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March 4,1953
A Message From
President Thrift Ras'"°"4 S?x__cat^ Cooni
As we get our second semester well under way, I am struck by the many
things all of us at Salem have to be proud of this year. Most of all, I am proud
of our students!
Salem received some national publicity February 5 when Steffan Ham-
bright, one of our seniors, was named to the 1993 All-USA Third Academic
Team by US.Today. Steffan placed 41st out of 1,300 nominees for the three
academic “teams.” She was one of 60 college students nationwide who were
honored. Congratulations, Steffan!
As our seniors move into their final months at Salem, it is time to reflect on
their four years here. By the end of this semester, I hope to have had each senior
to my home for dinner. It is always interesting to hear their stories of life at
Salem and to gain wisdom from their perspective. After all, they were here long
before I arrived less than two years ago! I am always struck by how much fun
our students have: The“Crush”party February 11 and this year’s Fall Fest, one
of die most successful we’ve had in quite a while, are only two examples.
As the seniors prepare for life after Salem, talented jumors are waiting in the
wings to fill the many important campus offices that will be vacated. I am
always impressed by the quality of juniors, sophomores and freshmen who
come forward in the spring to file as candidates for campus offices. I often
wonder which job is most demanding, theirs or mine!
TTie freshman class, although they have been here only a few months, have
added so much to our campus. They are our largest class, and I never cease to
be amazed at their enormous talent, and how quick they are to express their
wishes! I have often noticed that although many Salem women are southerners,
they lack nothing in assertiveness, contrary to the stereotypes some might have!
These freshmen are certainly no exception.
We appreciate the hard work that all of you have put in to help us fill the ranks
of the 1993-94 freshman class and to raise money for the Annual Fund. Many
thanks to all of you who hosted and reached out to students during Scholarship
Weekend and other visitation times. And thanks to those who made telephone
calls during the annual Phon-A-Thon to raise money for Salem!
As of February 12, our applications for the freshman class numbered 292 -
up more than 16 percent from the applications we had this time last year. And,
we are headed for our most successful year of fundraising in the history of the
college! Much of the credit belongs to you!
In short, it is a joy to be working on a college campus again after my years
in Washington. The enthusiasm and excitement you generate make being your
president too much fun to be a “real” job!
^ Mapuh
from R. Galaxy...
ARIES (Ram). Get ready, get excited, and Ram into spring break this year!
TAURUS (Bull): Don’lbully around during spring break, just relax and have
a great time!
GEMINI (Twins): That’s right, it’s baseball season again, and the Minnesota
Twins are looking hot this spring!
CANCER (Crab): Don’t forget crabs are in season now so treat yourself to a
wonderful seafood dinner!
LEO (Lion): Yes, the travel agency will be lion to you if they tell you that
Alaska will be hot, sunny, and a great place to go for spring break'
VIRGO (Virgin): Before leaving on break, make sure to visit your local record
store and pick up a new Virgin tape!
^R A (Scales): Fried, baked, or boiled fish is a great dish this time of year
but don l forget to scale them before you cook theml
SCORPIO (Scorpian): If you’re going to the beach beware of sharks but I
doubt you U have to worry about scorpiansl
SAGITTARIUS (Archer): Wherever you’re traveling for spring break, if
you re not sure of how to get to your destination, just stop and ask a Sagittariun
and they re sure to point you in the right direction!
not agoot, ride over
break, because they’re a lot of fun! ^
AQUARIUS (WaterCaiTier): Ifyou’re going to thebeachforbreak remember
^'Culture Salem Coii€5e
Phone bills in the mat; J5 part
,.,e'rp often shocked
Sandra & Susie Salem Speak Softly
“Sandra and Susie Salem Speak Softly” is a brand new column for the Salemite. Each publication will holdsomethiij
different from the previous one. Your comments and opinions are not only welcome, but they are necessary in regards
to our efforts. The next “Sandra and Susie Salem Speak Softly” will feature your direct questions and/or problems,
Sandra and Susie (who choose to remain unknown) wiU give specific ptoints of advice. Consider us the Ann Landers
of Salem. Please put all of your questions, comments, concerns, etc. in writing (no name necessary) and put it in the
box in the Refectory marked for Sandra and Susie! Thanks for your support. Until next time, “Be good and don't!”
I don’t believe in horoscopes.
I never gossip.
There are no available men out there..
This is my natural hair color.
I never eat dessert.
I’ll start my diet Monday.
He wasn’t right for me.
I don’t want to get married.
ball caps
clear jrepsi
Salem girls
Thursdays at Baitys
healthy eating
the natural look
bows (NOT)
Tuesdays atZiggy's
Duke B-ball
fad diets
College/Academy Crime Reporl
by Stephanie Peede WEEK ENDING 12/5/92: 75 es- 13 unlocked buildings, 6 unlocl
by Stephanie Peede
WEEK ENDING 11/14/92: 63 es
corts, 34 unlocked buildings, 12 un
locked rooms, 2 battery boosts, 1
unlocked vehicle, 1 fire drill, 6 main
tenance requests, 1 tire change, 1 fire
hazard, 1 personal injury, 1 reported
WEEK ENDING 11/21/92: 66 es
corts, 45 unlocked buildings, 18 un
locked rooms, 5 battery boosts, 5
mamtenance requests, 2 vehicles
unlocked, 1 stolen auto reported, 1
suspicious person.
WEEK ENDING 11/29/92; 24 es
corts, 20 unlocked buildings, 12 un
locked rooms, 1 battery boost, 2
maintenance requests.
WEEK ENDING 12/5/92: 75 es
corts, 46 unlocked buildings, 18 un
locked rooms, 5 battery boosts, 1
motorist assist, 1 unlocked vehicle, 7
maintenance requests, 1 larceny, 1
personal injury, 1 alarm
1 medical emergency.
WEEK ENDING 12/12/92: 76 es
corts, 43 unlocked buildings, 12 un
locked rooms, 6 battery boosts, 1 fire
WEEK ENDING 12/19/92: 19 es
corts, 22 unlocked buildings, 6 un
locked rooms, 2 vehicles unlocked, 2
battery boosts, 2 fire alarms, 2 burglar
alarms, 1 trespassing.
WEEKENDING 1/9/93: 6 escorts,
13 unlocked buildings, —
rooms, 1 fire alarm, 2 burglar alaw
WEEK ENDING 1/16/93: Me
corts, 10 unlocked buildings, 6bt
glar alarms, 6 unlocked rooms,
vehicle unlocked, 1 battery boost
WEEK ENDING 1/23/93: 15«
corts, 10 uiilocked buildings, 1 a
locked room.
WEEK ENDING 1/31/93; 21
corts, 14 unlocked buildings, 9
locked rooms, 2 vehicles unlocke
battery boosts.
WEEK ENDING 2/6/93; '1
corts, 33 unlocked buildings, 3
locked rooms, 1 battery boost
maintenance requests, 1
r to over 25(
in^rNo^’i^eriem $12,000 in prizes wUl be awarded this year t
Any poet whethw ^ contest m March 31,1993. The contest is open to everyone and entry is FREE,
published in .
i>%Tir7(S“c”SsrMD mir “

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