North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XXIV.
Number 1 5-
Salernos War Work Recognized
What: French Club
When: Mondayf7:00
Where: Recreation Koom of
. Bitting
What: Basketball game—Sophomores
vs. Juniors
When: Monday, 7:30
Where: Gymn
What: Student Activities
When: Tuesday, 10:20
Where: Assembly
What: Basketball game^Seniors
vs. Freshmen
When: Tuesday, 7:30
Where Gymn
Whnt: Dr. Proctor
When: Thursday, 10:20
Where: Assembly
What: Basketball game—Faculty
vs. Students
When: Thursday, 7:30
Where Gymn
Wh Thursday,
V’here: Recrcation Room of
Whi"-'I. E- Community Sing'
V/’i n- Saturday
Kecreation Room of
Clapp and Frazier
Entered Finals in Hour
Of Charm Contest
Prom left to right; Elizabeth McLendon, Sarah Lindley, Miss Jess Byrd, Doris Schaum, Miss Jane
Crow, and Pe^y Page Smith.
The War Activities Council prc-^
sented in chapel on Tuesday a sum
mary of the war work done this year.
It was in recognition of the Salei^
faculty and students who have
given their services and cooperation.
Miss Jess Byrd, Faculty Advisor
for the Council, presided. The
processional sung was “America.”
The following committee chairmen
made detailed reports. Adele Chase,
Service flag; Sara Lindley, knitting;
Miss Jano Crow, Ked Cross sewing
room; Prudence Coyte, Home Nurs-
ing; Betsy Thomas, Hospital Council;
Mary Carrig, AVar Bond. Aileen
Seville, who is not a member of
the Council but an instructor in
surgical dressings, reportwl on the
sueceds of this new feature. The
surgical dressing room was opened
largely tinder he influence of Mr.
Miss Rebecca Averill is in charge?
of First Aid, Marjorie Craig is
swimming director, Katherine Fort
headed the recent war loan drive,
and Mr. Roy Cambell directs cam
pus blackouts.«
Doris Schaum, Chairman of the
WAC, wa's awarded a ribbon for
twenty-five hours service. She in
turn presented the same award to
V. V. Garth who has also given
twenty-five hours service.
Three girls have worked a total
of forty hours. They are Peggy
Page Smith, ElizaJaeth McLendon,
and Sara Lindley. They also were
awarded service ribbons.
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Miss Jane Frazier and Miss Reb
ecca Clapp represented Salem Col
lege in the final round of the “Hour
of Charm” contest from this dis
trict held at station WSJS on Febr
uary 17.
Jane Frazier and Miss Jean
Thompson of Danville, Virginia
were co-winners of the final round.
Other Snlem girls that entered the
contest were Xorma Rhodes and
Ella Lou Taylor. A transcript of the
winner’s voices will be' sent to Cleve
land to be heard there by the girls
of the “Hour of Charm” choir
and orchestra, who are to be the
final judges. The winners will be
announced in several weeks.
To' the lucky girl that wins goes
a weekly contract to sing on the
“Hour of Charm” program wliich,
comes on the air every Sunday night
at 10:00 o’clock over the National
Broadcasting System.
News In Review
Japanese Front:
U. 8. Pacific fleet sunk 19 Jap
anese' ships and destroyed 201 enemy
planes at the Jap island of Truk.
There were only 17 American planes
lost and moderate damage to one
ship in this attack on T'ruck. The
American fleet in this attack did to
Japan wha.t they did to us at **^earl
Harbor.” Truk, is Japan’s main base
ill the Pacific and it is 300 miles
nearer to Japan than “Pearl
Harbor” is to the American Main
We also finished up our conquest
of Eniwetok atoll, in the'western
Marshall islands, when we captured
Parry Island. Japan’s Mariana Is
lands, 1,300 miles south of Tokyo,
were raided by hundreds of planes
of a strong Pacific fleet.
Italian Front:
The weather has been a decided
disadvantage to our troops in Italy
and a blessing to the German troops
below Rome as it canceled our sup:
erior air power and offered a price-
Salem Girls Attend
Art Forum
Margaret Winstead and Ella Lou
Taylor will represent Salem’s Music
School at the First Annual Arts
Forum to be held at the Woman’s
College of University of North
Carolina in Greensboro, Friday and
Saturday, February 25 and 26.
They will appear in a recital of
music by student composers Sat
urday afternoon at 3:30. Margaret
will play two of her orginal piano
compositions entitled Two Preludes:
(a) Misterioso, and (b) Maestoso
Ella Lou will sing an original num
ber, Kiss of the Fog.
Members of the musical composi
tion class attewHng are Margaret
Winstead, Ella Lou Taylor, Katy
Love, Margery Craig, Catherine and
Elizabeth Swinson.
Pierettes To Give First
Performance of Year
VVnerC M.*- 1 - CA,
What: International Relations Club less opportunity to crack the be-
Wh Thursday, 7:00 leaguered Fifth j Army beachhead at
Cape Anlzo. U- S. armpred columns
have driven two miles toward Cor-
roceto. Ameri. an and British troops
have successfully held back the Ger-
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The Pierettes will present their
first performance of the year,
“Ladies In Retirement” by Edward
Percy and Reginald Denhim on
^farch 14 and 1.^.
This play was on Broadway in
the spring of 1940. It is a murder
play in three Acts, being put on
entirely the students.
i3,G 09fCaar(
Normie Tomlin plays the leading
role of Ellen Creed. Her two “potty”
sisters are Louisa Creed, played by
Mary Formy-Duval, and Emily
Creed, played by Hele* Robbins.
Mary Miller has the part of Lenora
Fiske, ex-actress and chorus girl.
Mary Lou Stack plays the part of
Lucy Gilham, the maid who contin
ually flirts with Miss Creed’s nephew,
Albert Feather,' (played by Dick
Cobb.) Sister Theresa, a nun froin
the nearl)y Priory is played by
Jeanne Hodges. t
The play is under the direction
of Helen Robbins. Margaret Bul
lock is stage manager; Elizabeth
Anne "Jones is chairman of pro
perties and costumes committee;
Senora Lindsay is promptess; Bet
Hancock is chairman of the make-up
committee; and Lucile Newman is
chairman of publicity.
This edition of the
was edited by juniors;
Elizabeth Gudger and
Margaret Bullock
Dr. Gottschall
on Brotherhood
Dr. Andrew W. Gottschall, director
of the Southern Region of the Na
tional Conference of Christians
spoke in Assembly Thursday on
the observance of Brotherhood Jews
Brotherhood Week was originated
about eleven years ago and is author
ized. by the President, governors of
all the states, and mayors of all
towns in the country. Dr. Gottschall
pointed out that the purpose of the
movement was to adjust the Ameri-
people as not to have the hate
movements that followed the first
World War. We should have regard
and respect for the various religious
differences, and to do this we don’t
have to give up our own religion or
ask others to give up theirs.
If we expect to solve our economic,
social, and political problems it is
necessary to have grave cooperative
enterprise. There should be regard
and respect for each other and sin
cerity, trust, and confidence in each
other. According to Dr. Gottschall
the solution to our problems is, first,
to imminize our hearts against hate
movements, and, second, to build in
to our hearts the spirit and dis
position to good will in our relation
ships so we can better work together.
Brotherhood week is an attempt to
do all this.
Specific things that have been done
along this line ate the Council for
Democracy, the Council Against In
tolerance, the fight against Nazi
persecution, and the National Con
ference of Christians and Jews,
which Dr. Gottschall feels has done
most in this field. All church school
material and books in Protestant,
Jewish, and Catholic churches have
gone through a process of editing and
re-editing to take out things that
might be injurious to Other groups.
Also under the leadership of the
Council of Education a study of
all text books in all public schools
of America has been made for this
sort of thing. In this way children
will learn to appreciate what dif
ferent groups have contributed to
our common heritage. National lead
ers of many denominations are al
so working to build the idea among
their groups, first, that their hearts
are right on this matter and not
to discriminate against others just
because they are different, and,
seconM, to bo sure to form their
judgements on the basis of facts
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Red Cross ^ergical Room
To Begin 4x4 Sponges
The Rtcd Cross Surgical Dressings
Room on the campus will begin
making 4x4 surgical sponges on
Tuesday of nei^t week. These dress
ings are made in much the sajne way
as the now familiar 2 x 2 ’a; so
jorkers should have no fears as
•to the diffibulty of making them.
Salm exceeded its monthly quota
for the second straight month by
completing the February quota of
5,000 dressings last week. An addi
tional 1750 sponges have been made
since the completion of the quota,
making the total done to date this
month, 6750. This is an excellent
record and much favorable com
ment has been receiveil from the
uptown chapter.
So far only about 110 members
of the faculty and student body have
participated in the making of spon
ges. This is good number, but
more workers can be used at all
times and would be greatly apprec
Since only ten percent of the
entire number of sponges needed
can be made commercially, it is
apparent that the need for volun-
teeT workers is urgent. The room
is ■ open five times a week, one
of which times should suit everyone
on the campus.
Vera Dean Next
Lecture Speaker
The lecture committee announces
that Vera Michel6s Dean will be
the next speaker on the lecture
series. She will speak on March 16,
1944 in Memorial Hall. Tlie chapel
committee and the Junior-League
are jointly sponsoring the lectiJre.
Alfred Noyes, a prominent poet,
was schedule dto talk on March 1,
1944, but the committee regrets to
announce that Mr. Noyes is ill. It
is hoped that Mr. Noyes may appear
at Salem on a later date.
Miss Dean’s b(»ok, ‘ ‘ Europe in
cliffe College, has done research on
international affairs since 1928, and
is now Research Director of the
Foreign Policy Association. In ad
dition to editing the Association’s
research publications, Mrs. Doan
writes regularly in the weekly
Foreign Policy Bulletin, and for
the Report and Headline Book
Miss Dean’s book, “Europe is
Ifetreat”, analyzing Europe between
wars, is now in its third printing.
She has also written many articles
and book reviews. Her material for
both writing and lecturing is drawn
from first-hand experience. Mrs.
Dean knows about a great number of
countries from personal observation.
!Mrs. Dean will speak at Salem Col
lege on the subject- “Post War
Baby Show Hit
With Salemites
The Y. W. C. A. sponsored a baby
contest February, in the recreation
room of Bitting. Elizabetli Willis
was chairman of the committee for
Each parent wag written and asked
to send a picture, and the res-
fionse was excellent. More than
two hundred pictures, of the
faculty an^ students were sent.
Everyone attending voted for four
babies, whom she considered the
most attractive of all. The Salem
girls aiid faculty selected Alice
Carmichael the prettiest; “Mother”
Strong, the cutest; Greta Garth, the
most likely to get her man; and
Ann Sauls, the most solemn.
The admittance to the contest
was ton cents, and everyone could
make as many votes as they wanted
for one penny a vote. The Y.
W- C. A. made a profit of twenty-
five dollars, which will be added to
the World Student Service Fund.

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