Patre 2 THE BLACKBIRD Friday, Feb. 24, 1967 Advice Is Given To Students Regarding Catching A Sweetheart During the recent and per haps forgotten Vialentine sea son, the BLACKBIRD’S aitten- tion was drawn to the fact that a minimum amount of flowers and candy was sent to the sensitive and meritorious girls at RMSH. It has also been realized by the benefiioent and noMe staff that, after waiting long months, after looking to- ward the coming event of Val entine’s Day, the haiid-workiing females of this school were sadly disappointed. The lack of smiles and fluttering eye lashes after February 14th has led the editor of the Blackbird to publish these woixis. So, this being the month of February, a time for cupids and lace and bashful blushes, the manage ment of this newspaper would like to oxpres>s a few senti ments in belhalf, and in en- oouragement of that vague and awesome institution which we caU Love. Ah ha! Just as we predioted! We see those eyebrows lifting.. We see those shacked faces. Wtell, for all those prudish Vic torians wlho believe that a (high school newspaper is definitely not tihe place for discussion of such a oontroversiai subject, we will attempt to explain our selves a littde further. Love, we mean, in the shyest sense of the word. The love which tang les itself among class rings, book carrying, bashful glances, and Junior-Seniors. It is the love of the sophomore, the sen ior, the junior, the fifteen and the seventeenth year love. It is the anxious, painful, excited caring for the soft-voiced girl, the dark-eyed boy. This, we hope, has discouraged any evil suspicions that the BLACI^IRD is encouraging the immorality rate among American youth. And now, being incurable ro mantics, we would like to say that, along with the advent of February Fourteenth, we would be delighted to see more foot ball players waiting at lockers, more poets writing love son nets, more band members ser enading in the moonlight, and in general, although we don’t know how the teachers feel iaibout this, more couples block ing traffic in the haUs between classes. To the girls we say, bat your eyelashes a little more, let him know how special you real ly are, and create your own uniquely mysterious attentive- ness toward him. Whether you are a gay and wind-kissed cheerleader, a formidable and worldly sophisticate, a quiet dreamer, or jusit a very typical female, (as most of us are) we teU you that a feminine giggle and a demure smile aimed in the right direction will end for ever your “I hate school” days. As for the boys, if you have never had the experience of noticing a very special smile especiedly for you, we suggest that you experiment a Mttle, Vogue Dress Shop FOR THE FINEST IN WOMEN’S APPAREL 312 S. MAIN STREET DAVID HILL'S GROCERY THE BEST IN FOODS—FEEDS and NOVELTIES Phone Gibson 6-6618 Cokey Road Rocky Mount Just As Out-Of-Date As Money These dayi, mo«t financial transactions are handled by check. Money in the bank can't be lost, stolen or misplaced. It't available at the point of your pen. At savings grov/, many high school students-find it convenient to handle their finances tn this manner. We cordially invite you to open a special checking account In our bank. PN with our full guarantee for your surprise and pleasure at the results. And so, finally, it is with sincere best wisiies, prayers, and good luck that the manage ment of ithe BLACKBIRD ushers you from the amorous month of February, and, to be very cor- ney, we say, “have a heart”. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Dtay for nothing. J People Of Brittany; A Look At Simplicity TJie sun rose with etartUng quickness above the fields o£ Brittany, peaietrating every crevice and eroded guly and! sending tSie shadows of night | scurrying to the innermost re cesses of the land. In the fish ing village nesitled on the banks of the Vilaine, the rays of the sun reflected from the white- was'hed cottages with dazzling brilliancy. A road came into the village from the mountains and where the road was cobblestone the houses of the village stretched along both sides. There were no sidestreets. A wagon piled high ; with fruit for the market rolled silowQy through the village. The driver, asleep from too much wine the night before, hunched over the seat. The dogs of the town followed close to the wagon, looking for something to faU from it. On the quay below the town, the day’s work had begun. A few boats were pulled up on the sand. Those which were sailing and had their nets aboard were already well out to sea. The women went to miadcet while the children played in the streets, and the sun rose lugh overhead. Q Q JTMfiy RLXAS “nra KTO' V/AfsTTED for MUiRDER OP MltUrONS. ceoOD HEMTH AND A LCNSr UFE. ^itelligentcia who took initiative and purchased the ©at literary magazine, The /ATlTlllill I itradigm. Kathy Viverette and J.JJ. x'XJ.M.Cl.1. X • Xj, staff of mon'kies have been PLANTERS NATIONAL BANK WESTWOOD “ACROSS FROM Journalism students from Sen ior High, Northern Nash, Wil son Fike, Rockridge, and Booker T. Washington attended the annual Tuberculosis Press Convention (and luncheon held at People’s Bank and Trust Company. The students were told of the affects of TB and how to prevent it toy Dr. Maude Battle. The students were given infor mation about the competition for articles written or cartoons drawn concerning TB toy Don King. The city editor of the TELEGRAM then told them how they were to complete their •; January 27 issue of The' ickbird. The part he left out s spomtsmanship. True, a school does include le bush of the crowd as the icial shot is in the air,” al- ugh I hope he wasn’t re- Ving to a shot bv a Black- >rking hard to produce a true asterpiece for the world to hold. Contributions of art, etry, prose, and even music >re are still being ernestly re- ested. So to ail budding Van ghs, Voitaires, and Sousas, id in your work and let us >w how good you reaUy are. locounting for the increase in of The Paradigm is the an CSOZiy 'vr cnxrw ^ The winners of the competition are Betsy Heady with the car toon of Jimmy Germ, and Carolyn Bryant with her ariticle entitled “The Lone WRENger”. After the explanation of the compeUtioaJi&fjj their grumWes when they see the superior results of Kathy Vivecette’s efforts. The paradigm will come out in May, giving all subscribers something to look forwaiid to besides going barefoot in Mav WIMBERLEY & GREGORY “The Real Estate Center” Keal Estate Insurance OAKWOOD PHARMACY “THE NEIGHBORHOOD PHARMACY” 329 FAIRVIEW RD. TEL. 442-8159 ,ia v^Siia'to' ^ aid. Mistaking his Pat and Sarah rolled windows, locked the , and huddled in the mid- jf the seat fearful for their ■es. By this time a goodly ,6wd had gathered and after inkering with various appa- ..atuis, a fireman asked if they had any gas. At long last the mystery was solved! Many minutes and a few goHons of 121 tough gas later, ouar burds were home. For The Finest I’ more. Congratulations flock! fHEVROLET HOME OF THE OUTSTANDIHG 1™"" CARS VICK'S RADir I vrolet Co. ncE DAVIS And Co. PARTS for every NEED TR¥ REFRESHING SUN DROP Rachel's Florist “Offering Art In Flowers” 717 WALNUT STREET Walnut Shopping Center

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