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    Vol. VII. WIXSTOX-SALE.M, X. C.. APRII, 30, 1927.
Delightful Dinner
Given For Seniors
Prominent Leaders of Student Organizations
Assume Office This Week
Glee Club To Present
‘The Castaways”
Delightful Operetta to lie Given on
On Thursday Xlght For Mem
bers of Senior Class
Dr. and Mrs.^Howard E. Rond-
ScniorClfrs of Salem College. The
I«rrtadent, aid at the delightM
May 2 in May Hall
The Glee Club will pre.sent an op
eretta, "Tlie Castaways” in Memo
rial Hall on Monday night. May 2.
It is being produced under tlie able
direction of Miss I.ucy I.ogan Desha
Director of the Glee Club. Much
A delicious seven course dinner
enthusiasm and interest has been
displayed by the members of the
IsenTcT ha^ received a card eontain-
tabirb/mSL''of" d”™omL Tied
diipWrecked. Tliey find the jilace
colors of the Senior Class. This
black imrgoU.'* When the diplomas
were opened, the member.s of the
tables to which the owner was to
go were found listed.
ceitlr duHn ™the^ even^g. '^Dainty
bocks found in black and dccorafed
t" "^f
g-rl in every fr.mily must be ban
ished as a sacrifice to tlie god wliicli
tlie people worship. Xo man is
ever allowed on the island. After
frightful hut interesting ex])cri-
a ship.‘ Th“‘cTrry\hrEnglis^
back to civilization witli them.
utcd, 'the title being “Mv Senior
Dinner Memory Book.” Many of
I'n^wSSg vlsL ind smtiments in
astonishi^ Cities''if cieyL"lt'in'I«^
the books. Some of the most
Top Rok'. left to right-Sar^h Tur
gan, President On-Campus
lington. President Young Women’s Christian Association; Katherine Eig-
t"tl “nddVu aft Ldd
to the pleasure of the evening.
guests to relate the best joke ever
bottom ^^^"“;J^^{^YElilablth^Dtwling,'''Ed!tof-i'n^ChTef'^^^^^
ger. Sights and Insiglits.
lish girl living among the natives, is
played by Lillyan Newell. Sara
Bell fills the part of Gladys Gwen
dolyn Thompson, who dances well,
but only when she is inspired.
tables during the fourth course.
Tinv feather fans for the ladies and
monocles for the men accompanied
Dr. Harding Delivers
Lecture On Astronomy
At 7:1.5 Monday evening. May
Marion Talley Charms
Capacity House
the next course. The snappers con-
Subject “Glimpses of the Moon";
■•ird, in Memorial Hall the Home
Artist Sings With Sweet Simplic-
it,, and Sympathetic Under
accompanist for ’ the Glee Club.
tbe last course.
Delightful music was rendered
tiveness of His Lecture
Tt tfT'mofL ^ picture, “Wourn
who Toil Tlirough the Ages,” and a
In a simple, sweet, demure, un-
Rutli Pfohl is chairman of the stage
Ur'public’ity' co“nLuecr3'Dor
Dr. A. M. Harding, of the Uni-
ture In .Memorial Hall on Friday
of the various periods as well as of
today. After the program refresh-
Marion Talley rendered a carefully
othy Siewers of the costume com
mittee. Tlie officers, Sara Bell,
their guests Miss Helen Hall, class
evening, April 29, under the aus
The public, and, especially, stud-
Saturday evening April ‘’3^ before
Bessie Clark Gives
Brilliant Recital
pices of the Senior Class. His top-
which he calls “Celestial Travel-
greeted^an artist in Reynolds Me-
Miss Talley captivated her audi-
and unaifectt^d In^the storm of ap^
Two Debates In
Expanded Chapel
Assisted In Graduating Piano Re
all over the United States giving
Miss Taliev is truly an artist.
She lias mastered the finer points of
polrakis Repletni the Collen,-"
cital By Mrs. Anna Scott,
and colleges and Salem is fortunate
and Edith Kirkland a,id
Louise Watson the
the year was given on Monday eve
ning by Miss Bessie Clark of
I.eaksville. She is a pupil of Mr.
Vardell and is a musician of marked
‘"h'“T -1 t 1
tTtheTjt as well as the’ ell since'
it was illustrated by unusual lantern
at t o'clock, taking the girls to the
power plant on the Yadkin River, a
few miles from the city. After
The Y. P. M. exercises Wednes
day, April 27, consisted of two de
bates between the Freshmen of the
College and the Seniors of the Acad-
ent^Vn^CT^aJg^St pTgrTm ‘“x-
The program was as follows:
wliich held tlie attention of the audi-
Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Higgins.’
enjoyed it very much.
and hid with ease, and the lowest
notes in tlie lower register were
That lltin S^otiTbTRequired^ for
Grace^ Martin, for the affirmative
and Edith Kirkland for the nega-
Miss Clark
ghLg of data and facts. He sue-
in Salem Academy,” with Louise
Watson arguing the affirmative and
(From “I.a Perle in Dresil”)
Mrs. Scott
Nocturne in C Minor, Op. 48, Xo. 1
ject seem very real.
twenty years to the study of sci
ence,'a'part of wliich time was
The first May day at Salem for
a number of years will be staged on
o'clock'^LfhTl’ower c^ampul’ Han!
tunitv to rfveal Miss Talley's voice
in all of its charm. The unaccom-
Sweet Flower illustrated the artist’s
The sympathetic accompaniment
Virginia Martin, in cliLge"''of ^ th'^e
program, announced the judges and
emphasized the fact that the debat-
ors were to be judged according to
Valse de Concert, op. 3. Wieniowski
Miss Clark
Yesterday and Todar Spross
Because of You .Lily Strickland
liave been made, and a committee is
Icgic, appeal, voice, poise, and enun-
Miss Grace Martin was the first
speaker for “Resolved, Tliat Latin
i^Know" “ sVros.s
Mrs. Scott
U known for Ins dlu.strated Icc-
college year. It is^ hoped that every
Si«er‘b/L|ri^er "part ^^to«-^rd
to the success of the program. Two
Should Be Required for College
eners first that Latin is the Mother
Concerto in E Minor, op. 11,
Miss Clark and Mr. Vardell
Ls'Vlmwn in anticipation of Dr.
Members of the faculty and stu-
Corrigliano. He displayed remark
able skill of technique and interpre
tation especially in Kreisler's The
guage is based, notably, English,
(Continued on Page Three.)
to be present for this occasion.
Old Refrain.
.(Continued on Page Four.)

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