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S£P 2 6 1971
Volume LX
Salem College, Winston-Salem, N.C., Friday, September 23, 1977
Number 2
CLUB CARNIVAL - Campos clubs gattiered on Sept. 15 to recruit members
and publicize plans. (Photo by Mildred Ttaomasson)
Symposium Format Changes
By Margaretta Yarborough
“We ought not to have it if it’s
not first-rate, in every regard.”
In that remark, Dr. Cuninggim
put his finger on the problem
lacing the Lecture-Assembly
Committee as it met last Friday
to discuss the fate of the sym
posium. At that meeting, the
committee voted to scrap
preparations for a large sym
posium on “Humor in America.”
It mil concentrate on the same
topic in the spring of 1978, but will
spread the program over several
The Salem community has
come to expect a symposium
every other spring, but the mixed
reception of the 1976 symposium
ou women raised many
Questions. “The concept of a
symposium in the 1970’s may be
outdated,” according to Dr.
Pubantz, chairman of the Lec-
hffe-Assembly Committee. Also,
oudgetary considerations are one
lilting factor in the final form
taken by a symposium. Three
thousand dollars is allotted every
wo years for the symposium, of
Which a third comes from the
school, one third from the
lumnae Association, and the
tnal portion from student SGA
ees. With only $3000, it is difficult
u not ’
America” was submitted to the
Lecture-Assembly Committee.
All decisions on the syinposium
must be passed by this com
mittee, but a special symposium
subcommittee, headed by Anne
Beidleman, has so far been in
direct charge of planning the
symposium. Other members are
Anne Piedmont, Beth Jones,
Lynn Hill, Rebecca Lasley, Beth
Mumby, Brooke Fauth and Dawn
To date, the subcommittee has
written, researched, and
presented four symposium
proposals. Three of these were
Cont’d. on four
Yearbook Editor Named
staff Report
Rumor HAD it that there was
no editor or staff for the 1977-78
Sights and Insights, but on
Tuesday, Sept. 13, nine staff
members were present to hear
that Robin Sink had accepted
appointment as editor of the
Publications Board voted
unanimously to
editor, considering both her past
yearbook staff experemce and
her enthusiasm for workmg on
the yearbook this year. As a
senior history and educaUon
major, Robin also is
student teaching, S.N.E.A. ana
works part-time at the Zeverly
House restaurant.
Robin Sink
Interdorm Update
team to the yearbook office to
clean up two years’ accumulation
of scattered annuals, layout
sheets and layers of dust.
^possible to plan a fuU-
^edged symposium with top-
''“fch speakers.
a series of mini-
^ymposia was held to determine
opic for the coming sym-
In the spring: a "petition
Ine topic
‘Humor in
After considering the
responsibility carefully,
however, Robin accepted and has
been working diligently with her
staff to organize section editors,
^otographer, and snheduU
deadlines. Also, she took a work
By Anne Beidleman
Petitioning for Interdoni:
Chairman was over Friday. Sept
16 and the one petition for th-
office was regrettably withdrawoi
because the petitioner nad
another office she wanted to keep
rather than become Interdonii
Chairman. The problem of
Interdorm Chairman, or lack of
one, went to Executive Board
which met for two hours without
resolution. Executive Board took
the problem to Legislative Board
with the recommendation that
the decision regarding a chair
man be postponed.
According to the Student
Handbook, Legislative Board has
the power “at the end of the
petitioning period, in the event
that the slate for an office is
empty, complete the ballot
with the name of any eligible
candidate who gives her con
sent.” The members of Leg.
Board unanimously decided not
to exercise this power. They also
decided to defer the election of a
chairman of Interdorm; to allow
the Interdorm Council to set-up a
temporary chairman; and to
commission Legislative Board to
re-evaluate Interdorm Council’s
structure, purpose, and allotted
Back Door
“It didn’t look like the office
had even been used over the past
two years,” Robin said, “and it
probably was used just lor
storing pictures. We’re defimtely
planning to use it this year,
though. Omt’d. on two
By Caroline Wannamaker
If you happened to walk behind
Main Hall during the morning
hours this past week, you might
have noticed a congregation of
people in a room underneath the
back porch. If you then happened
to stop, what you would have seen
was The Backdoor, Salem’s
student-faculty lounge.
The Backdoor began its 1977-78
year with an Open House last
Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 to
6:00 p.m. Wine punch, cheese,
crackers, and fresh fruit were
served. The turn-out was ex
cellent, with representatives
from the student l^dy, the
faculty, and the administration.
Regular hours, 8:30 to 11:00 a.m.,
were resumed Wednesday
morning and will continue
throughout the school year.
Members of the Student
Activities Board and The Back
door committee operated the
lounge during its first week. A
different student organization or
club will be responsible for Back
door operation during the mor
ning hours each week. Everyone
is always welcome, and we at The
Backdoor hope that you will
make a habit of stopping by.
Alter the meeting v\,..s over.
thi.>- reporter interviewed Bett>
Shull, temporary chairman of
Interdorm; Kathy Kirkpatrick,
president of SGA; and .Anne
Piedmont, vice-president oi
Do we need an Interdorm
('ounciK If so, what purpose will
it serve?
B.S.; “With the structure it has
now. Interdorm Council needs a
change. We need one, but as it
was discussed there is a definite
need for power to return to the
dorms. We need Interdorm to
promote interaction between the
K.K.; “We need some sort of
Interdorm Council because we
have seven dorms and seven
House Councils going seven
different ways and without
Interdorm, competition would
increase between the dorms. We
need equity between the dorms
and Interdorm Council keeps
house presidents working
together, though I would like to
see the House Councils become
more powerful and act on in
fractions. Interdorm Council
promotes good communication
between the dorms. Exec. Board,
and Dean Johnson.”
A.P.; “I agree with Kathy
that we need Interdorm but with
the altered purpose of advising
house presidents. I agree that we
need a central body that will set
policy so there aren’t radical
differences between Clewell and
Sisters. It also needs to be a place
where seven dorm presidents can
get help with the problems they
have in their respective dormS,”
Why do you think so few people
pettitioned for the office of
Interdorm Chairman?
A.P.: “Several factors were
involved — one is that the Junior
class is very small and the office*
was unopposed in the first place
so we should have taken the hint
that the office was uninteresting.
Also, many who expressed in
terest in the position had other
responsibilities. Perhaps
Interdorm is outmoded in its
present form - the elections were
an indication of the students’
K.K. “Don’t blame it on the
Junior class. Interdorm has lost
its respect in a number of ways.
The Junior class is full of natural
leaders but they are already
leading. No one is gung-ho about
taking on an office that has a
reputation which is now in
Do you think that the lack of
interest exhibited by the students
is connected to their attitudes
about the Interdorm Council
Cmit’d. on three

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