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Maroon And Gold
Published By and For Students of Elon College
Maroon and (lold
LlON college, N. C.. SATURDAY,
NO 11
‘The Prodigal Son”
To Be Presented by
Chamber Operp; Group
The Ch mber Opera Cimpany
iw-ill present “The Prodigal Son”,
la lone pct cpera, Monday night,
March H, at 8:15 in the Whitley
Memoriia! 'juditwium. Thiii lis the
laist number on the Lyceum pro
gram ar.'^ i'i expected to be ®ne
of the beat.
“The P.' iiiga.1 Son”, written bj
Claude Debus-^y, is based on one
of the m ait familiair Biblical
storie?. I; is performed by three
American artists of wide exper-
dence and native ta-lent. Maria
Matyas, brilliant mezzoisoprano,
hals a voice of great beauty and a
rare abil'ty itio interpret 'siong".
Robert Ii :ig, tenor, has appe^
with the Chicago Opera Ccmpany
in a number of operas. He iv«
widely known for 'hi's eon'cert and
radio work. Raymiond Koch, bari-
t ne, is liOted fcT his exceptional
dramatic ability. He portrayia a
definite character in each song
and brings it vividly to life be
fore bis audience.
Elon Debaters See
Forensic Action
The debating team of High
Point College met the Elon debat
ers in a non-decision debate in
Society Hall here Monday, Feb.
21. These on the affilimative side
from High Point were the L:ve-
lace brothers, and on the Higih
Point necrative side vyere Meters.
Johns:on 2ind Holt. Isaiah Sears
and Emerson Sanderson represent
ed' Elon on the ^affrrmative ^i'dle f
the question, and the negative side
was taken care of by LeGra.nd
Moody and Emmanuel Hedgebeth.
The subject of tihe dehate was.
“Resolved that the Nlatii tn'al Labor
Relations Board sh 'uld be em
powered fro enforce compulsory ar-
bitnation of all labor disputes.”
Emersi'n Sanderson, Isaiah
Sears. LeBrand Mi-ody and Em-
menuel Hedgebeth are represent
ing Elon in the South Atlantic
Forensic Tcium'ament which is
being held Thursday, Friday and
Saturday of this week at H’gh
Point College. Last year the Elon
debaters ranked well in thii tour
nament, which was held in Rock
Hill, S. C., and they are expected
t» do even better this year. The
ticmrnament is open to all college*
of the irJation, but is largely -a rep
resentation of Southern colleges.
Well, folks, here it is! A chance to crown our
lings and queens with the superlatives they so
well deserve. A contest such as this has not been
held around here in a long time, and now is the
"ime to do something about it. Let’s you and me
and everybody fill out the mimeographed ballot
:hat accompanies this paper, and do some real
As it stands now, no one knows just who is
;he most popular or best-looking person on the
campus, but everybody has his own ideas, and the
composite of these ideas is sure to bring some
highly interesting results.
We ask everyone to be fair and plan his votes
carefully. No one is to take offense at the title he
>r she is given, but to accept it in the good na-
tured way it was intended.
So what say, gang? Let’s cooperate and have
fine time. Do your own voting and place the bal
lots in the box which has been placed for this
purpose on the bulletin board in Alamance Build
ing. The Maroon and Gold will publish the results
■n its next issue.
Elon Scrapper Wins Golden Gloves Matches;
Joe Golombek Knocks ’Em Cold in Greensboro
Bruiser Golombek
Pictured above is Joe Golom
bek who, in boxing togs, walked
off with the heavyweigtit cham
pionship in the Golden Gloves
tournament in Greensboro last
L-onierence Forward
Dr. Johnson Literary
Society Held Annual
Banquet Last Friday
The Dr. Jiohnson Literary So
ciety held its annaal banquet in
the roomis of the H me E;ono-
mics Department on the third floor
of the Aiamiance building Friday,
Feb. 25. Twenty-five couple^' at
tended the banquet which was
prepaired by Home Eoonomic^
LsGrand Ma:dy gave the ad-
diress of 'welco-me and Miss Ina
Futrell responded. The toast to
the girls was given by Sidney
Taylor wiflh response by Miss
Florine Bay. Milton Cheshire
gave a sbcirt address and intro-
deuced the officerti of the society
to those at the banquet. Each of
ficer made a short talk. James
L. Parker responded to the toast
given to the inew members by
Emmanuel Hedgeb^h. Miss Lucy
Miae Wright r(spio«wled in behalf
of the Home Eciono-mics club to the
toast given by Tom Perry.
The tables were decorated with
red, (White, and blue candleu. set
on a min'ature shield of the same
dsJors. The place Cards we-re
email blue and red hatchets plac
ed in icups of red land white miints.
A soiiaH cherry tree decorated
•wiitih eandiy cherries was in the
(center of the toastanaster’s table.
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The business of trying to .«clett
rietures to please all Elo'n n’f'v:e
ijoers 13 a rather dif'^'ul. task,
but Prijfessotr Hook ii.^ ilont' a
r I'j-i. job of selecting thd picturts
to be shown this spring. His
5. hedfule book shows tho Vrtry best
m subje-.t pictures and sh^rt
'i ms.
*^or March 4 and 5 '’Tua; Car-
tf'n Woman” and a Charlij Mc
Carthy filjm are biiifd “That
' ertain Woman”, wi''\ Bette Da-
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Miss Seabury Gives
Final Talk to Girls
Terrible Joe Go'lembek, carrying
a handful /cif dynamite in each
glove, put Carol Conraid, State Col
lege grid star, on the verge of a
ooma in two minutes and 37 sec-
ondis of the second n und lof a
scheduled three round sicrap that
wais to divide the Golden Glove
heavyweight championship of the
PiedmMnt sectio'n last Mf.nday
rnigiht at the Siportrena in Greens-
Joe reached the finiala by de
feating Ralph Henderson lasit Sat
urday night in another encouater
that failed' to last two full n^iunda.
In bjith fights Referee Bob O’Neil
had to call things to a bait and
award Joe a techniaal knocloout.
Fighting in the form of Max
Baer, Ji.e failed to let either of
his opponents land a solid blow,
and laughed each time his adver-
safry attempted to do any dlam-
age. Ajiohie “Yussel the Goniff”
lai'ael, who did a. fine job of Man
aging Joe, failed tJ keep cool and
qiuiiet, and Joe had constantly t->
shout down from the riimg ait him
not to get exicited. Outside of
that, things moved al.flg smooth
ly, land neither Arabic nioir Joe re
ceived' any 3cars of battle.
So it’s hiats off to Joe, king of
the Piedmonit section, and a biaar-
b.*nalte to Archie, who “wiuzn’t
robbed and who shouldn’tat stood
in beid”.
As a climax to her week spent
at Elon College, Misis Ruth Sea-
bu'ry, of the A.merican Board' of
Commisaicmers for Foreign Mis
sions, delivered her final talk at
a meeting of all the dormitory
girls, Monday night, February 21.
Introduced by Dean Oxford, Miss
Seabury diaciuased briefly the
great possibilities in store for all
girls to become succeseful women,
regairded highly by all those with
whom they come in contact.
• In honor of the occasiion, ajid
initiating a pnacitice that is hop
ed will becoime a regular ^e, the
Student Christian Association
served punch and cakes. Those
■a.ssisting in the aierving were,
Beatrice Wilkins, Margaret Eairp,
Katherine James, and Miary Nell
A1 Mastro Is Artist
For New Phipsicli
► -
Three Elon Cagers
Are Placed On All-
N. S. Conference Team
Lloyd Whitley
Conference Center
Proofs of the art woirk to be
used in this year’s Phipsicli have
returned from the engravers. The
art sections are being dooie by
our local artist, A1 Mastro and
they promise t> ladd immeasur
ably to the beauty of the book.
Mr. Mastro has submitted some
very nicely handled dry-brush
sketches which have met with the
approval of several critics.
Work on the annual is progres
sing nicely and it should be issued
May 10, as per schedule.
The Phipsicli sitaff held a meet
ing- in the Phipsicli i3ffice last
Tuesday nigiht. The ataiff woriced
on eopy miateriial whiieh is being
prepared for the presa. Snap-shot
editors begam aseortin:g their ra
ther large aad inteireating collec
tion of eampuis danidad sliots. Ac
cording tJ present indications the
book should be out in record time,
May 10.
Conference Guard
Hal Bradley
Mr. Wallace Fridy
Gives Stimulating
Chapel Message
On Wedneadiay, Feb. 24, Mr.
W'allaKse Fridy, who is the assis
tant paistar lof the Westley Me
morial Churc,h alt High Point, pre
sented a veiry interesting talk to
the situdent body in the Whitley
Memoriial Au(dtti:iriuni. Mr. Fridy
is a friend of Dr. Bowden, and
graduated with Dr. Bawden at the
Yale Univeraity. The S'U'bject of
which Mr. Fridy spoke wbw “The
Importance lof Being Good for
Somethirvg”. Mr. Pri«Jy 'srtated that
many pel iple are good, but in a
negative iw(ay. That is to say thiat
peoiple are goodl, but they do notfli-
iOg with the goiodness. He pre
sented the challenge that one do
something with the go^xinel8l3
wlhich he posaeases.
On the following Friday, Mr.
Fridy spoke on the subject of
“Handliciaips”. “Use what yvxu
have,” said Mr. Fridy, “andi don’t
worry about yioiuir handicaps.”
The rnlain theme was based upon
the following expre»sdon “Put
down your bucket where it is.” The
person about whom Mr. Fridy
spoke at that time wia® Dr. Carver.
Dr. Carver is la very fainoius scien
tist land a m«mber of Tti'^egee
I (Continued on page 4)
Not being (.satisfied with winr
filing the North State C>nf=rence
Title, the Elon Cannonade pro
ceeded to lo.:k for m;re hi nor,
and placed three men on the All-
North State Conference team.
Captain Hal “Hunk” Bradley, the
greate.Ht pjayer in or around these
parts was a unanamlous choice
0(f tfce juc'ges. Lloyd Whitley and
Dick Cromlish were ail'; placed
111 the first, and Ike Fe mire
capped a forward berth on the
second team.
The judges voted five places
arid one second for Biudley, and
four fiHits and two sedrfids for
Whitley. Emulating the 1937
foo’.ball team, the Elon basketeers
almoAt completely diominated the
This honor marked the seao.nd
time this sea lan that Hunk Brad
ley’s athletic ability baa been rec-
ogniztiu:. I'jjnk w':.3 recently cho-
son the mo>-it valuable member of
nj tea'm haj a beautiful white
Meater with a large black “E”,
dionated by two Elon faiiS, Mr. and
iVIi'o. F.x of BjrlingU-in, to show
fl.r it. Hunk deserve.^ evei-y word
of praise auid about him, and the
only regret ii that Hunk, All-Con
ference center in basketball; has
finished his athletic career at Elon
and will be greatly misucd upon
graduation this June.
The All-Coa'ference teams is as
Lloyd Whitley, Elon—F-rwiard.
“Rip” McSwain, Lenoi-r-Rhyne—
Hal Bradley, Elon — Center.
“Ace” Hudson, Appalachian —
Richard Cromlish, Elon—Guard.
Ooiaches voting on team were
Virgil Yaw, High Pi.jnt; A. D.
(Bud) Roie, Atlantic Christian;
Horace Hendrickson;, Elon; Tom
Brown, Catawba; “Pat” Shores,
Lenoir-Rhyne; and “Flucie” Stew
art, Appalacihian.
Richard Cromlish
Spring Holidays
According to a recent an
nouncement, Spring Holidays
this year will be from March 24
to March 30. The last classes
before the vacation will be on
Wednesday. Classea will re
sume the following Thursday.
Business Club Meets;
Taylor Elected Head;
Mr. W. H. Gehm Speaks
The Business Admiinistration
Club 'met lait Mon-day morning in
Society Hall. Ikiring the businesis
sesjiion Sid Taylor wajs elected
president txf the orgamiaation.
iMt. W. H. Gehm, gon«ral man
ager oif the White Furniture Com
pany of Mebaaie, spoke to the club
j cn the subject of “The Need' For
I Personal Efficiency in Buisineas.”
; Mir. Gehm stated that success in
the modem buaineas world lies in
having an alert, creative, and ac
tive minid. He alao empha«iized
that, tJ be suocesrful, one must
develop lan a/mlbition to achieve.
The club is asking all Business
Administration majors to beoome
active members, (and to help make
it one of the m0(at useful lorgani-
zationa on (the campus. Moreiover
the visiting speakers are brought
to the caimpus not only fi-r the
Business majors, but alao for the
whale college. Everyone is cor
dially invited to attead the meet
Dean Messick Giving
State-Wide Talks Ou
Character Educadou
Dean J. D. Me.isick has v' rit -n
the sipring series of -»tu,)y lec
tures for the North Carol in.i Oon-
gress of Parents and Teactiiere.
Theae letiuires are biiiii;^ V't-oad-
oasted over six radii;' .'it;t‘..ion* ia
the state every week for ^ix weeks,
beginning the week of Fabruiary 7.
The s(chepdule foll.>'W!8:
WPTF Tuel.^daj's at 5:30 P. M.
WSJS Winston-Salem, Tuesdiays
at 10:15 A. M,
WMID, Wilmington, Thursdays
at 11:30 A. M.
WBIG, Greensbiro ,Fridays at
1:45 P. M.
WWNC, Asheville. Thursdays at
3:30 P. M.
WBT, Chairlotte, Saturdays at
9:30 A. M.
Dean Messick delivered the
first lecture over stations WPTF
and! WBIG, the third over WBIG,
and others of the series will also
be delivered by him. He is (state
chairman of the Oharaater Educa
tion Committee 0f the N1 (rth Caro
lina CongrelS(S of Piarent and
Teachers and a member of the
National Committee.
In laddition to the seven mem
ber® pledged (tJ Sigtoa Phi Beta
Fraitemity, ais lifted in tihe last is
Bob Hamilton, of Gastonia, N. C.,
Was also pledged to the fraternity.
Through error, the name of
Woodir.(w Wilson, of Pros.pect Hill,
N. C., was omitted from the list
of new members of the Iota Tau
Kappa Fraterniity. We apologize
£oir these omissiona amL haatea
b> make correctionia.

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