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Friday, April 23, 1948
Work Finished Dorothy Shepherd Oon Kernodle McCrary Shuts
On Cafeteriat Recital President\ Out Elon, 4-0
The new cafeteria was formally
presented ^to the college on P'ridav-
1". t T(>hn A Howard F. VV. A
Superintendent, and accepted l)y Paul
j ^[)Oii, IJirecior of Fubiic Rel.ition^.
Construction was done by the J. A
Jones Con‘'t'UCtion Co. of Charlotte.
The buildina: was transposed i
panels from Fort Story, Virginia. 1
is built in tl'.e form of a "T ’ , and u'
a picturesque scene to behold. Itr
dimensions are 150 by 29 feet on the
loTKT wing and 79 by 29 feet m the
rear. .
I his is the most beautiful and bes
conitruited building in division #3,
according to Mr. \V. A. Wilson, Pro
ject Engineer, in charge. 1 he inter:oi
of the rtructure is finished in sheet-
rock w'i h mahogany wamscoting
while bright, spot’ess maple floors an
as fine as those in many of the pala
tial homes of our land.
The work was ot^kially started oi
lanuary 22. However, because of th(
inclement weather, construct on wa
delayed for more than a month. Wit’
the coming of spring, the work wa
rushed to completion with care am'
Mr. Howard was assisted by J. A
Hamilton, who ser\'ed as tiffice man
ager and purchasing agent for the
^^PygmaliDn” Is
Well Received
‘By Ed Moss
The touring Players’ presentatior
of George Hernard Shaw's ' 1 yg
malion" in Whitley Auditorium last
b'riday evening provided two hours o.
of unusual entertainment for local the-
atre-goers. None of the pungency ot
the ^.havian wit was lost through the
efTorts of the former USO stage group
"i he curtain calls tlemanded by th
unusually small audience were a tii
bute to the company’s fine perform
. t irrirg in the production wa?
Lisabeth t31ake, who did an especially
good job of portraying Li^a Dcol it ^
ihe heroine of tue play. Co-starru.,
with her in a very cap.,b>e manner wa:
Robert Newton as Henry Higgin;
He played the modern counterpart o
the ancient king of Cyprus wlio f.;
in love with lii.-; own cication. M ;
Dooliitle's animation and vivacity r
sembled 1.ttle the ^tatue of Galatt
with whom the first Pygm ilion ft
ill love. Hov\ever, thi> mythclogic:;
love story served very well as a bus,
for the allegory wh ch has hroug
the Irish play .vright so much accl .i.i,
'f'he hne suppo. ting cae t wa ; c,;.
posed of Jeneile Gregg as Miss Eyner-
ford Hdi; iiniothy Gordon rs C
I ickeriiig; J^Iicha^^U. Pleads as t red i
Hil ; Hoicnce :itinley as Mrs. Pearc
Paul H. A. Mead as Alfred DooliM
and Margaret IMuiray as Mrs. Higgii
'i he cockney dialect and the mo
cu’.tured accent were b( t
handled in a commendable nianner f
the most part. 'J'his distinction w
one of the things which could h
made or spoiled the performance. W i ■
the exception of Paul Mead, whos
harsh intonations, suggestive of Brool
lyn, was defintely showing, the ca: t
observed this fine distinction.
The touring players were ofTered .
the la;t in the college lyceum serit;;
this season. ‘ A. conflict of dates f^ ’
other college activities possibly wa*.
the reason for the coniparativcl}
small audience.
The Elon College Department of
Music presented iJorctliy Sliepheril,
sopraiK), in her Senior Graduation
Xeciial on Sunday afternoon April 18,
at 4 o'clock ill VV hitiey Aiulitorium.
.vliss Slieplierd has been soprano solo
ist witii the Elon Singers for four
years during which she sang two per-,
.onnances of tne "Seven La: t Words”
by Dubois. She has become widely
viiown in radio through her work with
.he Elon Singers on their weekly
Sunday afternoon program originating
,‘roiii Radio Station W t3BB in Burling-
on and by their affiliated stations of
the Dixie Network.
During her stay at Elon, Miss Shep-
lerd has presented three full lengih
.ecital.'. She is daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Roy T. Shepherd and a former
student with Mrs. Lyman Seymore
also of Durham.
Miss Shepherd is a voice student
with Miss E\elyn Hodgens of the
Eion \lusic b'aculty.
, Works by Handel, Mozart, Shubert,
Hue and Ronald were included in her
Of Student Sody
Don Kernodle defeated Wallace
Cnandler for the of the
student body in the final election-
held Tuesday in the rotunda of the
• \l;,mance Building,
Lou Savini was elected vice-pres-
ideiU; Wilbur Shearin, secretary; and
Jeanne ;\leredith, treasurer.
\’iviorious candidates for the -Stu
dent Senat..* were led Parker, pres
ident; Baxter I'widdy, vice-president
Leo Kampman, secretary; and William
M; tze, treasurer.
For Student Council, Mildred John-
on, president; Carolyn 'i hompson.
^ ice-president; Evelyn AIcNeill, sec
retary; and Betty Dalehite, treasurer
Rising senior class: Max Storey
president; Thomas Burton, vice-|ires-
dent; Elizabeth Jernigan, secretary:
fames Lassiter, treasurer. Student
1 epresentatix es: l*'red Yarborough anl
..'iylvester Blalock. Council represen
tatives: Ellen Spivey and Allene Stal
Rising junior class: James W iden-
house, president; Dalton Harper, vice-
1 resident; Jeanne Meredith, secretary;
l.obert Bowers, trea-urer. Senate rep
r.-sentatives: Jack Hanel and Ireland
L pchurch. Council representatives:
Ijetty Dalehite and Ruth Baine.
Rising sophomore class: Arthur
Fowder, president; Henry Carr, vice-
president; Maxine Abercrombie, sec
retary; Jean Harris, treasurer. Senate
representative: William Cook. Council
representative: Helen King.
riie McCrary Eag’es handeil P'.lon
ts, first shutout of the Wed
nesday night, defeating the I'ighting
Christians -l-o at at Ashboro.iii an are
■ iglit acair.
Hicks and Welch gave bu; one hit
between them, a long double by (lene
Javiness along the left field liine. The
game wa,-. halted at the close of hte
ixth inning tiecause of heavy rains.
Southpaw Jack Graham, making his
first appearance for the Fighting
Christians was touched for three runs
ind the same number of hits in liis
hree imiijtg stint. But his biggest
trouble Was lack of control, for the
portsider walked seven men. C, K.
Siler worked the final three stanzas,,
giving up two hits and the fourth
Elon (I 0 0 (I o o o 1 2
NlcCrary ol2olx 45o
Graham, Siler (4) and , DeSimone
Brown; Hicks, W’elch (6) and Clod-
Baxter Twiddy
Head I.R.C.
F ft / perc::nt of
involved in divorce
y ar weie women.
the people
suits last
C. Baxter Twiddy was electel pres
ident of the International Relatipri^
Club for the coming year at a ee^lar
maeting ot^ tjie club Monday etetiing.
()ther iijcoming ofificers are ^'irginia
Pla, recording secretary; ^Marshall-
Mace, corresponiling secretary.!^
Gabbay, treasurer. - j '
I'ollowing the elections, a sjoint
neeting was hekl with the Spanish
Club at which a report was prese-hted
>n the Bogota" conference.
New Crosleys Are Roomy
Elon Delegates
Attend Sessons of
Student Assembly
'eIoh College was represented at the
llth Annual otate student Legis.ature,
w,hich convened in Raleigh on briilay-j
amd Saturday, April 16 and 17.
"ihe meetings, which were held in
t'Je Capitol building, were attended by
inembers of the Public Spcaknig cats
ihd Mr. J. E. Danieley, intsructor of
tile class,
lAfter the opening joint session,
^ames Widenliouse, \ irgil Money, and
i->rett I). were sent to the
Senaie, where Erre;t ^’iller presented
a bill to provide an increase in teach-
jrs’ salaries. In the House of Repre-
;dntatives, Baxter Twiddy sponsored
arbill to give scholarship aid to eli-
rjb'le high school -fniors who plan to
become teachers. He was supported in
t!iis by the members of the E'on
Ij-legation, James Cook, Bill W'ilkins,
W’airen Beale, and Fank McCauley.
(These meetings are held every
spring, ami students from colleges ir
North Carolin-.i are invited to attend.
They are open to both white and
colored delegates.
'I'he above picture is not an advertising stunt. Our photographer just
happened along when Jack Pierce wasab.oHt> ttJ treat the beVy" of beautiful’
coeds above to a spin in his new Cros ley. The girls are,
from windshield to gas tank, Betty Benton, Jeanne Meridith', Jean Harris^.
Irene Rummage, and Elinor Argenbright.


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