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Tragedy Julius Caesar
ary 15, by a large and apprec
audience of Salem girls and
friends, when the Salem fa
touching soliloquy of Mark An)
Where, Oh Where, Has My Cc
cannot express the pathos and
derness of the scene in which Brutus
th^diifkult ro™e”f* Caesar's
maTappLrerat “tervafs“ to ai,
progress of the action by ere
The^ play began with a tre
dously impressive and breath-t.
scene in which the five^conspir
Si^ng** ap'p'^c^rance 'rf”'^\Ls Kate
Smith, who took the part of M
tlie magic of his fine tenor voice,
plilw «itu per-
on that day in eighteen hui
grees. Miss Fries stated, hov
Salem Celebrates
tees, made a short, but in
L- Sakm^' At intervals^du....s
At the chapel service
on the history and
Salem Day, or, as it
facts. There are thre
Day, one in October, one in
and one in February. Fc
he establishment of this day
Oder’s Day proved very succe
and were r:;^iM;Ti;:;u^^^
Former Music Faculty
Member Is Honored
f,ouise^S|iddall, a native of this city,
I' interested to’know tliat Miss Seid-
[lall will he honored by the South
ration of Music Clubs,
[iss* SdddalFs wil™be
Editor Gives Reasons
P\)r Freshman Failures
=d the cause of Fresh-
to six factors. Tht
(”ep‘ .iment
some'’”f^he“girls were seen to be
ton clas^es^and the^directo^r ^of^^e
bi^h^schooll^aMHty on the part of
^omtrue^the meaning of^ the
Piano R
Program Varied and Well Arranged,
Musical Selections BeautifuU,/
day by pupils in the School of
Science.Club Hears
Interesting Lectures
encc Club was held on Friday, Feb
ruary 4, in the Science Le
i,” telling the various processes
gh which rubber must go be-
the iieels are complete. He
also Iiad samples to illustrate vari
ous parts of lecture.
Collegian Learns How It
Feels to Be a Striker
few inquiring’^Columbia University
brremoTed trtl!? hospital”w*ith ^^a
poTicrcS**and*then wM^el
mteting'^lt thf ChurTh'^of AIi'n^-
On the trip up Wooster Street
He Discusses the Cherokees With Particular Ref
erence to Their Position as a Literary
Nation Among the Indians
French Club to Discuss
Sitints and Saints Days
Ic treated his subject “The Chero-
ces a Literary Nation among the
ig manner.
ad'In AsiatrLSTnd“"^‘"“'’^
)r. Sehwarzc said that the Indians
nation. David Zeisberger,
guist. He telfs usThalb p
gTrd'tf crmmrnTwngs ^of'l!feT but
It is not definitely k
they held their land by right of dis-
nent villages. Their religion includ
ed a belief in an Almighty Being
who created all things, a life after
evil spirits,
olitical confer-
erful allies of the English until they
were tlioroughly ^defeated, ^ when
with the'^United'^Stl'tL.^'’™*’^
lished in 1801, though with
Lee of theTanguageTf the” Infers.
’’"sequoya, a young man who had
never attended school and who nev-
fully. Four of the
nix, the first Iridian attempt at jour
nalism. This newspaper was later
:ded by the Cherokee Advo-
Sehwarzc said that the^Cher-
that o"f tiTunTted Stete's™and with
Thursday, and Friday afternoons
January M, 1.5 and 16.
'-'.ss Eleanor B. Forman, head
department of Education of S
College, was recently elect
ident of the Altrusa Club
very ‘a“"tf Al
French Club to Pre.sent
Motion Picture
It is the story of B
1 College. This is one of Bal-
■’s leading stories, and will be of
count of their high scholarship
in French, admitted to the French
Selma Crews, Virginia Tutt,
end the Salemite to your
;nts and friends. Doris

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