That larly Chap. 9. Heel. 8 A, which ac-
the moral order of the universe curately explains the proper meih-
i may advance as much po.nsi^ble. od of eating “Mantellini'd Spa-
tbit the U ys can really go tojl re t Ive to give my wholehearted ifhetii unwound” — which doei
town when the preiiure la on | sutport." i away with the ui»e of the awkward
Ihem. C. T. PRITCHETT, Senior: “Noj shears previouily in use."
Captain Hat Bradley led the make—no break, is my policy." j PLUTO PARIS, Junior: “Not
team in scoring on ih:^ trip, with I GEORGE GOLCLOUGH: “Toi to do any wor^e than I have d* ne
16 field gjals and 5 foul shotil stop smoking and get more pretty, su far — that givei me plenty of
for « total of 37 poinu. Kigntij^irU for Elon in 1938-39." | rope."
.^bind him waa Lloyd Wh.tiey,
with 7 field guata and 10 foul
shots ^.r 23 puinu.
them in order were: Ike Fesm.ry,|
15.VnntH; Pearce, 13; Abbit^ l^;|
Lilien, 8; 5; and Lau^ey .
an(^ Lawieiu-e wiin 4 ^;vinu^
an eifori to study more and make
t • acvt pt. Kiit It mu>t Ik- accept
ed. Nay. more; it be wel-
I* me.I. C' with p. tency to
iuin life, the enrichne-s of life
mjst be di'avMi tr. ni > whuh
threatenn to destny l.:e.”
1' he right, «>r i-* he right?
ing m the ithm* department of
Helk’s Department Store in Hen
Dewey IIoi)mt, a .'ttudent her«
in I93t»*37. i.s at i re-.ent studying
at State (\tllege, Raleigh.
Luther Hoyd was a visitor
on the eanipuA during the past
a belter schola.stli. record than Many have wondered what be-j week. Luther is i» w ligated at
last year. Tj be more thoughtful conie.s .»f Rhode s n..iar8. “Do I'ittsburgh, Pa.
of fellow students. To live a tney bei« me leaders in American, Re*. Millard (Red> Stevens
righteous life during this year." j L'l'e or fall in’urity . liU' was married on December 26, to
ISAIAH SEARS Senior “1 ' “Scribner's " survey.* the >1,..,.* J,mes of Br)iion
‘ ' . results of the "• • amaz:a>( ex- c iv. N. i;,e i;i ^rriage took
solve this year to think through ^^riment of modw, nes." pi.,,, a the l ui n liid^re Chris-
my problems a.s intelligently a.4 Ij member of the cabinet has iiHn-rongregj:;onj1 Churvh of
can, to appreciate people ai und ever been a Rhodes S. h-dar. No whi. h Mr. Sieve is i* j»astoj. Mis.*
me, and to make the moat of Tiy member f the Senate has been a Jo-.os ha^ been te^ in Bir-
opportunitiei.” t Rhode- .>ch >lar.” Itut, the author mingham. Aiuli»:ra. After a
U'lSLlE MANCHESTER. Sen-1 admits, the of Represent- redding In. t> Alabama Mr. and
ior: “1 resolve to try to get more ative.s can'/f one, R. C. L'la,- Mrs. Sievens will be at h-me at
out of my opportunities at El n.’MswLn of Ma’ssachusetts »and ain’t t'n.* n Riige. l>r. J. O. L.ingforJ
TOM PERRY, Junior: “I don’t! nobody i*ver heard of him?). Y)U of Elon College heard the niarri-
beiieve in them.” | will like the article. vows.
Intramural Contests
In Basketball Go On
after 31 Ybars
As a Tobacco Auctioneer
A* .>oon as the boys had return
ed to the campus after the Christ
mas vacation, intramural baJket-
ball games commenced and con
tinued as if they had never been
interrupted. There are twelve
teams taking part in the games,
and each team must play every
other team on the schedule before
the finals are played. The m.v
jority of the preliminaries will
be played before ejfiininations,
and the finals will be run off
soon after the accond semester be-
*ins.‘ I
Practically every student on
these team.s his played basketball
in high school, and many have
been out for the varsity ujuada.
Moat uf the rames arc played fast,
and are exceptionally good ball
lames for intramural sports.
There is no admission fee, and
there is a large audience at prac
tically (very game. I
Coach Tom Power is supervisor
ot the college- intramural aph>rta
program, but while Coach Power
ii busy with vanity wrestling Hal
Watta it directing the intnunural
basketball games and acting aa
referee in most of the games. |
Sigma Phi Bets and Iota Taa
Kappa fraternities and East Dor-
Bitory seem to have the beat
ttama so far, but there are other
taaau who have nX played aa
nany gamea, so it is aa ^ bard t«
predict who will win the c«mpus
The standings of the teama *t
this writing are as follows:
Sigma Phi BeU
lota Tau Kappa
East U-raiurx
House ot David
North 8r; Floor
North 1st #loor
Kappa Pai 'Nu
Day StodeMa
Alpha Pi belta
Fancy Htt
PiMishiag House
_ - 5*-' ^
Veteran Jim Edwards
tells why toba«;o experts
prefer Luckies 2 to 1 •••
^ (•cendjr sold 489,000 poands
of tobacco in one 6Vk hour day,**
mjt Mt.J. N. Edwards of Farm-
eiile, Noctb Carolina.
Tbecc was a buyer, naciualljr,
for erery one of choee S89,000
pounds...A> there was aa mudi
difference between the best grades
Mid die inferior, as betweeo ■
pretty girl and a homely ooe.
"At auctioa after auctioa, !’«•
•een Lucky Strike go after die
prettiest lots of tobacco. It’s no
wonder Luckies taste to good.
I’va amoked them aince 1917.
"And aootlicr tliiag ... even
•1^ yelliag out tobacco bada
all during a aevea hoar dajr,
Luckies are still just aa easy aa
ever on my throat.”
OmJf Lucky Strike oSen yoa
the finest tobacco plua the throat-
protection of the exduarre proc-
eaa "It's Toasted". This process
takes out certain irritants found
in tobacco—even the finest.
M(q who know tobacco from
Ato? —experts like Mr.Edwarda
—are .urely good judgea of dga-
tettes... Sworn records ahow that,
among independent tobacco ea-
pertaii I. udties have twke as many
•adusive smokers aa have all the
Other dgarettcs com binod.

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