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Volume XVIII, Number 1
Goldsboro, N. C., November 10, 1944
Fifty Cents Per Year
Huldah Powell, Martha Winslow,
and Zeno Spence will represent
Goldsboro High School as official
delegates at the North Carolina
State Student Council Congress in
High Point on November 14 and 15.
The general topic for the conven
tion is “Student-Faculty-Council Re
lationships.” Th-ere will be a formal
banquet Tuesday evening followed
by dancing. Registration will begin
at 11 o’clock on Tuesday morning
November 14, at the high school;
the first general meeting will follow
at 2 o’clock in the high school
■Scrapbooks, handbooks, Hi News,
and dramatics posters and pro
grams from GHS will be displayed
at the convention.
The registration fee is $10.00 per
school for the official delegates and
one dollar each for the unofficial
delegates. The $10.00 fee will cover
the banquet and dance for advisers
and official delegates. Lodging, and
breakfast will be provided for offi
cial delegates and advisers.
The unofficial delegates are: Ruth
Caudill and Charles Britt.
Miss Emma Lou Garner will ac
company the students as faculty ad
Seniors of 1945
Plan Acliviiies
Objectives covering the entire
year’s work were set up by the
Senior Class in their first meeting
on October 5. Standing committees
have been appointed and investiga
tion has begun on the possibilities
of an annual.
The annual committee is com
posed of: Charles Britt, chairman;
Pete McDowell, “Goodie” Nufer,
Leon Perry, and Huldah Powell.
The class has the approval of the
school board to carry on this in
Pete McDowell, class president,
was elected Junior Rotarian for the
month of October by the class. The
privilege of having a Senior attend
the monthly Rotary meetings is ex
tended to each Senior Class by the
Rotary Club. The representatives
should have contributed some ser
vice to his school or community.
Billy Ellis is chairman of the
nominating committee for Junior
Rotarian. Serving under him are:
Gatsey Butler, Barney Cotton, Mari
lyn Handley, and Hubert Rose.
Ann Bizzell, chairman of the ring
committee, has reported that 108
Senior rings ordered last spring are
expected at the Post Office and
urges every Senior to pay for his or
her ring immediately, as no Senior
can receive his or her ring until
everyone has paid. The second or
der is expected to arrive in Decem
The following standing committee
chairman were approved in the
class meeting on October 28: Ers-
kine Pope, devotional; Gatsey But
ler, Commencement sermon; Jose
phine Sears, invitations; and Betty
Magill, nominating committee for
testator and prophet.
The class council, as provided in
their constitution, consist of all
officers, standing committee chair
man, homeroom presidents and re
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13-Member Staff
Begins Year's Work
Jean Pyatt has been elected by a
thirteen member staff as editor-in-
chief of the Hi News for the year
Jean, one. of three experienced
members, served as co-sports editor
last year and was a reporter in her
sophomore year. Anne Stowe, news
editor, was co-alumni editor last
year and Gatsey Butler, editorial
editor, held the position of assistant
editorial editor last year.
The Hi News staff is as follows:
Editorial staff:
Editor-in-chief, Jean Pyatt; news
editor, Anne Stowe; editorial editor,
Gatsey Butler; co-exchange editors,
Nell Cook and Jean Powell; feature
editor, Harriette Thompson; sports
editor, Gloria Gurganus; picture ed
itor, Zeno Spence; alumni editor,
Helen Winslow; reporters, Harry
Lane and Charles Frick.
Business staff:
Business manager. Bill Shrago;
circulation manager, Mary Gardner
Pate; ad manager, Frances Tew;
assistant ad manager, Bobby Denise.
Lost Horizon Fits!
Producllon of Year
FOR 1944-45 SEASON
Ira Montague has been elected
president of the Goldmasquers for
the year.
.Under his and Mr. Clifton Brit
ton’s direction a cabinet has been
chosen and the members were ap
proved in a meeting of the Goldmas
quers on October 26.
Giving a brief history of the Gold
masquers organization, Ira empha
sized the importance of working to
gether this year in order to build
up the prestige which it now holds.
Cabinet members will serve for
the entire year and the committees
under them will be changed for
each production.
Leon Perry, Technical Director,
has working with him: Tommy Da
vis, master electrician; George Wil
son, sound technician; Pete Whitley
and Paul Garris, head stage carpen
ters; Ralph Wiggs, stage technician.
Betty Magill, Student Director,
has working with her: George Hal
low, stage manager; Edwina Hall
man, prompter; Mary Lou Donnell,
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42 GHS Students
Enrolled in (APC
Lost Horizon, a three-act fantasy,
based on James Hilton’s famous
novel will be presented by the Gold
masquers December 7 and 8 at 8:30.
December 7 will be the grand open
ing of the dramatic season honoring
the men in service of our country
here and abroad.
This play, directed by Mr. Clifton
Britton, dramatics coach, has a
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Forty-tv/rs stuf^ents ..of Goldsboro
High School, enrolled as cadets in
the Civil Air Patrol, will go to
Rocky Mount November 10-11 to
attend a banquet and dance and to
participate .in drill competition
against other C.A.P.C. squadrons of
Eastern North Carolina.
Meterology and parts of the air
plane engine are being taught by
army instructors to the cadets at
their new headquarters at Seymour
Johnson Field.
Members of the C.A.P.C. are as
follows: Ed Best, Joseph Byrd, Ar
thur Capps, Jack Caudill, Mamie
Cheever, Oza Cole, George Combs,
Willard Davis, Bobby Denise, Pat
Denise, Edna Edwards, Sonny Ed
wards, Bobby Ellis, Mary Farfour,
Raymond Fields, Lester Gordon,
Forrest Heath, Rae Helsing, Hay
wood Howell, Shirley James, Carol
King, Darrell King, Ray King,
James Kleinert, Eugene Lashley,
James Lanier, Franklin Martin,
Jackie Murray, Elmer Mozingo,
Dwight Odom, Ed Osteen, Custus
Perry, Floyd Pierce, James Pittman,
Charles Price, John Riggs, Jesse
Sasser, Wilbur Sasser, Betty Rae
Smith, Max Stith, Ralph Weeks, and
Alfred Wise.
Nov. 5-11 American Education Week
Nov. 17 Sauline Players
Nov. 23-24 Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec. 1 SA Social in gym at 8:00
Goldmasquers production, at 8:30
Dec. 19-Jan. 1 Christmas Holidays
Council Approves
SA Committees
student Association committee
members have been appointed by
the student council.
The chairmen, members, and ad
visers are as follows: Assembly,
Zeno Spence, chairman; Elizabeth
Ann Kornegay, Anna Frank Stros-
nider, John Thompson, Dorothy
Whitley, and Mr. Clifton Britton,
adviser; Athletic, Neil Ragan, chair
man; Lawrence Carr, Chris Colum
bus, Billy Daly, Jane Grant, Joe
King, Marjorie Perry, Roy Purser,
Miss Janie Ipock and Mr. R. N.
Jeffrey, advisers; Board of Elec
tions, George Armstrong, chairman;
Charles Britt, Jane Brown, J. C.
Keene, Kay Powell, and Miss Clytee
Ward, adviser; Building and
Grounds, Mary Gardner Pate, chair
man; Fay Branch, Donald Myers,
Gordon Davis, Robert Roberts, Ann
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Year's Objectives
The objectives of the War Activi
ties Board were approved by SA
Council on October 31 as presented
by Betty Lou Cox, chairman.
The objectives are: (1) reorgani
zation, (2) promote educational
values in all activities of the organi
zation, (3) promote importance of
the organization by increasing its
activities, (4) get school to co-oper
ate with local, state, and national
war activities, (5) get school to co
operate in SA, local, county and
national drives for public welfare.
The purpose of these objectives
is to make GHS a more outstanding
agency for promoting good citizen
The Sophomore Class will be in
charge of the sale of the war bonds
and stamps for the year 44-45.
Records have been bought by the
Recreation Committee and are be
ing played in Room 6 daily during
lunch periods.
Twenty dollars is provided each
year by the SA for the functioning
of this committee. Tommy Davis,
chairman, reports that $10 was
spent on records and the rest is be
ing kept in reserve for any equip
ment that is requested.
Four educational movies have
been shown in GHS this year
through the new visual education
Departmental movies will be
shown throughout the year. Plans
are being made to circulate pre
views before each movie by David
Ham, chairman of the Visual Edu
cation ^ Committee, and Mr. J. E.
Britt, adviser.
“Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs” was presented to the Stu
dent Body by Ethel Handley and
her marionette company on Octo
ber 6. There was no admission but
contributions were accepted.
The company plans to return to
the same schools next year to pre
sent a different marionette show .
Four students and two teachers
are doing part time work in the
office this year due to the school’s
inability to hire a full time secre
tary, The office staff is composed of
Ann Barbour, Tootsie Powell, Peg
gy Blaylock, Miss Mildred Aycock,
and Mrs. Eliza Cox. The teachers
and students work one hour every
day. Office work is credited to the
students as a regular period.
Mr. Adriah Roelof Schottman,
former mayor and teacher of Bat
avia Java, spoke to the Student
Body, on the Dutch East Indies on
October 3.
Mr. Schottman was attending a
Labor Conference in the United
States and was forced to remain
here on hearing of the Invasion of
Four hundred and seventy-two
students were enrolled in GHS at
the end of the first month this year
compared with an enrollment of
477 last year.
The Goldsboro Teen-Age Club has'
been reopened and is ready for use
over the week-end.
The club was closed during the
summer because of the polio situa
tion in the state.
The Seniors in Miss Emma Lou
Garner’s and Miss Ida Gordner’s
sociology classes have combined
their efforts to reestablish the Teen-
Age Club in Goldsboro.
These classes are working in co
operation with the executive com
mittee of the Teen-Age Club. Zeno
Spence, president, is adviser to all
activities carried on. Other officers
composing the executive committee
are: Charles Britt, vice president,
Margaret Dumas, secretary; Erskine
Pope, treasurer; and Betty Lou Cox,
chairman of the chaperons commit
A Halloween dance, at which Zeno
Spence and his GHS Swingsters fur
nished the music, was the initial
project of the club. There was no
charge to the dance, which was pre
sented last Friday night, with Mr.
Clifton Britton, Miss Emma Lou
Garner and Miss Isabelle Williams
as chaperones.
Seniors from the two sociology,
classes formed committees to plan
the dance. Original invitations were
mailed to every high school student.
Temporary committee chairmen for
the dance were: Margaret Dumas,
invitations; Anne Stowe and Jean
Pyatt, outside advertising; Jose
phine Sears, school advertising;
Huldah Powell, decorations; Bar
bara Dillon, refreshments; and Ann
Bizzell, chaperones.
Since the dance a questionnaire
circular has been sent to each
student inquiring whether or not
he attended the dance and if he
were planning to join the Teen-Age
Club. Results have not yet been
A schedule for the hours has not
yet been completed. Other activities
such as hiking and dancing lessons
are to be included. The club pro
vides a snack bar, dancing, and
facilities for those who do not dance.
Reasons for the failure of the
club were listed in the sociology
classes as follows: (1) Polio this
summer, (2) Poor attendance, (3)
Lack of entertainment, (4) Lack of
equipment, and (5) No “glamour”.
In order to make the new club a
success the classes are working
to improve these conditions.
Four New Teachers
Added To Faculty
Four new teachers and two for
mer members have been added to
the GHS faculty this year.
Mrs. J. E. Britt, wife of Mr. J. E.
Britt, has come from William Street
School to teach home economics and
civics; Mrs. Dewey Slocumb, tem
porary band and glee club teacher,
formerly taught music privately.
Mr. Eugene Roberts, who came to
Goldsboro after serving four years
as principal of Lee Woodard School
in Black Creek, is teaching wood
work, printing and journalism. Miss
Hycynth Willis, teacher of English,
Spanish, and civics, comes from
New Bern.
Coach Norris Jeffrey, physics,
chemistry and physical education
teacher and Miss Clytee Ward, bio
logy teacher, have returned to GHS
after holding other positions for
the past two years.

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