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Shown above is Ronnie Felton presenting- Mr. C. M. Edson tlie
microphone which will be used in the radio station WCME, the high
school station named in Mr. Edson’s honor.
Musettes Sell Candy
Elect Mr. AndMissF. T.
“Calling all people with a sweet
tooth — get your candy here”,
sing out the Musettes who are sell
ing candy this week.
Each semester, members of this
future teachers organization make
and sell candy to earn money for
the club. Heretofore individual
members sold their own, but this
time the product is brought to
the Musette Candy, booth, located
in the A building just off the sen
ior walk.
Each member of the club has an
opportunity to help in this proj
ect. Sales will continue through
this Friday. “It tastes mighty
good,” say some of the “regular”
Mr. and Miss
Chosen by the club on the basis
of such qualities as intelligence,
reliability, leadership, pleasing ap
pearance, and the intention to
make a career of school work,
Charles Harris and Carolyn Rich
will represent the local group as
the Mr. Putm'e Teacher and Miss
Future Teacher, at the state
F. T. A. Convention in Asheville,
March 24 - 26.
Bids — New Officers
Bids to the club were issued at
the beginning of second semester
to Clare Davenport, Pat Edwards,
Barbara Davis, Carol Melton,
Joyce FaiTis, Pat Reaves, Bettie
Ann Whitehurst, and Edward
Newly elected officers for the
club are president, Kathryn Bat
ten; vice-president, Myra Floyd:
secretary, Sjjlvia Poland: treasur
er, Shirley Parham.
Mrs. Ora Van Buskirk and Miss
Ella Cherry Moore are the faculty
Jr.-Sr. Beauty Court
“And now it is with a great deal
of pleasure that we crown Miss
Junior-Senior ball!”
Such an announcement usually
is made in a silence one can al
most hear.
Miss Blank hasn’t been selected
yet, but she will be one of the fol
lowing eight senior girls: Joan
Backett, Betty James, Leah Lee,
Lee Ann Brown, Jeanette McIn
tyre, Doris Cooper, Judy Brewer
or Peggy Daniels. The eight jun
ior girls in the court contest are
Ginger Ronej', Pat Parrish,
Tonya Pennington, Alma Daugh-
tridge. Fay Mears, Joyce Harris,
Lillian Daughtridge and Skippy
Jimmy Stewart has been chosen
by The Blackbird staff to act as
judge this year. He is to pick the
queen from the senior girls. A
maid of honor and five other at
tendants may come from any of
the other fifteen contestants.
The staff hasn’t received a re
ply from Mr. Stewart yet, but hope
for a favorable answer soon.
Honor Society Plans Activities
CTJic BWilrird
Published by Jonmalism Class of Rocky Mount Senior High School
Students To Have Radio Station
Call Letters To Honor Principal
Little Symphony Concert
Tomorrow afternoon, the “Little
Symphony”, composed of a few
instruments from the “North
Carolina Symphony’,, will present
a concert in the auditorium for the
grammar school students.
In the spring, the entire sym
phony will present another pro
gram, to which all students may
obtain tickets.
‘Playmakers’ Present Program
“Arsenic and Old Lace”, a
comedy in three acts, sponsored
by the local Kiwanis club, will
be presented in the auditorium
Friday night.
Tickets may be bought from
any member of the club and
part of the proceeds will be used j
for band uniforms and the |
3chn«l beautificaticn. I
Tliis play is produced by “The
N. C. Playmakers.”
‘Show Boat’ Given
The Edsonlans will sponsor a
trip to Chapel Hill, Saturday,
March 5, to see “Show Boat”, a
musical by “The North Carolina
Since “The Playmakers” are in
terested in the various high school
dramatists, the groups taking ad
vantage of this opportunity will
have complimentary tickets to any
i;«rfonnance between March 4 and
Senior Officers
IVame Committees
In a recent meeting of the sen
ior class officers and homeroom
teachers, ith president Gene Ar
nold presiding, the special com
mencement committees were
named and the chairman and fa
culty advisers were selected..
Committees with the chairmen
and advisers ai-e Commencement
Night committee with Carole, Mor
gan as chaii'man and Mrs. A. M.
McGregor, adviser: Baccalaureate
committee with co-chairmen Au
drey Kennedy and Lee Ann Brown
and Mrs. T. D. Young adviser: Cap
and Gown committee with Caro
lyn Rabil and Kenneth Killebrew
as co-chauman and Miss Jose-
pmne Grant, aaviser.
Invitation committee has Joyce
Hudson as chaiiman and Mrs. Sue
Bowden, adviser: Senior Day com
mittee with Jane Hatchett and
Bobby Savage as co-chairmen and
Miss Dorothy Craighill, adviser;
the Gift committee, James Brown
as chairman and the Senior Play
committee, Peggy Daniel as chair
man are combined with one fa
culty adviser Miss Charlotte Reid.
Mimi Brewer is the student direc
tor for the plaji and Mi-s. Jay
Hathcock is the faculty director.
Club Picks WCME
For Stutiou Name
In a recent meeting of the Radio
Broadcasters Club, the members
voted unanimously to have WCME
for the call letters of the new stu
dent radio station in recognition
of Mr. Cy M. Edson, principal of
the senior high school.
Mi‘. Edson was selected for this
honor because of the untiring ser
vice and the guidance that he has
giten to the Radio Broadcasters
since he has been in Rocky Mount.
He served as adviser to the club
for several years before Mr.
Charles Fox Graham, a speech
therapy specialist, was secured for
the city school system.
News and Blues Started
It was under the guidance of
Mr. Edson that the Radio Broad
casters made the most important
steps toward school-wide recogni
tion. During this time the club
secm-ed its radio program, “News
and Blues”, over station WEED to
infoi-m the public about the school
activitiuf> aiid ti> «lve Vdluable ca-
perience to students interested in
venturing further into the field
of radio.
Ray Wilkinson, Key Figure
Mr. Ray Wilkinson, program
chairman at WCEC and WFMA,
is the key figure responsible for
startin gthe new student radio
station and through his efforts
pieces of needed equipment, such
as two turn tables, several micro
phones and a two channel ampli
fiers have been secured. Most of
tlie equioment has alreadjj arriveu
and as soon as the radio room is
sound-proofed and wired with
(See RADIO On Page 6)
Ladies In Retirement' Next Production
Members of the National Honor
Society have been busy picking
delegates for the N. H. S. conven
tion, planning for the spring tap
ping service, and the selection of
a famous American for the Hall
of Fame.
Pour delegates, selected from
ifhe old and the coming new junior
and senior members, will be at the
N. H. S. State Convention in Wil
mington on April 15-16. Rocky
Mount had the privilege of being
host of the convention last year.
Local romanoca chapter of N. H.
S. is planning for another of its
candlelight initiation services.
This initiation will include junior
and senior students excelling in
scholarship, leadership, character
and service. March 8 is the date
set aside for the service.
Will O’Henry or Stonewall Jack
son be the N. H. s.’s nominee for
the Hall of Fame? Each National
Honor Society is the U. S. is ask
to nominate one person for the
Hall of Fame. Each nominee must
have been dead 25 years and have
been a citizen of the United States.
The person can be famous in any
The Hall of Fame, founded in
1900 and located on the University
Heights campus of the New York
Universitji, is a memorial of great
Americans. Any person put up for
such an honor must be approved
by the senate of the New York
“Ladies In Retirement”, a play
in three acts by Edward Percy
and Reginald Denham, will be
presented as the second big pro
duction of the year by the Edson-
ians on March 25.
This is a humorous play telling
the storji of three old ladies who
have come to live in the house of
a retired actress on the marshes
of the Thames estuary some ten
miles to the east of Gravesend.
The actress wishes to rid herself
of them and when she finally
kisses them good-bye the action
really begins.
Cast members in order of theii
appearance are Lucy GiUiam, the
maid, Myra Floyd; Leonora Fiske.
the retired actress, Minnie
Branch; Ellen Creed, the sane
sister, Peggy Jones; Albert Feath
er, nephew of the actress, Henry
Thompson; Louisa Creed, one of
the sisters who is rather peculiar,
Erwin Robbins; Emily Creed, an
other peculiar sister, Lucinda
Oliver; Sister Theresa, a nun from
the priory on the hill, Ann Brin
son. Larry Gupton is the student
“Gloria Mumai” and "The
Storm” have been chosen by The
Edsonlans as the two contest plajs
to be presented in Chapel Hill this
“Gloria Mundi” is set in the re
ception room on an insane asylum
and stars Peggy Jones as Virginia
Blake, a new nurse; Gene Arnold
as Robert Cartwell, a doctor;
Retha Kerman as a nurse; and
Mimi Brewer, Sue Yelverton and
Jimmy Herring as persons inter
ested In the asylum.
“The Storm”, a terrfying story
told on a cold snowy night, stars
Fred Harris as Jeff Mulkey who
was involved in an automobile ac
cident five years ago on a snow-
swept highway. Other characters
are Pat Parrish as Mary, Jeff’s
understanding wife; Adam Maples
as the hunter, Judy Kabo as a
woman; and Caroljn Rabil as her
daughter, who is about 14.
Pictured at the left are Mrs
Jacquline Hathcock director, Lar
ry Gupton, student director and
Minnie Branch working out the
costume plot for the first act ol
“Ladies In Retirement.”

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