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©IdsboiT© Hi Newi
Seniors To Sponsor
Hobo Convention
On March 25
Six Committees Appointed to Assist
Ways and Means Group To
Put Project Over
Hoboes! Hoboes ! Lend your ear!
We gonna have ’notlier ’vention
Like we did last year.
In order to make money for their
class, the seniors will sponsor a
Hobo Convention in the Gym March
25, from 7:30 to 12:00. The ad
mission will be fifteen cents.
This project was suggested and
planned by the Ways and Means
Committee which consists of Bob
Dawson, chairman, Mildred Lee,
Mildred Eayner, Jane Smith and
Speed Holowell.
The committee has chosen six
other committees to help put the
convention over successfully. They
are as follows:
Entertainment: Mary Louise
Schweikert, chairman, Bobbie Anne
Sanborn, James Crone, William
Thompson, Scottie Dameron, Har
riet Noell and George Ham.
Decoration Committee: Elizabeth
Glisson, chairman, Elbert Ward,
William Norris, Edward Luke,
Jimmie Weathers, Ted Burwell and
Jim Manley.
Food: Nancy Pipkin, chairman,
Sarah Cox, Norene Johnson, Helen
Hood, Ridley Whitaker, James Hey
ward, Harry Hollingsworth, Jean
..Eds'p.rtmi. Anni Staps, James
Thompson, Marjorie Westray, Anne
Holmes and Virginia Summerlin.
Building: Garland Rich, chair
man, James Harris, Bruce Herring,
and Douglas McDonald.
Publicity: Angeline Casey, chair
man, Homer Ball, William Kalmer,
Speed Hollowell, Margaret Peacock,
Bettie Gray Best and Jack Hunt.
Program: Jane Smith, chairman,
Annette Rackley, James Kannan,
Joe Edwards, Oscar Williams, Bettie
Carrere, Helen Moye, Carolyn Sten-
house, Joe Pearson and Doris
Inter - class debating has
ceased! The classes of CHS
will debate each other no
Owing to the lack of inter
est shown by the students, Mr.
Johnson announces the tradi
tional Giddens’ Cup Debate
will not be held this year.
The Cup, named in honor of
its donor, the late Ross I. Gid
dens, will be uncontested for
the first time since the initial
debate in 1927.
Council Working To
Amend Constitution
Names Students To
Help On P-TSA Groups
As students are now a definite
part of the P-TSA, the president,
Mrs. John Hicks, appointed several
students to serve on committees at
a recent meeting.
Those who were asked to help are:
Publicity, Helen Moye; health, Ger
trude Parker; free lunch, Harry
Hollingsworth; teachers’ rest room,
Mary Daniels; grounds, Annie
AVellons; hospitality, Nancy Pip
kin and Anne Holmes.
Mr. New’s Glee Club presented a
program and a motion was carried
to support the effort to obtain a
twelfth grade for North Carolina
Proposing amendments to the
constitution, later to be considered
by the student assembly, has been
the chief work of the newly elected
Council for the past three weeks.
Thus far two amendments have
been proposed and one has been
passed, the latter providing for the
inclusion of all standing committee
chairmen and parliamentarian in
the Council and giving them the
right to vote, thus letting the Council
and committees work in closer con
tact. This amendment was intro
duced by George Ham with the two-
thirds majority from Miss Gordner’s
Harry Hollingsworth has intro
duced an amendment calling for the
incoming president to call a meet-
mg of the Council late in May and
appoint the Board of Elections to
serve the following year. As the
constitution now reads the Board
of Elections cannot function until a
council has been formed and no
council can be legally elected until
the Board of Elections functions.
This makes it impossible, to get a
Council or election board legally
functioning in the fall.
An important motion has been
passed, giving the Boys’ Athletic
Club concession rights at all athlet
ic contests at which they are privi
leged to sell. This motion, along
with the amendment that was
passed, will be approved or rejected
at the next SA Assembly meeting.
The proceeds from the concession
sales will go to buy letters for the
boys and girls who earn them in
athletics and to purchase towels and
other materials for the athletes.
Eleven charters have been issued
to the following clubs: Typing, Art,
Bachelor, Journalism, Girls’ Ath
letics, Taxidermy, Scribblers’ Stage
struck. Photography, Needle craft,
and Radio.
Pictured above are the members of the newly elected Council: Reading
left to right: Eirst row, officers: Harry Hollingsworth, treasurer; Kala
Rosenthal, recording secretary; James Heyward, president; Scottie Dam
eron, corresponding secretary; James Crone, vice president. Council
members, second row: Oscar Williams (Koch); Dolores West (Middle
ton) ; Harriet Noell (Gordner); Grace Hollingsworth (Langston);
Thelma Crumpler (White); Third row: George Ham, parliamentarian;
Sally Sanborn (Sanborn); Cora Jane MacMillian (Jeffery); Antoinette
Lupton (Hamer); Hilda Longest (Johnson) ; Prince Nufer (Newell) ;
Third row: Horace Potter, vice president of Sophomore Class; Wyche
Ray (Barrett); Jim Manly, vice president of Senior Class; Bill Kemp
(Cox) ; John Roberts (Taylor).
Members absent were: Carolyn Langston, vice president Junior Class;
Ernest Crone, vice president of Freshman Class; Bill Nufer (Ezzell),
Elizabeth Glisson (Beasley); Margie Wooten (Freeman); George Simp
son (Downing) ; Mayre Best (Helms) ; Lessie Pratt Mallard (McBride) ;
Norene Johnson (Cone); Lorraine Taylor (Davis); and Miss Beasley,
adviser. Photo by Ted Burwell.
Goldsboro Faculty
Give Approval To
Open House
Set April 26, 27 and 28 For
Occasion; Patrons Will Observe
Actual Class Work
Sixth Grade Elects Class Officers;
Seventh Prepares to Name Leaders
Temporary Cast Chosen
For Annual Junior Play
Rehearsals i>re under way for the
traditional Ju/iior Play to be held
April 22, ’'/ith Legh Scott,
taking the title role. Huckleberry
Finn. i
Other members of the temporary
cast are:
Aunt Polly, who is “so nervous”
—Ruth Hinson; Ruth Watson, her
younger sister — Evelyn Head;
Mary J ane, their young niece—Berta
Parks; Fred Raymond, in love with
Ruth—Janies Vinson; Jenny Lind
White, colored maid at the Weston’s
—Carolyn Langston; Clara Wop-
pinger, deaconess of the church—
Evelyn Colie; Amy Woppinger, her
irrepressible young sister—Dorothy
Turlington; John Finn, father of
Huckleberry — Glenwood Johnson;
Tom Sawyer, pal and comrade of
Huck — Clarence Gudger.
Miss Boll is coaching the cast.
William Thompson Honored
William Thompson, ’38, has been
invited as a guest to a two-day engi
neering convention at State College
in April.
Out of the fourteen applying for
the invitation, William was selected
on the basis of all-round character.
In 1935 Clarence Berry was in
vited and in 1937 Charlie Dewey was
chosen to attend the annual conven
tion. Both graduates of GHS are
now students in State College.
Glances and
DROP BY—All Seniors are asked to
go by Miss Gordner’s room oc
casionally to observe the Senior Bul
letin Board. All committees and
announcements concerning seniors
will be posted there.
HERE’S HOPING — The last
three isues' of the Hi-News have been
entered in the journalism contest
conducted by Emory University,
Atlanta, Georgia. If the Hi News
wins, the editor or some member of
the staff will receive a scholarship
to Emory.
COMING UP—At the banquet
for all Goldsboro teachers the Bache
lors Club, dressed in white coats, won
laurels waiting on the tables. Charlie
Edgerton was elected chief waiter.
Eddie Mansour is president of the
LISTEN IN—Jean Edgerton has
recently written a letter to Dr.
Florence Hale, a nationally known
educator, explaining Goldsboro’s
method of progressive education.
Dr. Hale replied, saying she would
read it on one of her Saturday morn
ing broadcasts.
COMPETITION — The second
issue of the mimeographed ])aper,
Scrihhlers Scoop, is coming out next
week. The activity plans to publish
it every month and has elected Sion
Boney as editor. Ed Smith, ap
pointed by Miss Sanborn, served as
editor of the first issue. The staff
cleared over $4 on their first attempt
in the journalistic world.
Over in the sixth and seventh
grades in the William Street
School, organizations similar to the
Student Association of GHS are
rapidly taking shape.
The sixth grade elected their
class officers March 1. Before elect
ing their officers a temporary coun
cil, formed of one representative
from each homeroom, discussed and
made plans for the election.
Hilda Liles was named president,
Frank Roberts, vice president, and
Susan Griffin, treasurer. A revote
was held, after the Hi News went
to press, between Virginia Faison
and Tew Grant for secretary.
Registration books for the sev
enth graders are to be o])en all next
week with election to be on March
11. At present, Herbert Barbour is
president of the temporary council,
which is serving in the same cajiac-
ity as the sixth grade council did.
Staff Changes Make-up
To "Streamline" Style
“Streamlined” or conventional,
which shall it be? Ask the nuijority
group on the Hi News staff’ and they
will say “streamlined,” for they
carried by a slight margin, the
motion to experiment with the left
flush headlines in this issue.
A heated discussion was held at
staff meeting as to whether it would
be advisable to try “streamlined”
make-up this month. It was decided
to ask the opinion of ]Mr. Edward
Nell, secretary of the Quill and
Scroll, who recommended the change,
provided. that special caution be
taken in the writing of the heads.
Another change has to do with
the make-up of the Editorial Page,
on which the two wide colunnis, con
taining the students’ creative writ
ing and the editorials, have been
moved to the outside, leaving two
single columns within. Also the
mast head, formerly found on the
left side, has been transferred to the
upper right hand column.
Open House will be observed in all
classrooms during April 26; 27 and
28 instead of having another School
Fair, teachers of the Goldsboro Pub
lic School system recently decided.
The term Open House means that
all classrooms will be open for in
spection by school patrons while
classes are in progress from 9:00 to
12:00 o’clock during the three days.
In the afternoons classrooms will
also be open from 3 :30 to 5 :00 and
at night from 7:30 to 9 :00 o’clock.
In GHS the classrooms will prob
ably stay open until about 10 o’clock
at night.
A committee composed of Mr.
J. H. Askins and Miss Cone from
GHS, Misses Mary Thompson, and
Hilda Judd of the grammar grades,
and Mrs. C. E. Wilkins and Miss
Florence White of the Primary
school, brought forward the idea
and the teachers voted to have Open
Each afternoon and night of the
Open House different schools will
present programs consisting of work
done in classes or in activities. The
day set for the high school is Friday
afternoon and night, April 29.
Reasons given by the committee
in favor of the Open House plan
were: j'iViui'e space vvuuiu ue\i\un
able to exhibit a larger amount of
work. (2) More students would par
ticipate in explaining the exhibits,
as the visitors would look on at an
actual classroom at study. (3) More
opportunities for the observation of
the work as well as the exhibits would
be offered. (4) Such a plan would
appeal to out-of-town ])eople, as the
teachers Avho attended the district
meeting last November showed a real
interest in observing classes at work.
(5) More appreciation of the exhibits
would result, as the w'ork would be
observed in the quiet of the class
rooms rather than the confusion of
the fair. (G)Planning and staging
the exhibition in the schoolroom
would result in an interesting piece
of work in itself for the students of
the class. (7) Open House would
attract as many if not more visitors
than the fair if given due publicity.
Hi News Extends Time
In Photography Contest
Because of the lack of interest
in the Amateur Photographers’ con
test being sponsored by the Hi Nkws,
the staff’ has decided to ('xtend it
until Aj)ril 15 and to change one of
the limiting rules.
There will be the same three
divisions: candid, scenic, and un
usual, but the pictin*es need not b(^
taken on GHS campus. The award
in each division is a dollar in trade
at III News Shop.
Since staff nunnbers are barred
from the Amateur Photographers’
contest, Miss Gordner is sponsoring
a similar contest for staff' memb(>rs
only, with the same rules and clos
ing date, with the prizes in each di
vision being bound volumes of the
1937-1938 Hi News.
All rules of .the contest will be
found on the senior bulletin board
in room 19.
The judges for both contests are
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Belk and Mr.
Henry Moore.

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