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    The Blackbird
PubUshed by Journalism Classes of Rocky Mount Senior High School
Principal Addresses Student Body
It is with extreme oleas-
ure that I welcome all our
students, both new and re
turning. to another year at
Rocky Mount Senior High.
The outlook for the school
year 1962-63 is both promis
ing and challenging. Never
before have we been able to
offer such a well-rounded
educational program to our
students. New courses, new
equipment, new teachers,
and new teaching techniques
will improve our program
I encourage each student
to study diligently and take
full advantage of the oppor
tunities that are available.
Cabinet Appointments Announced
By Student Organization President
Cabinet appointments for the
1962-63 school term have re
cently been completed by Greg
Low, president of the Student
Included in the cabinet are:
Neal Adkins, Chairman of the
Elections Committee; Butch
Clayton, Chairman of the Traf
fic Committee; Nancy Tilson,
Chairman of Publicity Commit
tee; Eebo White, Chairman of
the House and Grounds Com
mittee; Brack Townsend,
Chairman of the Fire Drill
Committee; Katrina Kobylarz,
Chairman of the Publiccatlons
Committee; Sondra Shelton,
Chairman of the Student Store
Committee; Becky Edwards,
Chairman^' the Social Com-
mittee^'W^ Jim McChesney,
Chairman jti^^oreign Ex
change committee.
Other members of the presi
dent s cabinet which are not
appointed are Caroletta Jordan,
head cheerleader; David Wil
liams, Jan McCrary and Edwin
Arrington, Vice President, Sec
retary and Treasurer of the
Student Organization respec
tively; Becky Walker, editor
of HI-NOC-AR; and Dwight
Thomas, editor of “The Black
A special School Spirit Com
mittee has been appointed by
the president with Cy Watson
as chairman. The chairman of
this committee is not an of
ficial member of the cabinet,
but will be working with the
These members work to
gether to promote the welfare
of the school and to boost par
ticipation in the Student Or
ganization. Each cabinet mem
ber assumes respfigimmM^or
some phase of school ^ govern-'
ment work. They meet regular
ly and report their various
Support wholeheartedly all
your school activities and
take great pride in your
school and its program and
I am sure we shall enjoy one
of the most successful years
at Senior High.
As problems arise I should
like for the students to feel
free to consult me at any
time. My door is open always
to any student.
In this first issue of the
“Blackbird” I should like to
congratulate the members of
the staff and its advisor on
the outstanding success our
school newspaper has en
joyed in the past. You have
my best wishes for greater
achievements in the year
C. M. Edson,
Tardy Bell
Homeroom per.
t:SS- 8:45
1st per.
8:49- 9:40
2nd per.
3rd per.
Act. per.
Lunch 1
Lunch 2
1:H- 1:49
50l per.j
1:49- 2:40
6th per.
2:44- 3:35
Ernesto Arroyo, this years foreign exchange atodeni. Is look*
ing over one of his books with his host, David Williams.
(Photo by Kiliebrew)
Costa Rican Exchange Student Conies
For School Year In Senior High
Ernestos’ favorite sports are
basketball and swimming. Play
ing the guitar and accordian
and twisting are some of his
Ernesto will be in Miss Mur
chison’s homeroom 106 along
with David, his host. When
asked how he felt about the
foreign exchange student be
ing here, David replied, “I hope
to do everything in my power
to help him learn the customs
of the American people."
Ernesto was Quoted as say
ing, ‘I want to learn to work
with the students of Senior
High. I hope to meet all the
students and speak with all of
Ernesto Arroyo, foreign ex
change student from Costa
Plica, arrived in Charlotte Aug-
u t 31, where he was met by
his host family, Mr. and Mrs.
T. A. Williams and their son,
San Jose, his native city,
where he lives with his parents
and two brothers is a city of
150,000 and is also the capitol
of Costa Rica.
In this Spanish - speaking
country Ernesto has studied
such subjects as anatomy and
religion. He has also had two
years of English and four years
of French. Later he plans to
attend a college in the United
States because this field of
study isn’t offered in Costa
Principal C. M. Edson addresses the opening assembly. On his
left is Eddie Allen, president of the senior class, who gave the
devotion and Greg Low, president of the Student Organization,
is seated on his right (Photo by Kiliebrew)
Assembly Program Begins Year
For Largest Student Body Ever
Senior High opened its doors
Friday August 31, for the first
day of school, with a welcome
by principal C. M. Edson.
After a devotion by Eddie.
Allen, president of the Senior
class, Greg Low, president of
the Student Organization, gave
his opening address in which
he stressed that each student
should show interest in the
btudent Organization and be
the best student he could pos
sibly be.
Principal C. M. Edson spoke
to the students and reviewed
a few policies of the school
and gave the general arrange
ment of the builidng to the
new students. Students who
attended Senior High last year
were dismissed first to go to
ther homerooms where they
received their schedules.
At 10 o’clock all students
followed their schedules for 15
minute periods. This gave
every-one the opportunity to
go over his schedule to see if
any changes would be neces
Teachers Study
At UNC Program
Miss Dorothy Craighill and
Mr. Holton Harrison, teachers
fro mSenior High, attended the
University of North Carolina
during the summer for further
study in French and Distribu
tive Education.
One of 60 participants from
18 states and a foreign coun
try, Miss Craighill was chosen
from 200-300 applications to
at'end the NDEA French In
stitute June 24 through August
18. The high school French
Instructors were taught by
11 teachers from France and
attended six classes per day.
Classes were taught in con
versation, diction, grammar,
French civilization, linguistics,
and pedagogy.
Mr. Holton Harrison from
the D. E. department worked
toward his M.A. degree in Dis-
I'ributive Education at UNC
from June 13 until July 17.
He took one course in super
vision of the distributive edu
cation program and another
course in distributive education
leadership development.
Students Charter
Buses For Game
Three bus loads of enthusi-
asUc students at Senior High
School traveled to Henderson
last Friday night to attend
the football game.
Though many traveled by
cars to see the game, the im
portant thing was that they
were there to cheer on the
football team.
Principal C. M. Edson and Mrs. Margaret Williams, advisor
of the BLACKBIRD, discuss the changes in this years
blackbird. (Photo by KUlebrew)
blackbird Undergoes Changes
Including New Method Of Printing
Revolution is the topic of
discussion between Mrs. Mar
garet Williams and Mr. C. M.
Edson as they review changes
One of the most important
changes is the process by
which the paper is printed.
Previously the paper was done
by lineotype, but now is done
by offset where the complete
page is put together and photo-
garphed. This process will give
the paper a much neater ap
pearance and sharper pictures.
This process will also give
the staff members the oppor
tunity to proof read the paper
before it is finished.
In the past THE BLACK
BIRD has offered nine issues
with six pages in each issue.
Last year the paper sold for
one dollar and ten cents. Now
THE BLACKBIRD offers thir
teen issues with eight pages
in each issue for one dollar
and twenty-five cents.
During the year THE
blackbird will sponsor the
Miss Print Pageant and the
Junior Senior Beauty Court.
The Miss Print Pageant will be
conducted in a different man
ner with the winner to be de
cided by a vote of the students
instead of the amount of money
the contestants collect.

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