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Winston-Salem, N. C., Wednesday, November 30, 1932.
No. I I
Season Develops Go d
I Materia! For Hockey
Prospects Promise New Play
ers for a Naw Field
Iloekey season is over, and whi
there to show for it other than a
b^id cold? There is the fact that
vreater interest in hockey has been
.t'liuilated at Salem College. Folks
have never dreamed they could
)l;iy hockey have been out and
n o-H'd form this season.
During this fall’s cleaning and
•enovating Miss Atkinson
r'Dught out players never before
libitcd to the public. One of the
nost obvious new wrinkles is Sara
)avis, Junior backfield and a fine
;rdcr for varsity timber.
A classy little Sophomore who
iiade a “rep” for herself this season
s none other than that Long girl,
ivho makes the ball go the Long
Freshies have been plenty scrappy,
md if Slagel, Marx, McNew, Wat-
;ins, and Hutchins continue their
assy successful work, the red and
I'liite horde promises to be a threat-
ining menace next year.
Seniors brought forth from their
e’cr-do-well ranks Brinkley, Court-
cy, and Mann and made pert play-
Fine work and good material Have
een combined in the work of
'aiighn, Sophomore backfield; I
’ollock. .Junior Backfield; Petree,
unior goal-guard; McMullan, Jun-
)r forward; Siewers, Senior for-
anl; Cohen, Junior backfield;
lig'gins. Sophomore back; Maxwell,
opliomore linesman; Correll, Sopho-
lorc back; Heidenreich, Senior goal
;uard; and Freshmen linesmen.
le “old familiar faces” looked
)n the field this year. When
le Walker liits the ball, she
“scoot.” Noobie doesn’t' seem
uch a nub, either, when she is com-
K ioward a player in a fairway for
That girl named Alice Stough can
ay —and how ! G. Pollock, who puts
IP]) into any game is a sure bet for
fast varsity member..
Get the lead from Sophomore Tut-
lo racing for a goal, and you can
■rite home about it. Pass M. Long
•It'lc she’s on the run, and you can
("t you are seeing things.
Nina Way Credle, president of
the Athletic Association, who
planned the hockey season, man
aged the tournament, and now
presides at the banquet.
Song: “Back to Salem”
Toast to Winning Team
Class Songs
Presentation of Cup
Toast to Dr. Rondth.aler
Song; “Prexy Rondthaler”
Toast to Miss “At.”
Awarding of Trophies
Song to Miss “At.”
Alma Mater
Scrubs Forcast All-
Salem Varsity Team
Survey Results of Past Game
Before Finals
A c' uple of scrubs surveyed the
; (key eason two days before the
”al gam"s were played, and from
!:em comes this free lancing at a
nrsity. It is not authoritative nor
r.'il, but it represents a cross section
if what the side-lines thought of var-
'ty material before the champion-
hip was decided.
Says one scrub;
.Says ’tother scrub:
After such conjectures the said
scrubs reviewed the games upon
which they based their choice of the
All-Salem Varsity.
On November 4 the purple Junior
threat smashed to victory over the
gold and black horde with a score
1-0. Stough scored for the Juniors.
niors bowed to the unleashed
Juniors November 16 in a score of
G. Pollock and G. Huntington
scored from the Juniors, Walker for
the Seniors.
a scrappy game played Novem
ber 18, Freshmen tied Seniors 0-0.
Sophomore Tuttle raised the Sopho-
nore score to I against the 0 score
of Seniors on November 21.
The Junior-Freshman game sched
uled for November 28 was called off
on account of cold weather since the
game did not in any way affect the
Comes The Glad News
Once More We Eat
Athletic Association Wel
comes Everybody
Is everybody happy.? If not, it’s
your business to be. “Tell us your
troubles, “says the A. A., “and we’ll
give you a cure.” Forget the bottle
of ink you spilled in the middle of
the rug; forget your pet goldfish’s
pneumonia; forget the letter that you
expected to-day—if it didn’t come,
it can’t hurt you. Even forget the
HCL hole in your best woolen skirt,
and come on! let’s have some fun.
Have it your way — whatever
pleases you best. This is Ben Bernie,
the old maestro himself. Or I give
you the Boswell Sisters, queens of
harmony. Do you like to think about
Gracie Allen, or do you like that one
best about early to bed and early to
rise makes a man healthy and wealthy
and wealthy and healthy ? Come on,
laugh! Brr-rr, you frozen as.sets!
Let’s try thinking about Mickcy
Mouse and his first cousin, Minnie
the Moodier who recently had a wed
ding day. Weddings make you sad?
O, well, there’s nothing left but
Bally-hoo, if you like that sort of
boloney. Sorry, all I remember about
my friend the absent-minded profess
or is the time he .slammed his w'ife
and kissed the door.
If you are bored, take a look at
the funny noses people have. Presi
dent Credle’s started to be Roman,
but it changed its mind in the end.
Does a nose have a mind — you’re
iking me.? The Price twins
have the most pinchable noses
-ght; control those itching
fingers. Lou Brinkley’s is .slight
ly spready, but it sniffs a distinguish
air. Most of the noses are buried
handkerchiefs. Hadn’t you bed-
der glose the widder ?
There comes the turkey! I knew
u’d laugh. Now, keep it up until the
St strains of Alma Mater die on the
welkin. The Athletic Association
welcomes you with all of its great
big heart. Sing and clap, yell .and
chatter to your heart’s content. Have
fun and lots of it!

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