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Guilford Defeats Carson-
In a rather one-sided yet snap
py game, Guilford won over ('ar
son-Newman on Saturday night
by the score of 53 to 17.
The home team showed unusual
ly good form and kept the visitors
on the defensive throughout the
game. Groome, at center, featured
the game by getting ten field goals
while Wood and .Jones got live
each. The work of llinkle and
Semans at guard was very credit
The mountaineers played a
steady and consistent game. Their
team work was good, but they
were unable to find the basket at
the opportune time.
Carter led the visitors with
three goals, Kilpatriek and Cros
by getting two each. With defeat
staring them in the face, they put
n]i a clean fight and maintained
interest until the whistle blew.
The line-up was as follows:
Guilford. (-arson-Newman
Jones r.f Kilpatriek
Wood l.f Carter
Groome c Brooks
II inkle r.g Wood
Semans l.g Burnett
Substitutes, Crosby for Kilpat
riek. Goals, .Jones (5), Wood (5),
Groome (10), llinkle (2), Semans
(1), Kilpatriek (2), Carter (•►),
Crosby (2). Fouls, Wood (7),
Burnett (it). Keferee, Stuart.
Slow, Uninteresting Game.
Guilford lost to the Winston V.
M. C. A. in a slow, uninteresting
game of basket ball on her home
floor Saturday evening, Jan. 215.
Throughout the whole perform
ance numerous fouls were called,
which only tended to mar the
good features of the game. In this
Guilford was the worst offender,
Winston making fourteen of their
points in this way. There was a
general lack of enthusiasm preva
lent among the student body,
which even extended to the two
Wood led in scoring points by
making one field goal and nine
foul points, while Jones and
Groome tied, Jones with three
field goals and Groome with two
field goals and two foul points.
Next was Semans with one field
goal. The home team at first
seemed to be under disadvantages
in playing by the Y. M. C. A. rules
but soon adapted themselves to
them. The score was 25 to 28.
Kimball, Rector and Cash play-
(Ml the best 54:11110 for the V. M. C.
A. Kimball was an especially
good foul shot, and succeeded in
caging fourteen of his chances.
The line-up was as follows:
Guilford. Winston V. M. C. A.
Jones r.f Terrell
Wood l.f Kimhall
Groonie c Cash
Senians r.g Speer
Futrell l.g, Rector
Field goals: Jones (!>), Wood
(1), Groonie (-), Senians (1),
Terrell (1), Kimhall (I), Rector
(•>). Foul goals: Wood (!>), Kim
hall (!•{). Referee, Seining. I'm
pire, Stuart.
A. C. C. Easily Defeated.
Guilford overwhelmed Atlantic
Christian College here Wednesday
night by a score of 40 to 1!). The
A. C. C. hoys were not in the race
after the first few minutes, and
practically the whole game was
played on Guilford's part of the
floor. Groonie, Guilford's tall cen
ter, easily got the tip off, and from
then it became merely a few passes
and then a goal. The visitors were
rather light and could offer no
check to Guilford's offensive play.
Several beautiful shots were made
from long distances, and the game
was practically free from fouls.
Jones and Wood did not lose
the location of the basket for a
moment, and were continually
making shots from all angles. In
this Jones excelled with 10 licld
goals, while Wood came next with
7. Groonie, Senians and Price
each made one. There was a slight
indication of not enough team
work, yet this had little effect in
this game, but should be watched
in future games. Davis and Far
lner played best for the visitors.
The line-up was as follows:
Guilford. A. C. C.
Jones r.f Davis
Wood l.f Riley
Groonie c Potter
Futrell r.g Farmer
Senians l.g Branch
Price substituted for Futrell in
the second half. Field goals:
Jones (10), Wood (7), Groonie
(1), Senians (1), Price (1). Davis
(4), Farmer (8), Branch (1).
Foul goals: Wood (0), Branch
(.'>). Referee, Doak.
Mrs. Margaret Cartland Ker
nel*, 'OS, visited Miss Alma Ed
wards at the College last week.
Messrs. Riddick, Morris, C. R.
Hinshaw and Perry attended the
Y. M. C. A. conference held in
Winston over the week-end.
The Guilford Banquet
hi the last issue of the Grir,-
FOKDIAX it was announced that the
annual Guilford banquet would
he held in Greensboro on the even
ing of February 13th. For many
reasons, however, it was decided
to change the date to February
20th. It was thought by those
who have the matter in hand that
the latter date would be much
more satisfactory because it would
give a little more time to plan the
program. A further reason for
Ihe change was the fact that the
20th was much more acceptable to
Ihe speakers of Ihe evening. In
accordance with Ihe change in
plans the following announcement
has been sent out:
"The annual Guilford banquet
will he held in Greensboro at the
Hotel Guilford on the evening of
February 20, 1015, at 8:30 o'clock.
The object of this banquet is to
renew our college friendships and
rekindle enthusiasm for our Alma
Mater. Every effort is being put
forth to make the occasion a thor
oughly enjoyable one. Speeches
by Isaac Sharpless, President of
Haverford College; J. Elwood
Cox, President of the Hoard of
Trustees; L. L. llohhs, President
of Guilford College; Solicitor Geo.
W. Wilson, class of 1802, solos by
members of the alumni, college
songs by a quartette, and orches
tral music will be features of the
entertainment. A delightful even
ing is assured. Keep the date
open! We shall look for you!
"The cost per plate will be $1.50.
Send your remittance to John H.
Woosley, Guilford College, N. C.,
before February 15 ;md a ticket
will be mailed to you. Every
Guilfordian —alumnus or old stu
dent—should make an earnest ef
for to be present. The occasion
will he informal."
The committee on announce
ment and publicity consists of the
following members of Ilu> Alumni
and Old Students:
L. IJ. Ilobbs, chairman; Davis,
'01; Wilson, 'O2; White, 'O4; E.
Mendenhall, 'OS; Redding, 'ON;
Meredith, '00; Hammond, '01;
Cox, 'O2; White, 'O4; Woosley,
05; Alice White Mendenhall, '08;
A. A. Dixon, '00; Alice L. Dixon,
'10; C. C. Smithdeal, '11; Hazel
Harmon, 'l2; George A. Short,
'l3; Ernest G. Shore, 'l4; W. 10.
Coffin, Gertrude W. Mendenhall,
Mary M. Petty, W. A. Blair, E. A.
It is sincerely hoped that quite
;i number >f (iuilfordians will lie
present at this occasion. Any one
who lias heard Dr. Isaac Sharp
less, of 1 laverford College, will un
hesitatingly commend the wisdom
of the program committee in the
selection of the chief speaker of
the evening. The other speakers,
Dr. Hobbs, Mr. Cox, and Mr. Wil
son, need no recommendation to a
Guilford gathering. They will
each have something of value and
interest. All in all the evening
promises to be one of unusual
note and as ;i Guilfordian t/oit
cannot afford to miss it. Remem
ber the date, and secure your
earliest possible convenience.
It is more than likely that our
mailing list is incomplete and pos
sibly inaccurate in some cases. If
therefore you have not received an
invitation simply send your remit
tance as directed above and a tick
et will be forwarded. Remember
the banquet is for all Guilford
ians. Alumni or Old Students;
and in case you are so fortunate
as to be married your wife or hus
band as the case may be is equally
invited. A real Guilford gather
ing with some real Guilford en
thusiasm is the idea. Get into the
spirit of the movement and come.
Your many old college friends will
be glad to see you and you will be
pleased to see them.
On Friday evening, February 5,
at 7 o'clock court will convene in
Memorial Hall for the trial of
cases of a more serious nature.
The one meriting special atten
tion is that of State vs. William
Futrell for murder. This case is
surrounded by a great deal of
mystery and no little amount of
time and effort is being spent in
its solution. Ilis Honor Tom lVr
ry will preside. The State is rep
resented by  l . |{. llinshaw, as
solicitor. Hiuld and Mrown. The
defense has employed IJrinkley,
Mitchell and Morris.
The event is given under the di
rection of a joint committee rep
resenting the Henry Clay and
\\ ebsterian Literary Societies,
and in behalf of these organiza
tions this committee wishes to ex
tend through the columns of the
Guilfoudiax a cordial invitation
to all those interested.
Prof. T. 11. Dougherty, of the
faculty of the Jamestown High
School, was present at the Guil
ford-Carson-Newinan basket ball
game on last Saturday night.

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