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Of Silent Majorities
Many times the word “apathetic” has been used to
label the average Elon student. The label fits but
"lack of spirit” is perhaps a better term.
Elon has a lack of spirit. Granted the spirit show
ing at a basketball game usually a liquid spirit
could disprove this proposition, but basketball games
do not create the spirit of the school entirely.
Spirit involves pride academically as well as ath
letically in a college and when there are students
wanting to transfer or complaining because they can t
afford to, there is something wrong.
Of course, facts and statistics could prove how many
students remain or transfer here as opposed to those
who transfer out but there still is an underlying dis
illusionment among many students.
Today it is in vogue to speak out in support of the
‘‘silent majority” and state that everyone is satis
fied with the way things are and if you’re not, why not
leave? Sometimes “silent majorities” may not say
much, but that does not entirely mean that they are
satisfied with everything either.
A Review
Standing Ovation
for Emanons
Maroon and Gold
Greeks Form
little man on C/^PUS
Jack O. White’s Em-
anon’s performed one of
the most interesting and
popular concerts this
year - February 24.
Whitley Auditorium,
fillea to near capacity
Monday night, enjoyed the
various offerings by the
jazz group, which rang
ed from Woody Herman
pieces to the Beatles.
The group's tonation
sounded perfect through
out the program with
many fine solos not ex
cluding Jack O. White
himself on the trumpet;
not forgetting to mention
the great vocal contribu
tion of Clinton Horton,
which added much to the
Food Survey
On Tuesday afternoon,
March 10, we plan to con
duct a Food Preference
Survey at the dining halls
in order to determine
your food likes and dis
likes. We want to include
the foods you like best in
the menus we plan for you.
This is one way for you
to tell us what those foods
We also want to provide
you with the finest in food
service. The answers you
offer on the questionnaire
at the time of the survey
The Maroon and Gold
would like to correct a
mistake in last week’s is
sue. It was stated that
Tau Zeta Phi, which is
now pledged to Sigma Sig
ma Sigma National Soro
rity, had been in exist-
ance for 16 years. Tau
Zeta was an Elon local
for 46 years.
I Letters to the Editor
/should be sent to boxi
|3118. Letters are edit-|
ed for spelling, gram-,
!tnar, libel, and length.(
Letters must be signed.*
group’s performance.
One of the most inter
esting pieces was a con
temporary jazz piece
“Variations”, The har
mony and force of the
group revealed its quality
of sound, which clearly
showed their fine talent.
The most popular per
haps of the evening’s per
formance was the tman-
on’s arrangement of the
Beatles’s “Hey Jude”,
which was requested as an
encore after the group re
ceived a standing ovation
at the end of the concert.
Witnessing the group’s
performance as well as
the audience’s response,
the Emanons must have
had a highly successful
will help us do this for
Thank you for the time
and thought we are sure
you will give this survey.
Results of the survey will
be published as soon
as they are available.
Chris Walsh
Chairman, Food and
Cafeteria Committee
Steve W. Bucko
Director of Dining
Dave: If It wasn’t for
mirrors I wouldn’t
know what to do with
my spare time,
Billy: What I wonder is
what people at Elon who
are down on us now will
say about us in five
years if we make it.
If their opinion chang
es, it’ll be an hypo-
Bod: Out of thousands of
years there have been
approximately sixty in
which men wore their
hair short — and yet
they’re down on long
hair. It’s ironic that
Talent Search
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careers. Continuing edu
cation is encouraged and
agencies may pay tuition
and other fees for courses
in job - related areas.
Agencies also conduct
their own employee train
ing programs.
While the Federal Gov
ernment provides the kind
of career security which
every employee would
like to have, this is not
the major point being em
phasized by the combined
agency, recruiters com
ing on campus. They’re
stressing the “action
line,” calling attention to
the fact that virtually
every significant effort
now being made to correct
the social ills of our Na
tion and advance our store
of scientific knowledge is
either represented by or
is the result of a U.S.
Government program.
Students or recent
graduates interested in
obtaining more detailed
information on opportu
nities for Federal ca
reers, taking the Federal
Service Entrance Exami
nation, or Government
careers in general,
should contact the Place
ment Office or visit the
information tables which
will be set up prior to the
start of the interviews.
This is a chance to get
the “FACTS” at the Fed
eral Agencies Combined
Talent Search.
all the great people we
study had long hair.
Donnie: The best thing
going today at Elon is
checking your mail.
Bod: ^ And Doc Reynolds.
He’s the greatest thing
that every happened to
Elon....along with the
Billy: Yeah.
Donnie: Yeah.
Dave: Yeah.
Donnie: Don’t forget my
Edgar Varesse quota
Me: Okay: “The present
-day composer refuses
to die.”
The President of The
United States Jaycees
lives in the “Jaycee White
House” in Tulsa, Okla
homa, during his year’s
term of office.
♦ ♦ *
The U. S. Jaycees An
nual Meeting will be held
in St. Louis, Missouri
in 1970. This will mark
the organization’s 50th
anniversary, in the city
where it was founded in
1920 by Henry Giessen-
Cast Announced
For Next
Player Production
The cast for the Elon
Players’ production of
Harold Pinter’s “The
Homecoming” has been
announced by Sandy Mof
fett director. The cast in
cludes, Dale Kaufman,
Max; Jim Gillespie, Len
ny; Clay Buckner, Sam;
Bill Shaver, Teddy; Glen
da Condon, Ruth; and A1
Watson, Joey.
Check Cashing
The Campus Shop re
quests that students pa
tronize the new bank in
Elon College which has
offered to honor checks
from Elon students re
gardless of whether they
have opened an account.
C. C. (Buck) Bayliff,
manager of The Campus
Shop, said that the book
store would still be happy
to cash checks for a small
amount for students.
Committee to
Set Up IGC
Interested Greeks here
at Elon have banned to
gether in a self-formed
committee for the pur-
pose of establishing an
Inter - Greek Council
(I.G.C.), which will rep.
resent all fraternities and
sororities on campus.
Work began late in the
fall semester withcorre-
spondance and visits with
Greek organizations at
other colleges.
During the winter term,
the committee drew up a
constitution and by-laws,
which provide for the con
trol of the various Greeks
to be placed in the hands of
a consolidated Greek or
ganization — the Inter-
Greek Council,
At present, control of
the fraternities and so
rorities is under a facul
ty committee temporarily
established in 1962 to
“give the Pan-Hellenic
Council time in which to
propose a constitution for
the approval of the Board
of Trustees.” (1970 Elon
College Handbook, p. 56).
The I. G. C.’s Consti
tution, which was model
ed after Duke’s, provides
for two branches: the exe
cutive, made up of two
representatives from
each fraternity and soro
rity and headed by offi
cers elected from that
body; and the judicial,
composed of the frater
nity and sorority presi
dents. It will try of
fenses according to a
Penal Code now being
drawn up.
As soon as all is com
plete, the Constitution, By
-Laws, and the Penal
Code will be submitted to
the faculty for approval.
Myra Rothwell (Tri-Sig),
who was highly instru
mental in writing the Con
stitution, stated that “the
establishing of a self-
governing organization of
Greeks, will promote ma
turity, responsibility, and
cooperation among Elon
Fraternities and Sorori
At present, the various
fraternities and soro
rities on campus are
meeting unofficially un
der the new I. G. C. Con
stitution, but with ad
ministrative approval.
New officers are: Bill
Bond (ITK), president;
Bob Berman (KPN),vice-
president; and Susan Pell
(BOB), secretary - trea
Maroon & Gold
^Published weekly by the students
= Elon College
I Co-editors Larry Sage, A1 Zink |
= Staff: Betty Anderson, Ed Baker, Walter ^
= Burke, Kathleen Howell, Phil Larrabee, Roger :
I Oliver, Richard Smith, David Spicer, Ernie Wil''" |
= inson, Richard Youmans, Becky Carter, |
= Delowery, David Dunker, Ronald Warren, Walter ;
i Horton. I
i Cartoonist Mike Muldoon |
i Photographer ."..Raymond Bailey g
i Adviser Miss Marilyn Spencer s
Day’s End
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