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P iJronV’-e
Morjoi and (Jold
Advei liSerj
z 5:10,
NO. 12
Primaries For
Offices Close
W. Fonviile and
Bill Jones Picked
Many Upsets At Polls
Annual nciminations for jampus
primaries WBie held laiit Monday,
and the prinniaries took place on
Thursday. The primary elec
tions were conducted by the col
lege B. ard of Elei3tic.ns, cormposed
of Hatcher Stcry, LeGrande’ Moo-
idy, James Day, Lawrence Camer
on, >and Beatriie Wilkins.
Theire were ieveral offices in
■which no elemination was neces
sary, but for che majority of the
ofifiioes there were several times
BIS many nominees as there ;were
Icfifices ta be filled.
All of the niiminees were not
available at press time, but most
of the ri'iults are listed below.
The final elections will be held
sioimetiime after the ‘cfiing holi
days sio that the stui-'en,js will have
plenty of time to think over whom
they wish to see bolding the
campus po.:iitions of authority and
responsibility for the doming year.
The elections, aae allways ac-
Clcmipanied by much debate and
argument conicerning the respec-
tive merits of the cia/n'didates of
each persi^ins cihoice. Every stu-
deat should give this problem
some serious thicught, and should
vote only £ ir those whom he
thinks will fill the ofifice best.
Here ii the liis.t of those who
wiill be voted on in the final elec
tion :
President, Student Body
Bill Jones
Walter Fonviile
President, Senate
Jordon Slo-an
Floyd West
Class President
Jeisise Harrington
Tommy Earrp
Henry Satterfield
Emmanuel Hedg'ebeth
I liUicy Mae Wrig-ht
Anneta Smith
Piolly Stephens
Crayton Stephens
Beatrice Mashburn
Siidney Taylor
James Gillespie
Rufus Underwood
George GuCte rrcz
Class President
Lloyd Whitley
Duame Vure
Florine Bay
An.ire‘w Fuller
Dorsey Stimson '
James L. Park-er
Edna Fitch
Women’s Council
Dorsey Stimson
i Senate
i Jiaek Ne eise
Finley Lea
; Curtis Jones
James L. Parker
daas Editors, PhiPsiCli
Duane Vore
Bruice Flory
Jack Necse
Class President
jK>hn Henry Pierce
Bob Truitt
I Vice-President
Dorothy Ediwards
Welling'toin Saecker
Secretary and Treasurer
Mary Walker
Eyelyn Holmes
Mosiaa Crutchfield
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Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard, Ralph Forbes in “Romeo and Juliet
Vote Your Own
The student body cf Elon
College is an intelligent one.
This campus in many ways is
better than that of the usual
small college. Though in some
ways Elon is superior to the
most of them, in at least one
way she has rated low: the
way we have in the past re
sponded to campus elections.
These officers up for elections
are your officers. Vote for
them, not as someone else wants
you to vote, but a.5 you con
scientiously desire to vote.
Elon Debate Teams
In Forensic Tournament
The El;n College Debate teams
participated in the So.uth Atlaji-
tie Forensic Tournament held j
at High PO'int College cn March
1, 2, and 3. Although the final
result s'hiolwed only four favonaible
decisions chalked up for Eli-n and
eight aldivet'se decisions, the teams
should be congratulated for the
work they did during the Tourna
ment. The affirmative team won
over Wake Forest, the state cham
pion for this ye-ar and alsiJ chalk
ed qp a victory over Garson'-New-
m'an, a no'rthern sichool that boasts
a atriong set-up. Those making
the trip were Emerson Sanderson.
T;'mmy Earp, Isaiah Sears, Le-
Grany Moody, Emanuel Hedgebeth
and the coaoh. Dr. French.
Dr. French says that the Elon
debaters 'were not as adeq.uately
prepaired or trained as some of
the other participants, but he be
lieves that there is a go'oid chance
for Elon to c-me out ■on top in
the Forensic Tournaments- next
Education Club Visits
Neighboring Schools
About twenty-ifive members of
the Bdui.iati-n Club .of Elon Col
lege, under the chaperonage of
Dean Oxford, Professor Beecher,
and Dean Messick, visited the
Practice School of W. C. U. N. C.,
Cenitral Elemenfcajy School, the
Juniior High Schotol, and the
Senior High School in Greens
boro,, March 9. The
trip was arranged by Dean Mes-
Those who went on the expe
dition reported having seen some
excellent wwrk in progress, and
they state that mu'oh bencifiit wtais
derived from the trip. They
were particiularly loud in their
praise of the receptiMD accorded
them by the school authorities.
“Rmeo a.nd Juliet,” the most
beloved romance of all times, will
be the highlight of the ispring mo
vie seriej. It was presented last
night in Whitley ani will be there
i30jin tlonight. Niorma Shearer
and Leslie Hoiwand in the leading
roles depiot the young loves of
Verona with superb talent and The halo-ny si.ene is all
Shakespeiare could have wiished it
to be, and the whole love story,
wofven' like siome colorful thread
in the tapestry of hate, is one of
dii'amatic pageantry.
But “Romiei> and Juliet” is more
than a great Iwe 'Story. It is
a colorful cross section of tha
fifteenth century, iwhen the Italian
Renais'sari^e was at its height.
Filmed agauns.t this intererting
background, it ijsyaicked with tense
dramatic, and comicil sitpationi.
The duel between John Barrymore
and Bazil is memorable.
Edna Mae Oliver’s, characteriza
tion of the nurse, which she plays
ttt the hilt for all its uproarious
comedy, and the wotrk of C. Au
brey Smith, are of sipecial note.
The screen pnod'uction with the
excepti)-n of the fifty lines cut by
the censors, is just as Shakespeare
conceived it. Unbound by the
liniitatilonis. of the stage, the s«.ireen
gives the complete scope. The
costumes, setting, scenery, eve.i
to the smallets detail are loajriied
from authentic soiurces, and are
the Wi rk of the best technicians
and designeiris of America. Dr.
Collins stated that in his opinion
this is the best Shakespeare pro
duction the movies have yet dione.
The s-hont 8>ubject aoJompany-
ing this picture is “Give Me Lib
erty”. This two-reel siubject give^
new meaning to the sfijry of the
periL'J'us tirrjes preceding the de
cision of the American colonies to
break away froim British rule.
Not only is it of historical vialue,
but it sh-‘ws the unhappiness and
miser of people divided among
themselves, and by so doing, leads
one to think moire seriously of
imipeniding governmental .crises
botn at h.'mie -and abroad'.
To celebrate our return to
sahool after the Spring Vacation,
“Banjo On My Knee” will be
shoiwn on April 1 and 2. Watch
for further announcements.
Delta Psi Omega Takes
In New Members
A group of five new members
was initiated last Tuesday into
Delta Pai Omega, the natio-nal
fraternity, of which there is a
chapter at Elon College. These
new membersi aire Juanita Waugh,
Melvin James, A1 Mastr-, Hatcher
Story, and Jack iNteese.
Rehearsals have begun on the
Delta Psi Omega (produotion of
the yeiar. It is a one-'act play,
“Six Off Clubs,” written by a fra
ternity member, Gwendo-lyne Till-
mann's. Amiomg the oast are Mel
vin James, Juanita Waugh, Walter
Fonviile, Beajbrice Wiilkina, and
Duane Vore. iThe play will be
presented sihortly after the spring
Dean Messick To Give
Radio Lectures
Dean Messick is a busy mian
these d'ays. Frl-im Thursday un
til Saituirday of this iweek, he is
representing the iciollege at the
State Educational meeting in
Rialeigh. On Friday, March 11,
he was judge at the W. C. U. N. C.
Talents Contest. Greensboro
High Schoiol iwas the winner of
the loving cup.
During the spring vaoation, the
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Dramatic Club In
Rehearsal For Play
After many delays, miany atarrts,
an'd many halts, the Dramatic Club
presentation of “The Man an the
Bjwler Hat,” a o.medy of the
century, will be jfiven, shortly
after spring holidays. Kay James
is directing the play. The cast
is composed of Howiard Brown,
Mary Walker, Polly Stephens,
Lloyd Whitley, Jack May, and
Harold Hilbum.
Watch for ana.>uncement re
garding the exact time fiof pro
duction of this ipLay.
B. O. B. Banquet Given
In Greensboro
The first of the social clubs’
banquets was held last Saturday.
Beta Omicron Beta, the newest
■aiddition .to El>n’s roster of social
clubs, held its annual banquet
in the Lotus Restaurant, in
Greensboro. The restaurant iwas
dadorated in a -^ery attractive
style; blue and salver stars hung
from the ceiling, the tables were
strewn .with little blue stairs, and
a lairge star, 'diecorateid with “B. O.
B.”, wias pl'aioed in the center of
the room.
The program was opened with
a Welcome by Toastmistress Nell
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Did Galloway, Hatcher Story
Chosen Most Popular Persons
In Elon Superlatives Contest
Shakespeare’s Passionate Drampi, “Romeo
And Juliet”, Is College Movie Tonight
Two One-Act Plays
By Elon Playwrights
To Be Given Tuesday
The Oarolii.j Pla>makers have
n’t got a thing on the F:ion Dra
matic Gi'oup. The members of thi
Dramatic class have di-o veiet’
.hat tney ican write, direct, pro
duce, and a.t in plays, too. Next
fue.-Oay evening ia,t 8:15 in the
liittle Chapel Theatre, for the
£irst time in the history of the
Sljn Plsyei'j, ti-vo one-.»ct viiays
will be presentel, whi.;h huve
been written, dirtiL'ted, and acted
by El:n students. The admission
charge will be only ten cen:s, and
a audience is expected.
Ford M Jler, a newo.mer to Elon
this year, has written a hilarious
comeidy of mountain foik, ent^tieu
“Swap”. Not ‘only can Mr. MilUr
write a fjrit-iciiss i.jomedy, but
Cie can act as '^ell, as will be
show'n when the curtain rise^
upon his play, with a cast also
including Walter Fonviile and
Helen Soales,
Margaret Eairp, iwhJ' will be
remembered for her excellent
work in previous plays, will now
see her pUyiAirighting talent
brought to light in. the first play
on the program. Her play, “Bram-
ble-Bush,” has a oait ooniisting
otf Miaxiine Hu'digins, and Walter
Fonviile, acd Gwen Tillmanns and
has to do with the trials and tri
bulations of a young minister in
dealing with his ipiarishioners, and
especially in putting an inquisi
tive and trouble-'diealing neighbor
in her place.
These will also be the first plays
to be pro.duced on the new stage in
the Little Chapel. Oonstnu(..tio.n
of the stage is practically com
pleted, and the Di'amatics clais
has made an attractive cyclorama
and a full set of scenery.
Jompetition Keen
For Honor Posts
Hund»-eds Of Votes Cast
Business Club Hears
Interesting Lecture
Messers. Jay and Mustange,
representatives of the National
Cash Register Company, deliver
ed an illustrated lecture to mem
bers of the Butjinesis Administra
tion Club in the society hall last
Monday evening. men, who
were introduced by Siidney Tay
lor, sp.'ke about the coming trend
of modern machinery taking such
an importainjt place in the busi
ness office today.
This was the first bit of acti
vity on the part of the club since
the election of Mr. Taylor to the
presidency, and he assurred all
th-«e who .aittemded that .plans for
future lectures were being fiirm-
A Knight At The Opery;
Concert Series Closed
With Opera Program
By Tom Perry
The Concert Series came to a
close last Mondiay night wiith the
presentation otf ‘The Chamber
Opena Trio'.’ The opera oast was
composed of: Miss Maria Maytas,
mezzo soprano; Mr. Robert Long,
tenor; Mr. Raymond Koch, bari-
t.>ne; and Mr. Chairles Luxvey, di
rector and awcompanist. The
opera had some spots of lively en
The preisentlaition of Debussy’s
‘The Prodigal Son’ •wiaa by far
the best part ‘of the program and
we have not one iota of .complaint
to make labout this scene. We
were glad oif the opportunity of
seeing this pielce of operatic art.
All ;fiouT of the opera group gave
a mighty got-d' penfonnance in
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After many d-ys of hard work
:n c^-mputijig the leturnej bal
lots of the campu'3 ^up.rhtive
contest, the Mar,on and Gold
editors are happy to a.nnounce the
results. The reap nse was high
ly gratifyir>.g. Literally hundreds
of ballots were oast.
Several persons were outstand
ing enO'Ugh to 'A^in their titles al
most un'inimously, and sejund or
other choices are hur.:iy worth
ment'i ning.
There were cases however, in
which the competition was so keen
that more than one person won
the title. Hatcher Stoiy and Did
oallowiay Vveie vuiosen as moat
piopular and ;wi.:n undisputed titles,
Pluto Pari.i was unanimous
choice for the laziest. Ben Hurst
ha;d an overwhelming majority in
the Spanish athlete field. N.o one
boy seems to nave a mo-ncp ly on
the apple-polishing racket, be
cause Henry Capillary, Ben Huirst,
Archie Israel, Dopey Fuller, Art
Lee, and Isaiah Seais, each sacur-
ea' enough v^&tes to make it sound
ais if quite a few were adept at
this sport.
The box score i;f the resiults is
as follcus, listing men and wo-
.ijen leac.rj:
Most Popular:
Did Gallowiay, Haccher, Story
Best Looking:
Dot Edwards, uNeil i.oy, Lacky
Hi iden, LeGranie MimJ-y, Gallo
way Walker, Llo.yi Whitiey.
Most Collegiate:
Lillian Brown, Lo.uie Hubbard,
Caa Pointer.
Best Spanish Athlete
Becky L.gncu^urn.e, Virginia Con-
yes, Helen Scales and Ben Hurst.
Hardest Working:
Catherine La.wson, Blondie Earp,
Melvin James, Jack Neese, Joe
Padgett, Rnjhara' Divers, and Isa
iah Sears.
Best Dressed:
Ruth Walters, J. W. McFarl'ajid,
Bud N'0(-n and Woodrow Wilsion.
Most Intellectual
LeGrande Mooay anJ Loiften Har
ris, Gwen Tillmanns, Beaty Wil
kins, and Blondie Eanp.
Most Versatile:
Gwen Tillmanns, and Beatrice Wil
kins, A1 Maisiiro.
Pluto Paris, Lloyd Early, Jerrj'
Haggard, Hal Watts, aad Oarl
Best All-Around Athlete:
Mary Bivins, Hunk Bradley
Best Dancer:
Did Galloiway and Ima Mdver,
Art Lea.
Best Polisher of Apples:
Blondie Earp, Henry Capillary,
Ben Hurst, Archie Israel, Diopey
FuJleir, 'Art Lea, and Isaiah Sears.
Done Most for the College
Gwen Tillmanns and Beabnice Wil
kins, James Abbitt.
Most Sophisticated:
V^irginia Gonyes, Bud Noon, Dick
Graven, Hudginis, Stephens, Clay
ton and Bivins. Fuller, Dj'novan,
and Hill.
Biggest Flirt:
Lightbourne, Beam, Conyes and
Craven. Fritts, Chaia. Parker,
Cheshire, and Gau'sey.
Most Original:
G'wan Tillmanns and' Maxine Hud
gins. Ben Hurts, T. Williamu,
Lloyd Whitley and Firank Dono
Helen Scales, Lillian Brown and
Mildred Graven. Ike Fesmiire and
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