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Maroon And Gold
Published By and For Students of Eton College
Maroon and Gold
Z 530
S. C. A. Drive
Nets Increase
Association Now
Has 300 Members
Entire Week Of Campaign
According to annual custom,
the past week has been designat
ed as Student Christian Associa
tion Week. Sponsored by the Y
Cabinet, the Association is carry
ing on a membership drive, is in
viting new students to join for
the first time, and old students
to renew their membership and
reaffirm their desire to carry out
the Christian ideals which are
part of the Association’s code.
On Monday of this week the As
sociation took charge of the chapel
period. Jack Neese, President,
conducted the meeting, and intro
duced each member of the Y Cab
inet, who described briefly the du
ties of his particular office.
All during this week the Stu
dent Christian Association office
was open, with Cabinet members
on hand to receive membership
pledges. The office will be open
Last Tuesday, the S. C. A. pro
vided refreshments for the girls'
house meeting. The week’s acti
vities will be concluded at the
Vespers service tomorrow evening
at six-thirty.
.. L E
.. L T
... L G
.. C ...
.. R G
... R T
.. Q B
Laughon ...
.. H B
.. H B
Golembek .
.. F B
Elon Swingsters
Make Formal Bow
S. C. A. Sponsoring
Sunday Vespers
To round out a complete pro
gram of Sunday worship, the Stu
dent Christian Association spon
sors each Sunday evening a Ves
per Service. Vespers are entirely
a student service; conducted by
students for students. One ser-
VivX each month is led by repre
sentatives *.*V. campus Minis
terial Association. Delegates from
nearby colleges have charge of the
service once each month.
The services conducted by dele
gates from other schools will
probably include the Chorus
Choir from Sedalia, musical pro
grams by other schools and in
spirational talks by prominent
members of the Y M and YWCA
throughout the state.
Misses Ruth Page Clark and
June Leath head the Vespers Com
mittee this year. Miss Clark an
nounces that the services will be
held each Sunday evening at 6:30
in Whitley Memorial Auditorium,
unless notice is given to the con
trary. Vespers will last approxi
mately thirty minutes. Notice
concerning the services will be
posted on the Bulletin Board in
the West hall of Alamance build
Beat it out. Elon has an or
chestra. About twelve days ago
9 boys, headed by Charlie Ham
rick, got together and decided to
have hand and called
their first rehearsal for that even
ing. It didn't sound so awful bad
and they decided to stick at it.
Last Saturday night the I. T. K.
Fraternity threw a scrumptious
in the gym and hired the
newly-formed orchestra to furnish
the rhythm. The as well
attended and everyone seemed to
be very much surprised at the
Elon orchestra and at the trans
formation of the gymnasium into
a nice
The musicians did nobly well,
and, according to comment, satis
fied everybody. A few typical
comments were: “'Best Elon
ever had ’, “The music was darn
good”, “That drummer was plenty
hot ’, etc. We hape the band sticks
together and really gets some
The personnel of the orchestra
is as follows:
Saxes: (1) Howard Brown, (2)
Louie Hubbard, (3) Tommy Herit
age, (4) Jimmy Parker.
Trumpets: (1) Ben Stepherson,
(2) Jimmie Lightbourne.
Trombone: Buddy Hayden.
Piano: Charlie Hamrick.
Drums: Joe Barnwell.
The boys say that they want
you to tell them what you like or!
dislike about the music. They willl
appreciate every bit of construc
tive criticism that you can give
Floyd West
■'«S- V' ^
Gwen Tillmanns
Senate Announces
Important Rules
For Coming Year
The senate, student government
for men, are trying to make this
year one of the best in the history
of the school. They have a few
rules which they expect the stu
dent body to observe. They are;
1. Carry out article 6 — by
laws in the handbook.
2. Check on each chapel and
church service to promote better
3. There will be a fine of 25c
placed on students for disorder in
4. A fine of 35c placed on stu
dents who play on the lawns with
in the college wall.
5. The rooms of each dormitory
will be inspected for cleanliness
at one o’clock any day.
6. There will be no pipe-smok
ing and not excessive cigarette
smoking within the reception hall.
Ministers In Conference Here
Make Plans For Elon Golden
Anniversary Celebrations
Last Saturday’s Party
Sets The Style For
A Great Social Year
Elon Band In Full
Blast This Year
Professor Morgan In
Brilliant Recital
Last Monday Night
Professor Robert Morgan made
his debut to Elon College last
Monday night. He was received
with much enthusiasm. Profes
sor Morgan chose as his first num-
. ber “Thirty-two variations on an
original theme in C minor” by
Beethoven. He gave an excel
lent interpretation of this compo
For his second number of the
program, he chose a complete
sonata by Chopin. It was Chopin's
Sonata, Opus 35, in B flat minor.
This composition is divided into
four movements. The first move
ment is marked Grave-Doppio
Movimento. The second move
ment is marked Scherzo. This
movement is rapid in its move
ment. We then have the move
ment w'hich is marked Marche-
Funevre. The work closes with a
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Blaring trumpets, moaning
trombones, and screeching licorice
sticks, have again taken the cam
pus by storm. Every day we find
these youthful longhairs almost in
step, straggling across the cam
pus or handing out of some dormi
tory window, practicing his heart
out on some wierd lick or diffi
cult passage. The boys in the
band are woodshed'n’ continually
to guarantee their chances of re
maining in this fast-stepping out
fit. I
Charlie Hamrick,*our competent
conductor, is really doing a much
appreciated job. He says he is
expecting to have one of the snaz
ziest bands in the state this year.
With cute little Evelyn Lilley
front’n’ the band, you must admit
the bandsmen certainly have
something to look forward to. |
Ask people living within
two miles of the Publishing House
why they can’t sleep now. Is it;
because several members of the,
band would rather play than sleep j
at night, Archie? Oh well, they
have to study sometime! While |
we are on the subject of sleep and
music, did you hear Charlie Ham-j
rick trying the snore bass in the:
choir, Sunday? Was that an un
der-tone, Professor Pratt? !
In case you didn’t notice, the
band uniforms almost fit the men I
Friday. Why? Well, maybe we
should keep it a secret, but our
Drum Majoress is almost human.
“Versatile Evy”, as she is affec
tionately called by the boys, prov
ed she knew almost as much about
the old-fashioned art of hem-
Delta Psi Omega Has
New Officers And
Five Neophytes
On Monday, September 19, the
Delta Psi Omega dramatic frater
nity held its first meeting of the
year. At this meeting officers
were elected. They were Walter
Fonville, president; Jack Neese,
vice-president; and Duane Vore,
secretary-treasurer. Other mem
bers of the fraternity include Mel
vin James, Juanita Waugh, Gwen
Tillmanns, and Dr. Fletcher Col-
lings, faculty advisor.
Delta Psi Omega is a national
honorary fraternity of which there
has been an Elon College chapter
for several years. It is composed
of those students who have done
outstanding work in dramatics.
The organization presents at least
one play a year, cast, directed, and
produced by members of the fra
Contrary to the custom of pledg
ing new members in the spring,
the Fraternity has already pledged
five new members, who increase
the total membership to twelve.
The pledges are Kay James, Max
ine Hudgins, Charlie Hamrick,
Ben Hurst, and Tom Perry. All
of these will be remembered by
old students for their excellent
dramatic work of last year, espe
cially in Margaret Earp’s “Bram-
blebush” and Isaiah Sears’ “Mill
Here’s The Dope On
Campus Regulations
In cooperation with the Student
Government Association, the MA
ROON AND GOLD presents a
series of regulations about which
there has been some doubt. It is
hoped that this will clear up any
difficulty, and help to familiarize
Elon boys with the rules, and em
phasize them for the girls.
Girls may not walk on east cam
pus, that is, beyond the Y. W. C.
A., at any time. Students may
walk together on the campus and
to the drug store during the noon
hour, but at night, after dinner
until 7:30, and during the regular
dating hours on Saturday and
Sunday, the following places may
be used for dating: West Dormi
tory Reception Hall, the hallways
at either end of the reception hall,
the Faculty Parlor, the Junior-
Senior Parlor, the walks directly
in front of West Dormitory, and
beside the Music Building on the
side toward West Dormitory. \
Girls may not walk on the campus
at night, nor may they go beyond
the Music Buildings.
Last Saturday night, the beauti
fully decorated gymnasium, the
I. T. K. fraternity really out-did
themselves in sponsoring what
turned out to be one of the most
enjoyable social events in the hos-
tory of the school.
The red and black streamers,
symbolic of I. T. K., blended very
well with the dim blue lights, and
the green background of the pine
trees supplied a colorful setting
for the orchestra. Music was sup
plied by Charlie Hamrick and
his band, a nine piece aggregation
of lilting rhythm and novelty. The
affair chaperoned by Dean Oxford,
Mrs. Johnson, and Professor Stew
There remains little doubt that
EVERYONE was sincere in hop
ing this to be the first of many
such events. Saturday nights
would be something to look for
ward to, if similar affairs of this
type were arranged. There would
no longer be a general exodus of
all “Gables” to Burlington and
Greensboro as there has been in
the past. Yes, sir, the question
on everyone’s mind is: When is the
next t>ne? Make it SOON!
Alumni To Hold
Conference Here
Every Class Invited
Concert Series Is
Announced For Year
By Professor Pratt
Elon Singers Begin
Work on “Messiah”
Social Clubs Have
Picnic At Cabin
The annual flurry of social en
tertainment began Monday even
ing. Sept. 19. when the Kappa Psis
and the Tau Zetas held their first
party of the year, a picnic supper
at Kivitt's cabin near Gibsonville.
There were about forty mem
bers present, including Miss Beat
ty Wilkins, Mr. Hal Watts, and a
few more members of last year’s
alumni. They were also honored
The Elon Singers and other mu
sicians started rehearsals last
Tuesday for their performance of
Handel’s “Messiah”, which will be
given Sunday, December 4, in the
Whitley Auditorium. Prof. Thom
as Edwards will sing tenor solo.
The other soloists will be announc
ed later.
The choir has had a very suc
cessful beginning this year and
Prof. Pratt feels that before the
•ear is over, the choir will be the
best Elon has ever had. At pres
ent, there are 52 students register
ed for the choir.
Phipsicli Staff
Launches Book Plans
The first meeting of the 1939
Phipsicli staff was held Wednes
day, September 21. Those pres
ent were: Frank Donovan, edi
tor; Louie Hubbard, business man
ager; Duane Vore, Bruce Flory,
and Martin Noon of the editorial
Plans and ideas for the annual
were thoroughly discussed. The
staff would like the students to be
as cooperative as possible when
schedules are posted for pictures
to be made. It is planned to have
individual pictures made of all the
Charlie Parker has joined the
staff of the yearbook since the
initial meeting in September.
stitching as she does about lead
ing a band. Boy, if she could on
ly cook! ~
by the presence of their faculty
^ supervisors. Dr. Dickenson and
' Mrs. Oma U. Johnson.
Games and music followed the
supper and immediately broke in
to a shower of fun leaving all
, breathless and wishing it had just
begun when the trip back to Elon
' was mentioned.
Professor Pratt, chairman of the
Public Entertainment Committee
of Elon, announces the following
concerts on the Alamance Concert
Series for the present season!
Frances Hall and Rudolph Gru-
en, enternationally famous duo-
pianists, will appear Thursday
evening Nov. 3rd.
The Siberian Singers under the
direction of Nicholas Vasilieff will
give a concert Monday evening
Nov. 21.
The Chamber Opera Trio, which
appeared on last year’s concert
series, will return this year by
popular demand. They are sche
duled for Thursday, February 9.
The Little Philharmonic Orch
estra of Chicago, under the direc
tion of George Shipiro, will ap
pear sometime during the first
week in April. The exact date
will be announced later.
The committee feels that they
have arranged a splendid series of
concerts, and that it will meet
with the approval of the student
body. Any regular student of this
college is admitted free. It is
desired that every student will
take advantage of the opportunity
of hearing these splendid artist.
This series of concerts was
formerly known as the Lyceum
Last Tuesday the first of a series
of conferences for the proper ob
servance of the fifteenth anniver
sary of the college was held. 90
ministers were invited, and 54 at
tended as guests of the college.
They voted and approved of the
minutes of the joint meeting of
the committee of Trustees and
Alumni held in Henderson in
They approved the suggestion
that a committee of 1000 be ap
pointed, and two added commit-
I teemen for each committeeman of
the 1000 thus making 1000 commit
tees ofthree each. Each committee
is to be responsible for raising
$150 per committeeman.
Formation of the committees is
to be made at once, and public
appeal to be made in January of
1939 through an Elon Night to be
held in every church and in all
alumni associations, or wherever
as many as three alumni may meet
together. Ministers approved the
idea of a Golden Anniversary Club
for the college, one dollar for each
year of the college’s existence.
These meetings are to be followed
by a meeting of alumni represent
ing every class since 1890, from
the class of 1940, and from repre
sentatives of the large group of
matriculated students who did not
A meeting of the alumni corps
is to be held tomorrow. 200 have
been invited to attend church at
Elon, to be guests of the college
for Sunday dinner, and to attend
a conference to be held at two
The object of these meetings is
to celebrate the 50 years of the
college’s existence, and to free the
college from indebtedness.
Fiftieth Anniversary
Plans Under Way
With Ministers’ Meeting
Marcella Ackenhausen
Visits Campus And
Sociology Class
On Wednesday, September 21,
Miss Marcella Ackenhausen, class
of 1937, took over Dr. Bowden's
Sociology Class, and described so
cial service work as she has come
to know it, in her work in Cin
cinnati. Since graduating from
Elon, Marcella has been studying
for her Masters degree at the
University of Cincinnati, attend
ing classes in the morning, work
ing for a social service agency,
and studying whenever she has
the time.
During her discussion, Marcel
la told of the differences between
the public and private agencies,
the former being supported and
Last Tuesday, about 50 minis
ters from the Southern Conven
tion of Christian Churches were
the guests of the College. Some
few coming from a distance ar
rived Monday night.
The purpose of the meeting was
to help start the plans for the
50th Anniversary program, which
will extend over the entire school
year of 1939-40. Listening to
these men diligently planning a
campaign to relieve Elon of her
indebtedness and to increase her
student body, your scribe could
not help but see that these men
were intensely interested in Elon
and all of her 533 students. They
hope that the plans started will
bring to Elon 600 regular students
for the roll next year, and raise a
minimum of $150,000 to help
wipe out the indebtedness. They
will carry this fine spirit of en
thusiasm to all parts of the South
ern Convention and Elon will
surely be even better known over
the Southeast.
May we. all be loyal to the
College and speak for her where-
ever we go, that we also may as
sist in making her 50th year a
great year, her GREATEST year,
handled by the state, the former
being assisted by private funds
and donations. Marcella is en
gaged in a private agency, work-
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