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The Pendulum
Mays, 1975
Seniors View Shapes and
Shades of Elon’s Past & Present
About Town, Just Trash
By Diane Costa
As May 2Sth comes rapidly
upon us, the caiss of '75 begin
their entrance into the ‘'real
world" and reflect on the
significance and sorrows of their
four-year hitch at Elon. With a
brief look at the shape of things
to come and the shades of days
gone by, here are a few ideas
from representative seniors.
Frank Lyon, a social science
major from Durham, said
"Student Life Committee and
social fraternities give you more
things to do. No, I'm not
prejudiced towards my
fraternity. It's a matter of who
you want to have your fun with.
If there were more fraternities
here, the SLC would be nil. The
athletics and the two big
weekends are really where the
students are interested in the
college—its social functions. Oh,
don't forget to mention that
Greek Week was great. It got
everybody together." Frank is
planning a sales career after
Barry Bradberry, senior class
vice president and political
science major from Virginia
Beach, had this to say: "The
fraternities provide a sense of
unity and recreation as a central
part of the college. Everyone
knows his fraternity is the best.
Greek Week is a good example of
that. Student government is
limited because of the alcohol
thing. I've had a good time at
Elon. It's been real; I'm gonna
miss it. The senior class of "75 is
Rick Teller, a political science
major from Manassas, Virginia,
felt that "What the college aims
for is to provide a well-rounded
education in a Christian
atmosphere. What it really does,
in a worthwhile sense, is give you
By Mildred B. Lynch
The second greatest cause of
absenteeism at Elon is medical
Dr. Phillip Mann, one of the
campus physicians, said recently
that the most frequently
occurring medical problems that
he treats on the campus are
minor upper respiratory
These usually occur after a
week-end or holiday when
students have gone home or
traveled to other locations and
contracted new viral strains for
which a resistance has not been
built up.
The return to close living
carters on campus precipitates a
spread of these viruses among
other students who do not have a
resistance to them.
When questioned about the
effects that rest and diet may
have on resistance to these
viruses. Dr. Mann stated that this
would certainly help in
establishing a resistance to some
minor infections, but in the case
of a new viral strain this would
not significantly increase
a degree. Without the
mickey-mouseness of the
trustees of the college, it could
be really good. I've enjoyed my
stay because I haven't obeyed all
the rules. They're too worried
about financial trouble when
they don't need to be. They are
tight when they don't need to be.
If they gave the students a little
more freedom, it wouldn't hurt a
Ricky Edwards, a music major
from Apex, made some
eye-opening and enlightening
statements as to his experiences
at the Big E. However, they were
a bit lewd for printing.
Barbara Wright, an elementary
education major from Sanford,
has done her thing at Elon in 3'/4
years. She said. "The most
touching experience was when
Capt. Jeremiah Denton spoke at
Founders Day in '73. I'm surely
glad for the change in
Tom Hall, senior class
president, said, "May 25th is
going to be the most worthwhile
thing in four years. The
fraternities have finally united in
a Greek Week. SGA has
expanded in' more concerts.
Spring sports have gotten more
money, largely through private
donations. The greatest thing has
been the coming of Dr. Young
and Dean Long. With the
addition of dorm government,
they've opened the doors to
student policies and procedures
within the school. I've seen a
new national fraternity. Kappa
Sigma; I've seen three lives
saved by the ITK blook drive.
"What can I say about Elon.
The people make the school here.
The library hours are still bad.
One of the saddest things was
losing the Coffeehouse. That was
one place the students could get
The problem of just not feeling
well could be caused by many
factors. Among them are:
Improper diet
Lack of rest
Lack of physical exercise
Indiscriminate use of alcohol
and/or drugs
Emotional and mental stress
(this may include the
To avoid these problems it is
necessary to achieve a
reasonable balance in your
activities. Don't allow large time
spans to be monopolized by one
particular activity. Physical
exercise is essential for efficient
mental function. Take a break
from study and move about. On
the other hand, too much activity
may tire you to the extent that
you cannot study.
Proper rest and diet affects
physical health by building
resistance. One problem which
Dr. George Patterson, a
Burlington dentist, sees
frequently among college
students is bleeding gums
together that was all theirs.
"The greatest social change is
no hours for women. But with all
these changes. Elon remains
quaint and straightlaced." Tom
plans to turn golf pro with the
Sea Pines Company at the Hilton
Head in Myrtle Beach.
Jim Little, chairman of the
Liberal Arts Forum and an
economics major from Raleigh,
felt. "In the SGA and Liberal
Arts Forum I've gotten the most
pleasure and gratification. I think
fraternities are a waste of time
and a waste of people's energies.
But for some people they serve a
good purpose. Elon took a lot of
getting used to; it grows on you."
Jennifer Somers, a history
major from McClean. Va.. will
be looking for a job in research or
sales after graduating. She
commented, "Outside of the
academics, during my four years
here I've grown to appreciate
more individuals and their
particular points of view. 1 don't
have any real gripes; I think this
school has changed a lot. You
can't compare changes at the
universities when Elon's a
private college. I'd like to see
drinking on campus, although it
will never be. There is a definite
need for more cultural activities
on campus. 1 worked on
Broadside Today and
Dimensions Today, and although
The Pendulum is more
organized, I really enjoyed it.
Seniors shouldn't attend
graduation mandatorily. Leave it
up to the individual."
The good and the bad. the facts
and the opinions, all take their
places as the Class of '75 bids
adieu to Elon College.
(gingivitis). There is usually an
increased incidence of this
condition during exam periods.
Dr. Patterson says that lack of
rest, meals consisting of coffee
and doughnuts or other
nutritionally poor foods, and
poor oral hygiene are the
contributing factors in lowering
resistance. In its initial stages
gingivitis is a minor problem,
though annoying and unsightly.
Treatment generally involves a
professional prophylaxis, greater
attention to grushing and flossing
and improved rest and diet.
Orange juice or other sources of
This may not be new, but some
people think the Town of Elon
College "smells of waste. "
This was discovered during
Earth Week by students of the
Elon College Middle School who
participated in their sch(xil s
Ecok>gy Week program. They
scoured the town, searching for
trash trouble spots. After
finishing their leg work, they
noted areas where litter was a
problem and marked these places
on a detailed map of the town.
By using different symbols for
the several types of trash they
found, the students came up with
a map that shows heavily littered
areas at a glance.
The map captures Elon's trash
red handed. Red circles represent
discarded cans, squares indicate
paper, other symbols show
broken glass, bottles, cups and
cigarette butts. Some areas have
been distinguished with "smells
of waste" printed across them.
The map uncovers Williamson
By Debbie Cochran
Giving Elon College what it
has needed for 86
years—music—WELN FM will
sound off in the fall of '75.
The educational station will hit
91.1 on your dial reaching a
20-mile radius. "The FCC forms
and all of its exhibits and maps
are completed and in good form
to be sent to Washington for
approval." said Bob Hurst, who
has worked on the station for the
past two years. Recently the
administration granted SI .000 to
the renovation of three rooms in
Moffitt for the station studios.
"After approval in the eariy
Vitamin C are helpful and a
solution of one teaspoon of
hydrogen peroxide to a glass of
water used as a mouth rinse three
times a day may be
If the condition is not treated
and rest, diet and oral hygiene
f)ractices are not improved the
condition may progress from a
simple inflammatory to a
degenerative disease.
CHALLENGE: Eat. sleep, play,
study in moderation. You may
discover that you enjoy life and
class attendance more.
Avenue along the track and the
softball fields as being especially
well endowed with cups, cans
and paper. The streets forming '
the perimeter of the college are i
almost free of debris, but West
College Ave. has more than its '
share of symbols.
The principal of the Middle '
School, Mr. Dee Atkinson '
believes firmly in informing his
students of ecological problems. '
He has placed emphasis on
ecology in science and health
courses at his school. A
supporter of Earth Week,
Atkinson points out that
environmental concern "Is not
just limited to one week: it's a
life-time thing."
The Ecology Week program at
the Middle School also examined
conservation, pollution and
recycling. The litter survey
impressed the map makers with
the problem of litter, and it
should stir up the town to be
more litter conscious.
summer, construction and
installation of equipment will j
begin at mid-summer."
explained Hurst. |
The station, already equipped ,
with 400 popular albums and 6(W
45's, will offer 15 hours a week ■
of something other than oldie
moldies. rock, and bluegrass.
Those 15 hours will be devoted to
nationally taped educational
programs, a BBC science series,
local news pertaining to the ,
college and community affairs,
speeches by prominent campus |
visitors, and campus talent.
Duties such as newscasts,
taping, programming, and
manning the control board will ;
use the talents of nine Elon
students everyday. Provisional ;
licenses will be given out by i
Hurst to those interested in being
a D.J. ”1 want to recognize Chris .
Angel as well as many other
students on the committee for
their dedication thus far while
the legalities were being taken
care of," said Hurse. "Their
work for this station will be
needed soon for the success of
WEl.N. Also, special thanks to
Manager Jack Starnes and his ^
staff of WGAB for their help. Ail ,
photographs as the one above
were taken at the studios of
WBAG-WELN's ‘big brother ."
England? Check Now j
Students interested in the
winter term 1976 Studies in
Britain sponsored by the j
History, Political Science and
Social Science departments j
should get in touch with Dr. S.E. ■
Gerard Priestley or Dr. Frederic
T. Watts. CO Building.
The directors must have an ,
estimate of the number of
students so that travel
arrangements can be completed
with the airlines. Tentative dates
for the Studies in Britain
program of 30 days are Dec. 28 to
Jan. 27. The approximate basic
cost which includes tuition fees
for three semester hours credit in
history or political science or
social science, roundtrip air fare
from Greensboro to London,
htitel and breakfasts, sightseei^
tours, and theater tickets is S*.*®
to S900 for the month's stay.
College Illnesses-
Real or Psychosomatic?
Eliminating Absences for Medical Reasons
Boogyin’ n’ Boppin’ Bobby Hurst practices for the real thing
Get in tupe with
Elon’s WELN-FM 91.1

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