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Ouh Sponsors
Flag Raising,
Other Services
Under the capable leadership of
Mis. Ulaays C. Robbins, the Serv
ice Club of Rocky Mount senior
high school has certain projects
ot its own. One of these is the
rmsing of the American flag on
tfie front campus each day. This
year they have a new nylon flag
to fly from a beautiful, strong,
new flagpole on the front campus.
Since the Service Club has not
completed its organization for the
, sue Gregory has been chosen
temporary chairman of the club.
Sue has appointed Wiley Fisher
and John Marriott to be the tem
porary •ilag-raisers.”
iiie ilag raised in a particular
ana loiueu in a certain
w ..j us a ijoy or Gnl acout knows.
i. oaiem are interested they may
come out some morning or after
noon and see just how tiiis is done.
one day last week the flag was
ralatd at naif mast out of respect
for ciuef Justice of the United
Supreme Court, Fred Vin
son, who died. It is only at half
mast when a national, state, or
dignitary dies.
Among the many other projects
of this club is the important one
of selling programs at the home
football games. These projects
make it possible for the members
to render valuable service to the
school and community.
May I Help You?
Peerless Cleaners
Phone 7094 206 Rose St.
Printing Co.
“Where Quality Printing Is A
Rocky Mount, N. C.
“Well,’t that cute?’' was the
remarl, made by Henry Tl^omp.-son
to Peggy Searcy and Kat!:P!ine
Batten as he paused in front of
the Student Store to buy a pack
if notebook paper and a Blackbird
So far as this reporter knows,
.l.i;' is the first time in the history
)f Rocky Mount a school has had
:u h a store where the students
could buy their needed school sup
plies. The store, which Is spon
sored by the Student Organization,
•s Le;-e ; «:ely for the ecnvenlence
of the students so that they will
\ot have to go all the way up
town for a simple pac't 01 note
book paper or pencil.
Carolyn Gardner, a senior is In
charge of the store and has four
Capps' Grocery
847 Falls Road
Parker’s Drive In
Hot Dog:s Hamburgers
Thick Milk Shakes
All Types Sandwiches
Bunting - Hardy
& Minges
Oxford grray flannel slacks
144 South Wiashingtun St.
Phone 2-2972
girls w'orking with her. Carolim,
Joyce Harris, and Peggy Searcy
open the store at 8:15 every morn
ing and close at 8:51. five minutes
before the last bell. Katherine
Batton, Judy Kabo aad Gretchen
Zabawa re-open the store at 1:15
and close at 1:30. These girls vol
unteer their services to the store.
The supplies are ordered from
the wholesale places and are re
sold at regular prices. Miss
Kitchen donated several boxes of
Christmas cards - and invitation
cards with envelopes that the sen
ior class of last year left. She also
gave some useful advice and hints
about the running of the store,
which the girls gladly accepted.
Later on the girls hope to set
up a “grab table.” On this table
will be fountain pens, pencils, and
other articles that were left by
students and the Lose xnd Pound
Department of last year. These
articles will be sold at half price.
The clerks sav “Buy Supplies
at the Student Store ”
Randolph’s Cash
Fresh and Cured Meats
We Deliver
Dial 6-6180 619 Redgate Ave
Radio Service Shop
Zenith, R. C. A., Philco
112 S. Washington St.
Phone 6-8350
Beauty Salon
“The Smartest Thing:
Wear Is Your Hair”
134 Sunset Avenue Phone 6716
Rocky Mount, N. C.
Canterbury Nylons
Glen Garry Orlons
St. Andrews Woolens
from $3.98
to $8.98
Any Color You Want
Main Floor
Watch. Clock, Jewelry
Dial 6-7561
111 S, Washington St.
Rocky Mount, N. C
Students Pick Clubs
Study Group Added i
Would you like to learn to
dance, play Bridge or Canasta?
Well, to do this, all you have to do
is enroll in the Mixers Club, spon
sored by Miss Riddle, which meets
every Tuesday.
This year, there are seventc^en
different clubs being sponsored by
seventeen different teachers. Last
week, the homerooms made a list
of as many different clubs as they
could thing of and the teachers
were asked to sponsor one out of
the list.
Many New Clubs
Folu' new clubs were added to
the list this year. Typing Service,
a club organized by Mrs. Bowden,
is for students who have had typ
ing and are offering their services
to type any work the teacher
would like to have done. Hunting
and Pishing and the Athletic
wlubs organized by Mr. Neal Ad
kins and Mr. “Knocker” Adkins,
are of most interest to boys partic
ularly, although there are a lot of
girls that like sports and hunting
and fishing just as much as boys.
The Debating and Speaking Club,
organized by Mi’. Gorham, is being
presented this year as a regular
club for the first time.
First Study Hall
Also for the first time v^e have
a Study Club, which students who
need extra time for stud,ying and
who wigh t() learn something of
correct study habits can take in
place of the regular activity club.
We still have most of the old
clubs such as Choir, Dramatics,
Radio Broadcasters, Personal Typ
ing and others. These are some we
could not do without.
[Members Elected
For Staff Posts
■ ' Senior member.s of The Black-
;bird staff elected the following
SLuaeiits from the junior members
: to fill the positions left vacant by
1 last year’s staff.
' Sleeted to the positions were Lu-
|Cliida OUver, Feature Editor; Kay
I :'iideis and Julian Aldridge,
; Columnists; Flaye Hammond and
j Gerry Gardner. Sports Editors;
I Mary Ijce Fountain, News' Editor:
‘Peggy Searcy, Assistant Business
;Manager; Betty 3ue Cas:i. Assist-
jRnt Advertising Manager; Sarah
i Moore, Staff Artist; and Anne
i Proctor: Exchange Editor,
j The.‘:e. st;,'deiits were elected on
I the barjis of their interest in the
Cheerleaders Head
Shouts of Victory
“Come cn. Blackbirds, Get in
“Come on. Blackbirds, etc.”
This is what you usually hear
starting off a Friday night game
I or a pep rally. Headed by Edith
Ann John.son, who was elected last
year after serving two years on
the squad, the R. M. cheerleaders,
it has been I’eported, have been
working several weeks now learn
ing ne V cheers and yells to inspire
the team to victory and spectators
show school spirit too.
On the squad this year are
Edith Ann Johnson, head cheer
leader; Eddie Pennington, Mary
Jo Mears, Richard Byrd, and
Newsome Manles. These are all
members of the senior class.
The junior members are Gene
Arnold, Margie Parker, and Nancy
Newbold. report that they’re
ready to go ;.So ^ 'ii
“Let’s go. ,BlE,ckbirds;
Let’s go, Big Team;
Tjot’s go, Students
Rah Blackbirds! ”
F. W. Woolworth Co.
“Headquarters For .School
232 S. Main St.
Rocky Mount, N. C.
Of Cornmerce
Specialists in Business Training
Licensed by State of N. C.
121 N. Main St. Phone 7095
DIAL 6-4102
Williams Lumber Co.
Corner llammoad & Pine St.
Phone 6-4161
Your Lumber Number
Kelly’s Cleaners
546 South Franklin Street
Dial 2-3609
Records-Musical Instruments
Pianos & Radios
Reids—whenever you think of
music. ■
“Place Students Go”
Bulluck Clothing Company
“Brands They Know”

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