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TUESDAY. SEl»TtMge& 2fl. l55S
Diamonds Flash,
-Smiles Broaden
Looks like the girls are out
smarting the boys this year—cats
are going out of style and wedding
bands are coming in. “Every
body” seems to want a diamond!
Quite a few of our RMHS girls
have married since last year. Let’s
find out who they are and what
they think about their new life.
J'irst there’s Jeanette Gay. My!
She’s still up in the clouds!
“Nothing like married life,” she
says, “It’s simply the greatest!”
By the way—she's Jeanette Ruffin
Marriages Stylish
Shu’ley Williford Godwin is still
floating around, too. She and
Manley seem “very” happy.
Janice Anderson Gilbert is cer
tainly a happy majorette! Just as
spry as a kitten when she’s strutt
ing. Why. Janice—is it ‘cause
"hubby” Fred is watching?
Have you seen Christine Bryant
Parker’s rings? There was never a
happier girl. So is her cousin Ruby
Bryant Daughtridge who married
last term.
Pat Leavitt Pope is another hap-
p> gal. Friends say she couldn’t
be gayer. Have you had an argu
ment with your husband yet, Pat?
We doubt it! You’re loo happy.
Engagements Too!
H-m-m-m! ‘Pears to be a large
number of girls who are engaged,
too! Let’s see—there’s Nancy Lee
Lane. She just “can’t wait! Don’t
blame you a bit, Nancy!
Faye Grady will soon be Mrs.
Roger Matthews. Happy, Faye?
Mary Dail—wonder if she and
, her fiance have had any fusses?
^he won’t mind tho’ ‘cause making
up is so 'much fun. By-the way,
the lucky man is Herman Watson.
Barbara Brantley and David will
someday live in a penthouse—they
Just like we said—everybody
wants to get married. It’s getting
to be in style now. Married life
just seems to agree with everyone!
Hail To Our Chiefs
What's Your F. Q.?
S. O. Names Heads
Committees for the Student Or
ganization have been appointed by
Baxter Savage, the president. Ed
die Booth, vice president, is Pro
gram chairman. He helps schedule
all of the programs given in the
assembly and presides over the
The Social chairman is Vivian
WilUams. This committee plans
school parties and other social
events at school. Wiley Fisher is
Chairman of the Elections group.
Dates for elections are set by this
committee. Fire drills are supervis
ed by the Fire Drill Committee.
Lee Parker is the chairman. The
Traffic committee, under James
Chandler, keeps traffic in the halls
orderly. The House and Grounds
committee, with its chairman,
Marvin Barnes, keeps the building
and grounds in good condition.
Kay Sanders, chairman of the
Publicity committee, writes the
Hi-Lites for publication in the
Sunday Telegram, keeping Rocky
Mount citizens informed as to
what is happening in RMSHS.
The Store committee is the new
est in the school. Carolyn Gardner
is the manager.
The chairman of t^e Lost and
Pound committee has not been ap
pointed yet. I
Students in the above picture left to right are: Margaret
Daughtridge, Secretary; Jimmy iSelby, Parliamentarian; Eddie
Booth, Vicc; Theo Pitt, Treasurer; Baxter Savage, Pres
' Photo by Barringer
Roaming about halls this year
are several new faces. Have you
met them? Here is a quiz to test
your FG (Friendliness Quotient).
Ti'y to match each group of char
acteristics to one of the new stu
dents. If yo'U get all six of them
right, you have a rating of “ per
sonality plus.” Three or move cor
rect answers score you as a better
than average mixer. If you answer
less than three, you’d better come
out of your shell and t^ke advan
tage of these opportunities for
forming new friendships.
1. This petite brunette comes to
us from Red Oak. Her shy smile
and “Ladylike” ways have already
made her popular among her
2. Short, sapdy hair, blue eyes,
a cut-up—this describes the band’s
latest trumpeter, who formerly
September 28—October 4
Rocky Mount Fair
September 29
Town Meeting of the Air-in
RMSHS Auditorium.
October 2
First paid assembly—Spanish
and Latin American Dances,
Rebecca Harris.-
Football game with Wilming
ton in Wilmington.
October 6
Band goes to Nashville for
Nash County Parade.
October 9
Football game with Fayette
ville in Rocky Mount.
October 15
Ballots have to be in for
Glamour Girl contest.
October 23
Football game with Durhahi'
n Rocky Mount.
Ring Man’s Here
What color stone do you want?
What size do you think it will
take? I like the green gold, but
the yellow surely shines. Wonder
how soon they’ll get here?
What’s all the excitement
about? Looks like the juniors are
really thrilled over something.
Oh! I might have known. It’s Mr.
Barbee, the ring man, from Spring
Hope. It’s time for the juniors to
order their class rings.
Orders are tajsen several tirrfes
during the year. Each student
must pay a $5 deposit on his ring
and the balance when the ring Is
delivered. A wide variety in stylo
and prices is offered by Mr. Bar
bee. Red, blue, and black stones;
yellow and green gold; and plain
gold crests are what the students
have to choose from.
It seems onlj yesieraay that
these same students were entering
as freshmen. Choose carefully,
kids. You will have to wear them
the rest of your lives. Just be sure
that you make yourself proud, of
those initials inscribed on the
Mv Mind’s Blank
By Anne Proctor
Woe is me! I’m sitting here in
the peace and quiet of Mrs.
Young’s room with all my mater
ials before me—pencils, pen, note
book, eraser, clean paper That’s
the trouble, not one newsy, catchy,
or even foolish thing can I think
of to put into my article. The
paper isn’t the only thing that-is
blank. I’ve searched my brain
thoroughly, even gave it a much
needed dusting, byt nothing of in
terest came to light. My mind’s
blank tool
You see, I was abruptly inform
ed just a little while ago that the
enchange editor’s life is not a bed
of roses. I have to work, too. Not
only do I exchange papers with
other schools, but I have to find
out about the latest happenings in
Durham, Raleigh, Richmond,
Winston-Salem, Wilson, and other
schools and tell the Rocky Mount
students about it.
That doesn’t sbund too difficult,
but it's quite a job to decide what
interests the most people when
there is so much material t9
choose from. Say! I just had an
idea. I think I’ll invite the stu
dents. especially the new ones, to
come in and look over their favo
rite school paper. That will help
them to keep up with the news of
their old schools, and 1 will know
what they like to hear about.
Well, how about it, kids?
Report To GPR’
“All tenth grade girls are to re
port to the general purpose room
at 12:00 and all eleventh grade
girls are to report to the general
purpose room at 12:15”.
"What ever for?”
“What about the senior girls?
Don’t tell me we’re gonna be left
|out of something.”
“It’s not fair!. We should be in
Next day: r
“All the senior girls will report
to the general purpose room at
“At last! I wonder what it’s for.”
“We’ll soon find out!”
“Here we are. What is this all
“Oh! there’s Anne Bulluck. You
say she’s Anne Bulluck Gilliam
“Girls, I’d like to introduce to
you the new Y-teen director, Mrs.
Anne Bulluck Gilliam,” says Mrs.
J. M. Gray, the director of the
Y. W. C. A.
“So the call is to organize the
Y-teens! We’d better listen—We
might find out something.”
“What do the Y-teens do?”
“The purpose of the Y-teens is
to help each mefnber to grow as a
person, to grow in friendship with
people of all races, religions, and
nationalities, to grow in the know
ledge and love of God.” That 5s
the stated purpose of Y-teens and
in these clubs that is just what
the girls strive to do.
“If you’re interested, come to
the ‘YW’ at 7:30 Wednesday night.
It’s lots of fun,” explains Mrs.
That’s it, girls?
made his home in Swansboro.
3. One of our post-grads, this
attractive blonde takes chemistry
in preparation to go in training at
one of the local hospitals.
4. Another trainee, you’ll know
her by her white uniform, dark
hair and eyes, and fair complex
5. Studious, but friendly; a
preacher’s son, but always ready
to laugh; he’s .
6. Lumberton sends us a new
senior. When you see a head
covered with flaming, peroxided
hair, you can be sure it is .
1. Lucille “Lady” Ricks
2. Ronny Howey
3. Katie Ruth Weitman
4. Rebecca Brooks
5. Tommy Blanton
6. Dick Norment
Hi Pics Made
Hi-Noc-Ar pictures are being
made now by Bugs Barringer at
his studio. The cost of the Sitting
is one dollar and fifty cents per
Boys are to wear dark blue
£cats. white shirts, and any kind
of ties except bow ties. Girls will
be told what to wear later.
All students in senior high are
to have individual pictures in this,
the first yearbook of the new
school. Before this year no jun-
io' s and senior.; nave had this pri
vilege. The reason for this cl;iange
in the annual is that there are on
ly three classes in the new senior
The Hi-Noc-Ar staff hopes to
make this first senior high year
book the best ever.
Science Fiction is coming into
its own. This type of literature is
not too well known to many peo
ple. although there are many of
these books in the school and pub
lic libraries.
Tomorrow, the Stars, a collec
tion of short stories by Robert A.
Heinlein, is a science fiction. In
this book one of the stories is I’ro
Scared by Jack Finney. This story
is about a man who is scared of
the world because he has recorded
hearing a radio program with
strange happenings. He. tel's- o.^
Major Bowes, who has been dead
for years. He then cites the case
of the camera that took many pic
tures of a man and his family. The
last time the man looked different
and he was posing with someone
other than his wife.
This illustrates what the reader
will find when he real’s science
fiction. All of the stories and
books are of highest quality.
Titles and authors of similar '
books that may be found in the
libraries are Rockets Away by
Frances Frost. Moon Ahead by
Leslie Greener. Rocket to Luna by
Richard Marsten, Rocket Jockey
by Philip St. John, Iceland by Hal
Clement, Big Book of Science Fic
tion by H. Conslin, Star Science
Fiction Stories by Frederick Pohl,
and Red Planet by. Robert A Hein-
Voice Of The Students
It’s like a dream-and you won
der when you will wake. You can
hardly believe it. Stone floors that
are not worn in nearly every di
rection. No stairs to climb and
sqeak behind you. Walls that are
cement and not full or drawings,
writings, and handprints. Radi
ators are nowhere to be found.
Lockers and water fountains back
in the wall—nothing in your way
except people. The class rooms
with all new furniture in them,
beautiful floors, wonderful lights,
and windows you can see out of.
I When you walk outside, you see a
large campus with grass planted
on it and there’s something else.
A parking lot! If this is a dream I
don’t think I want to wake up!
Baxter Savage
Gee whiz! Look at the new
school! It looks just like some
thing some other town would get
but it really and truly belongs to
us. Why it doesn’t even look real
after three yeaifs of the old Rockv
Mount high school. Sure, I like It.
Who wouldn’t with everything so
fresh and clean. And those class
rooms with green blackboards and
windows all over the place are
really tops. The floors are so slip
pery that if you are about to be
late for a class you can put on
brakes at the door .and slide* right
to your seat. You must say that
it’s really an energy saver! To sum
the whole school up in two words
I guess you could say that it's
“real cool.”
Johnnie DuFour

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