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    Home Ec. Dept. Presents Fashion Show
In a “dreamy” setting and us
ing clothes that they made during
the last six weeks, members of the
two senior home economics
classes presented a fashion show
during regular assembly last Fri
This show begins with the first
scene at a pajama party in a
friend’s living room. All the
models were wearing pajamas or
tommy coats and were carrying
on the usual activity of drinking
cokes, eating cookies, reading
magazines and j-ast plain getting
Scene Two, Dream
As the lights dimmed for the
girls to go to sleep, the second
scene came on as a dream of
what each of the girls would do
the following day. Some were go
ing to a movie and have lunch up
town, others were going shopping
and a few had been invited to a
tea. Of course there were one or
two girls who had specials dates
the next night and they had to
decide what to wear. As the girls
came out modeling the dresses
that they would wear on these oc
casions, the dreamer looked on
from the side lines.
Among the dresses modeled was
a two-piece blue and pink cotton
which was made by Carolyn
Rabil and was worn in a fashion
show at East Carolina College
on their high school day. Caro
lyn is extremely proud of this
dress since she made it and it cost
only $3.10. The other dresses were
very inexpensii;e also.
Wrote Show
The entire program was written,
produced and directed by senior
home economics students with the
aid of Miss Josephine Grant the
head of that department. Miss
Grant states that the senior home
ec. classes now will begin their
unit on cooking and later in the
spring, home nursing and child
Pictured to the right is a picture
of Charlotte Jones, Margie Fen
tress, Erwin Robbins and Kay
Williford wearing the dresses that
they made. As is indicated by the
picture, many minor details went
into the preparation of the dress-
es such as fitting, hemming and
putting in zippers.
Jrs., Decide,
1 T-k Beauty Queen
Closed Dance ,
You have certamly put me in
After two short discussions the difficult spot because all of the
junior class decided to have a Photos of the contestants are so
closed Junior-Senior dance at the beautiful, and personally I think
high school gym and the banquet them should be queen,”
at the country club. wrote Perry Como when he re-
When plans were first made,
the juniors planned to have the
dance at the Benvenue country
club. After a few members of the
decoration committee talked to
Mr. Nick Petersen, manager of the
country club, they decided that a
reconsideration of toe proposed
plan should*be discussedr there^
fore a class meeting was called.
The meeting started off calmly
enough. However, when the new
motion which stated that the
dance should be held at the gym
and the banquet at the club was
brought up, the students started
with the discussion both pro and
After having the week-end to
think the question over, the jun
iors voted on Monday during
homeroom period and passed the
proposed motion.
So the banquet 'Will be at the
country club at 7:00 p. m. and
after that, the students will go
to the gym for the dance.
Published by Journalism Class of Rocky Mount Senior High School
turned the pictures of the beauty
contestants with his selection.
After Mr. Como consented to
act as judge, the pictures were
numbered and sent to him and a
separate chart was made for him
to fill in. No names of the girls
were iiu juat put the iiuui-
ber of the picture he thought was
prettiest in the blank beside the
queen and so on for the attend
Such valuable data was sent di
rectly to Mrs. T. D. Young so
there would be no leakage of the
information, even to The Black
bird staff.
In the past the pictures of the
sixteen contestants have appear
ed in The Evening Telegram and
in Barringer’s Studio window
prior to the Junior-Senior date.
This has created a great deal of
interest among the patrons and
other friends of the school. The
pictures are ready for the paper
and will be sent to them soon.
Two Publications Elect Editors
With graduation just around the corner and the major elections
in the student organization finished, the HI-NOC-AR and THE
BLACKBIRD staffs have elected the top offices for 1955-56.
Succeeding Bill Klncheloe as editor of the HI-NOC-AR is Fred
Harris who was also nominated for president but couldn’t run because
of his new position. Pi-ed has been in training as a staff member dur
ing the past year so he is well prepared for the position. Jimmy
Monrp has hppn sPlPctpd hy THE BLACKBIRD staff to -succeed Julian
Aldridge as editor.
Students Pick SO Leaders
Fred Ruben was elected presi
dent and Ray Joyner vice-presi
dent of the Student Organization
in the most important election of
the year last Tuesday.
On Thursday there was a run
off for the secretary’s position
between Pat Parrish and Mariah
Jane Parker, with Pat taking the
Cherry By Petition
Candidates for the office of
president were Fred Ruben, and
Kathryn Batten, nominated by
committee. Sonny Cherry by a pe
tition; for vice-president were Ray
Joyner and Tommy Vaughan;
and for secretary were Joyce
Harris, Pat Parrish and Mariah
Jane Parker.
Cacky Atkins, chairman of the
election committee, said that,
as a whole the percentage of the
students voting was about aver
The juniors led the voting with
eighty percent. The seniors fol
lowed with seventy-five percent
and the sophomores last with a
low sixty-six percent.
Of the ninety-five percent of
the students registered, there
were only seventy percent of
them who went to the polls.
On the first day of the voting
^here were 426 students who cast
their ballots. In the run-off, this
number fell down a little with
only 387 students voting.
Assume Duties Next Fall
The officers will take over their
duties next fall, when Mr. Edson
will administer the oath of office
in an open assembly.
The pictures of Fred Ruben
and Ray Joyner, who are presi
dent and vice-president respect
ively, can be found elsewhere in
the paper.
To head the business end of the publications, Charles Sanders has
been elected business manager of the HI-NOC-AR following Mimi
Brewer and Norma Bulluck from THE BLACKBIRD to succeed Lu
cinda Oliver.
Neither of these two publications could get along without an ad
vertising manager and circulation manager. For next yea? Ikippv
Stone and Faye Batts have been chosen as the “ad man” and the “dis-
tabutor” for the HI-NOC-AR. These two people will follow Marvin
Barnes and Bobby Savage. James Ezzell and Sonny Cherry have been
^°“«wing Ronnie Felton and
, in the fall, new members for the two
staffs will have the opportunity to start learning the ropes and other
officers will be chosen from the old members.
Pictured above are Fred Harris and Jimmy Moore, the new edi
tors, and Charles Sanders and Norma Bulluck the new business man-
aprs. Since these positions are so important, these people will not bp
allowed to hold any other major offices in school.
The staff of THE BLACKBIRD wishes to take this oPDortnnitv
them^the biqt editors and business staff and to wish
med^alfS rSgs Publications worth
Mascots Chosen
Jamie Harris, and Ann Wells
are to act as flower girl? and
Tommy Felton is the crown bear
er in the coronation ceremony of
the Junior-Senior.
Jamie is the little blond daugh
ter of Mrs. Dell Harris, Ann the
brunette daughter of Mrs. Queenie
W. Wells and Tommy is tlie small
son of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Felton,
(Ronnie’s little brother).
D. E. Banquet
Employers are guests instead of
hosts at the annual banquet gi\en
by the Distributive Education
students. This year’s affair took
place in the school cafeteria,
Apiil 14. Roberta Eason gave the
invocation. After each of the em
ployers were introduced by their
student employees, student enter
tainment was provided.
Math Test
State tests on algebra and geo
metry (teasing the students with
mathematical aptitudes^ were
given to a few juniors and seniors
April 15.
Spanish Banquet
First and second year Spanish
students attended the annual
Spanish banquet with the Wilson
as host to Rocky Mount and
Goldsboro students, April 14.
A welcoming speech was given
by Baker Morgan, president of the
Spanish class In Wilson. For en
tertainment Spanish songs were
sung and dances were provided.
Members of the senior class w’ill
be selling candy, cookies and
other “goodies” in the halls for
the next week or so to make
money to be spent on Senior Day
Buy a “bite to eat” from one of
them and help the class!

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