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‘21xe Satcmite
'iMume LXXl 5
9\(pmmBeT 20,1990
A Financially Sound Investment
by Patricia Earnhardt
Jhe Salemite
Holidays are ustially full of great
!xcitment and anticipation, and for
leville Watkins and her husband,
'oug Patterson, it is no ordinary
loliday feeling.
Watkins, Director of Financial Aid
k Salem, and Patterson will be leav
ing on December 2 for Romania as
lart of the Romanian Orphans Sup-
lort Group of Canada. The couple
lopes to leave Romania in early
iijjanuary with an adopted son or
As part of the Romanian Orphans
Support Group, Watkins and Patter-
Ikon are gathering 400 pounds of
iupplies for the Romanian orphan
ages. These supplies will be used to
care for some of the 79,000 children
living in Romanian orphanages.
"It is our gift to the state," Watkins
said in a recent interview.
Watkins said that needed sup
plies include: powdered milk, baby
formula, educational toys, over-the-
counter medicines, clothes, diapers
(cloth), shoes, food, medical supplies
for maternity hospitals, linens, and
Watkins said that she and her hus
band learned of the orphan's sup
port group through several channels.
The couple has been involved with
adoption support groups and the
All Wrapped Up In Salem's
Holiday Season
North Carolina Children's Home
Society. In September, "20/20" aired
a story on the situation in Romania
and the new Canadian support group
for the Romanian orphans. It was
through these groups that they found
out about adopting in Romania.
After arriving in Romania, Wat
kins said that they will begin work
ing with many agencies as part of the
adoption process.
"We will work through govern
ment sources to find the birth par
ents for permission and then the
Romanian courts to finalize the adop
tion," Watkins said.
While in Romania, Watkins and
Patterson will be living with a Roma
nian family and aided by a transla
Once the adoption is finalized in
Romania, Watkins said the informa
tion would be wired to American
immigration in order for the child to
be allowed into the country. There
will also be a finalization process
with the American Embassy to ob
tain a visa.
Adoption laws were not passed in
Romania until August 1990. The new
laws continue to protect the birth
parents by giving them the choice of
allowing adoption or not. This,
however, only applies to those chil
dren who are not truely orphans.
During the reign of Ceaucescu, birth
control was prohibited and abortions
were outlawed. This caused many
families, who could not afford to rear
their children, to send their youngest
children to orphanages.
Watkins said that her dining room
is already full from the supplies they
will be taking in.
"Thanks to the generous support
of Salem, family, friends and strang
ers, I have leave to go overseas and
supplies to take."
by jean Williams
The Salemite
Well, here it is again, that relentless
I period between Thanksgiving and
; ghr '.stmas. The time when anything that
might happen, and go wrong, usually
does. Some people may call it limbo, as
time just passes until we can all pack our
bags and get the heck out of Dodge. I,
along with many others, have a ten
dency to call it hell. I think you may
comply with my term after reading the
top ten list...
1. Take all four cumulative exams.
™2. Procrastinate by going to every Salem
^■nd Old Salem holiday event. These
- Candle Tea Service
- Old Salem Christmas Tour
- Christmas Dinner
- Christmas Tree Lighting
- Three Love Feasts a day
- and, of course. The Nutcracker.
Begin research for term paper, meet
^ith professor about research paper,
and complete research (all in the course
3f three days.)
4. Take that last test to try and pull up
your grade because you know the re
search paper and final are going to kill
5. Go out in the middle of exams with
one of your friends who is turning 21 -
even if you're not.
6. Replace all furniture and clothes after
the bug man comes; then sweep all
of the dead bugs off of the floor.
7. Buy all family Christmas presents,
including the ten Moravian Stars
requested by parentsforAuntSusieand
Cousin Jerome.
8. Attend to all Secret Santa stuff.
9. Eat the remainder of the Halloween
10. Balance your checkbook.
And, there is one request. A to all IS and Christmas began on
said and done- Go see Ty Rice Decause Thanksgiving dinner, photo courtesy of Daniel Minus
of the above ten!!!

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