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Salem College, Winston-Salem, N. C., Friday, March 25, 1960
Number 19
mites Elect Last Major 1960-61 Officers
Salem concluded her daily elec
tions of officers this week to lead
our campus for 1960-61.
Barbara Edwards, a rising senior
the president of the junior
class, "'as elected this week as head
of IRS. She is an art major with
an elementary education minor.
Barbara has recently decided to go
to graduate school at U. N. C. to
get her masters in art history. Bar
bara has a full summer planned.
Sli6 is ^oing to Queens to suiximer
school and then hopes ^ to go to
California for a vacation. In com
menting on her new office, Barbara
says, “.Although I have never been
on the IRS Council, I hope to
quickly get in the swing of things
by attending meetings. If possible,
I would like to bring the student
body closer to the standards of
IRS with a more positive attitude
than a negative one presented by
the call-down system. This is not
to say that call downs will be
abolished, but I would like to create
more interest in the importance of
Dean Major, a rising sophomore,
was elected to be next year’s NSA
Co-ordinator. Dean is a French
and math major and a dean’s list
student. After graduation she plans
to go into some type of foreign
service, probably with the church
as a missionary, but perhaps with
the United Nations. As for her
summer plans, Dean has applied in
National parks and resorts both out
West and in New England. With
regard to her new office. Dean says,
“I feel that I have much to learn,
for as yet I know very little about
Barbara Edwards
Harriet Tomlinson
pesley Foundation Offors
ariety In Now Programs
■ .\re you sick, sick, sick of Sunday
niglu suppers ? Have you always
Ranted to hear Dr. Lewis’ philo-
sopliy? Would you like to express
and exchange your ideas in a non
conservative group ? Or would you
jusi like to get away for an hour
or two? If so; then as Dr. Byers
says, “Don’t just sit there! Do
something about it for a change!”
We offer almost everything: music
by stereo, comfortable -couches, a
delicious supper, Wake Forest boys,
and a speaker wlio will make you
sit up and think . . . Interested?
Then come to Wesley Foundation
every Sunday night. The transpor-
Raphael Puyana
lays Sonatas
(Raphael Puyana will perform on
the liarpischord in the Chamber
Music Series Concert Monday,
March 28 at 8:30 p.m. For the
concert which will be given in the
Magnolia Room of Reynolda Hall
at Wake Forest, Mr. Puyana will
perform 16th, 17th, and 18th century
works for the liarpischord.
'The program includes:
Canyon francese detta Petit jaeqet
Partite Frescobaldi
Les Buffons. John Bull
3.Sonatas ...Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata Freixant
Sonata ...Mateo Albening
Bade d’Arpicorde (Venice 1620) -
Giovanni Ticchi
[Mr. Puyana was a student of the
(filled Mnie. Landowskl. He is con-
silered one of the finest young-man
harpsichordists of our time.
tation is free. We leave from Cle- j
well at 6:00 p.m. If you need to j
study you’ll be back by 8:30, if not
you’re welcome longer.
You’ve already missed all kinds of
good programs - everything from
the Liturgical Jazz group to Dr.
Africa. So don’t delay! Come on
Sunday night. If 7®“
questions see Lydia Seaber, Pat
Starnes, Elise Vitale, or Mary Ann
Stallings. .
p S We don’t offer tradition.
Anyone looking for it, better not
Wesley Foundation spring pro
grams include:
March 27—
“The Humanity of Jesm Christ
Dr. H. Michael Lewis, Professor,
Modern Languages
'^^intuin; His Theory and Theo-
uf Robert W. Brehme, Physics
Dept., Wake Forest
d" Sbtt Helm, Asio Projessot
of Philosophy, Wake Forest
st-The Broadway Play
Mr James Walton, Instructor m
Speech, Wake Forest
May 1—
The Man and His
Abbie Suddath
tlie working of student government
and NSA, However, I would like
to see NSA more closely related to
each student on campus, really a
Judges Select
Creative Work
For Rondthaler
Tlie teiitli competition for the
Katharine B. Rondthaler A-wards
given by the Alumnae Association
for creative work in writing, musi
cal composition and in art ^is open
to all Salem students.
Entries in music and art must be
received by Mr. Shewmake (art)
and Dean Sandresky (music) by
May 1. Entries in creative writing
are asked for by April 12th, so tiiat
the judges’ choice of winner may
be included in the literary map-
zine, which will make its debut
early in May. These entries should
be filed with Miss Marsh lu the
Alumnae House.
Since 1951, the year the awards
were first given, 19 students have
received these Rondthaler Awards.
Nine have been in creative writing,
seven in art media, and three in
music composition.
The awards were established by
the Alumnae Association
of Mrs. Katharine B. Rondthaler,
wife of Salem’s former president.
Bishop Howard E. Rondthaler.
Their purpose is to offer an in
centive to all students m these
areas of creative expression
part of their college life. Tliere-
forc, I hope in some way 1 can
stir up more interest in it.”
The newly elected May Queen
Chairman is Harriet Tomilson, a
rising senior. Slie is a music and
voice major and upon graduating,
she may go to New York for a year
to get new experience in lier field
of music. She says tliat after that,
who can tell wliat will happen! Tliis
summer Harriet plans to go to Cali
fornia to work, either singing or
doing secretarial work. Harriet is
very enthusiastic about her job and
says “I have been thinking of ideas
already, lioping that with an early
start and tlie co-operation of every
one, next year’s May Day will lie
most spectacular.”
Abbie Suddath, a rising senior,
has been elected as the new Sights
and Insights editor for 1960-61 and
slie says tliat slie plans to put out
tlie best annual Salem’s ever liad!
Abliic is an Englisli and liistory
major, and wlien slie fini.slies school,
slie plans to go to New \ork just
for experience. So far, slie lias
made no plans for lier summer
vacation oilier than just vacationing.
Tlie newly elected Junior Mar-
sliall and a two year member of
Salem’s May Court is Dot Grayson,
a rising junior. Dot is an Ivnglish
major and liopes to get lier secon
dary teachers certificate and to
teach high school after site grad
uates. Slie has applied for summer
jobs ill resorts up Nortli, but so far
major and hopes to go to graduate
scliool to get a Masters of Science
in library science. Tliis summer
slie plans eitlier to work in a lib
rary office in Chattanooga or to go
to summer school. Katie says that
“on learning that I had been elect
ed president of WRA, I was filled
with mixed emotions—those of ex
citement and those of realizing what
a big responsibility has been placed
in my hands. I accept the position
gratefully, and will work to the best
of my ability to make the WRA
everything that it should be and
everything tliat you want it to be.
Sally Gillespie, tlie newly elected
president of the YWCA is a public
school music major, but lier plans
Sandresky, Professor
of Piano
May IS—
author, “The Art of Loving
(T. V. Film)
Music Students
To Preform For
Public school music majors will
present their pupils in Assembly
Monday, March 28. Joan Brooks
will conduct her high school chorus
and Gene Wagoner will bring an
elementary band. Rosemary Laney
will lead her fourth grade pupils m
an “Orchestral Song m German.
The Music Club will present its
second chapel program this year
Wednesday, March 30. Selections
for performance include the Little
Trio, consisting of violinist June
Beck cellist Segrid Ostborg, and
accompanist Harriet Herring play
ing a Handel sonata.
An interesting feature of the pro
gram will be the of
original compositions by Mrs. Sand-
resky’s composition class.
Katie Kochtiezky
hasn’t made any definite plans. Dot
says in relation to lier new office
that “I am grateful for this oppor
tunity and am looking forward to
my new job.”
Katie Kochtiezky, the new liead
of WRA has many plans for next
year’s WRA. She wants WRA to
become more active on our campus,
creating enthusiasm. She feels that
the present Sister Team competi
tion may be a drawback, and she
would like to have the present plan
and maybe one of class and dorm
competition explained to the stu
dent body. The student body can
vote on the plan they prefer. She
stressed that every girl is a member
(of WRA. Katie also hopes that
plans can be made for a permanent
diving board for the pool and for
an organization made up of those!;
who have been counselors and who ’
are interested in this work. Katie
is a history and literature of music!
Sally Gillespie
for after graduation are indefinite.
Tins summer, Sally plans to work
at Peterlain Conference Center in
Romney, West Virginia. Sally says
in connection with her newly elect
ed office that “1 think it is neces
sary for tlie new “Y” Cabinet to
evaluate tlie projects that are tra
ditionally sponsored by tlie “Y”,
and eliminate or enrich some of
them so that tliey will meet tlie
needs of tlie student body more
adequately. I want the YWCA to
plan projects wliich interest the
student body and which provide op
portunities for much more partici
pation by tile students,
Vicki Sims, rising senior and re
ligion major from Selma, Ala., is
Pierrette Players president-elect.
Vicki has worked with Pierrette
Players’ productions in tlie past
and is now serving as co-director
for t h e coming production of
Christopher Fry’s “The Firstborn.
Vicki Sims

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