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Published by the JournalisTn Gass of Rocky Mount Senior High School
Students pictured above were recently tapped Into the National Honor Society,
NHS Taps Thirty-One Members
Wita Bond Chapter
Students Remain Jobless
Despite Effort Of Groups
The Wita Bond Chapter of
the National Honor Society in
ducted thirty-one new members
at RMSH, Tuesday, April 6.
Andy Dorr, president of the
RMSH chapter of the NHS, wel
comed the guests. Following
was the devotion, given by Sara
West and Kathy Wright,
The seniors Inducted during
the assembly program were
Bill Bulluck, son of Mr, and
Mrs. W. R. Bulluck of 1409
Planters Street; Catherine Bul
lock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
Legan Bullock of 108 Logan
Circle; Steve Coggins, son of
Mr, and Mrs. Gordan M. Cog
gins of 1429 Eastern Avenue;
Greg Fields, son of Mr, and
Mrs. Milton P. Fields of 3504
Sheffield Drive; Becky Marks,
daughter of Mrs. William W.
Marks of 1514 Rosewood Ave
nue; and Martin Strickland, son
of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Strick
land of 214 E. Ridge Street,
Juniors tapped into the NHS
were Joanne Atwell, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Q. At
well of 325 Briarcliff Road;
Mary Barr, daughter of Mrs.
Evelyn E. Barr of 618 Pennsy
lvania Avenue; Donald and Ro
nald Carmichael, sons of Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth Carmichael
of 735 Columbia Avenue; Anita
Chadwick, daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. Robert W. Chadwick of
304 Englewood Drive; Doug
Cole, son of Mr, and Mrs. Don
ald H, Cole of 401 Clifton Road;
and Yvonne Dew, daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Dew of
404 Leonard Street.
Bob Dozier, son of Mr. and
Mrs. N. B. Dozier, Jr. of 407
Piedmont Avenue, was inducted
into the Society as were Beth
Edwards, daughter of Rev. and
Mrs. J. Paul Edwards of 1304
Western Avenue; Janet Fish,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Har
ry G. Fish, Jr. of 1718 Lafay-
ette Circle; Pam Jefcoat, dau
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. D. H.
Jefcoat, of 400 South Taylor
Street; Mary Mayo, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs, j. c. Mayo
of 609 Park Avenue, and Hay
wood Parker, son of Mrs. Rosa
Gaines, of 1426 Hunter Street.
Other juniors Inducted Into
the NHS were Kent Reid, son
of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Reid
of 1641 Marvelle Avenue; Nancy
Reierson, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert K. Reierson of
Battleboro; Geraldine Rowland,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.T.
Rowland, Jr., of Route 4; Lee
Saunders, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. 0. F, Saunders of 912
Cederbrook Dr.; Morgan Scott,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Scott of Lafayette Circle; Te
resa Slavln daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. William C, Slavln of 1708
Boone Street; and Steve Snipes,
son of Mrs. E. Snipes of 908
Planters Street,
The other new members are
Margaret Taylor, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Taylor of
624 Glenn Avenue; Anne Wat
kins, daughter of Mr, and Mrs.
J. K. Watkins of 3625 Westridge
Circle Road; and Lucy Wilker-
son, the daughter of Mr. and
‘Alligation’ Play
Appears At Tank
"Alligation,” the RMSH Ed-
sonlan award-winning produc
tion, will be presented at the
Tank Theater May 12-15, and
May 19-22. Admission will be
$1.50, with curtain time at 8:15
The entire evenlngat the Tank
Theater, called “Variety To
night," will consist of two other
plays, acted by adults, along
with "Alligation,"
The first play will be "The
Diaries of Adam and Eve," a
Mark Twain essay about the ac
tivities of the World's first two
"Alligation," the second play
to be presented, concerns a
"stylistic, symbolls approach”
to the slavery Issue of the nine
teenth century, The main char
acters of the play are Cathy
Harrison as Lady Bird, Andy
Dorr as the Blind Indian, and
Connie Maxwell as the Alliga
"Crawling Arnold" is the
third play to be shown. During
this presentation at the Tank
Theater, there will be an ex
hibit on the third floor of the
RMSH school drama depart
ment’s memoirs.
Mrs. J. E. Wilkerson of 207
Circle Drive.
After the induction cere
mony, a tea was held in the
entrance of the school audi
torium, under the direction of
Mrs. ^e Hayworth and Mrs.
Elizabeth Hardy, advisors to
the NHS chapter at RMSH. Both
new and old members of the So
ciety, as well as parents and
teachers, were Invited to the
The annual RMSH Junior-
Senior Prom, divised and plan
ned by the Junior class, will
be at Tarrj'town Mall from 9
p.m. to 1 a.m. May 7,
The motif of this year’s Jun
ior-Senior is the Japanese
theme "Sayonara," meaning
"goodbye" to the ^nlor class.
Under the guidance of Mr.
E, C. Prlvott, the Junior class
advisor, preparations for the
Junior-Senior have been divid
ed into seven committees, each
headed by co-chairmen.
The Figure Committee, un
der co-chairman Mary Barr and
Elizabeth West, Is assigned the
task of presenting the outstand
ing Juniors and Seniors in an
original manner. Those to be
presented in the figure are the
twenty outstanding Seniors, Hu
man Relations Couples, More-
head Scholars, National Merit
winners. Rotary Couples, and
Kiwanis Boys. Also in the
figure will be students out
standing In sports, SRA of
ficers, the members of the cab
inet, and editors of the Hi-Noc-
Ar and the Gryphon.
The Entertainment Com
mittee, under co-chairmen
Bruce Flye and James Davis,
has obtained "Company," a
band from Durham, to perform
at the Junior-Senior, They
will play both soul and hard
rock music. The Decorations
Committee, which originated
the Sayonara theme, is under
co-chairman Ruble Gibson and
Steve Snipes.
The other committees now at
According to Mr, Clarence
Wiggins of the Rocky Mount
Chamber of Commerce, it is al
most an impossible dream for
everyone to have a job.
In the Rocky Mount area, the
unemployment rate is lower
than the unemployment rate of
the United States as a whole;
however, to an Individual who
does not have a job, such facts
mean nothing. ^
with the above point In mind,
there have been several organi
zations formed in the Rocky
Mount community and within
RMSH to provide assistance for
people who want to work.
Some such organizations In
clude Native Son, Nash Edge
combe Economic Development,
Inc. (NEED), Distributive Edu
cation (DE), Industrial Cooper
ative Training (ECT),and Youth
Employment Service (YES).
But even still, regardless
of much time and effort spent
by catalystic groups like
those mentioned above, many
people desiring jobs, parti
cularly students, remain job
Moreover, it Is Important to
note some reasons for the un
work are the Refreshments
Committee, with co-chairmen
Janet Fish and Roscoe Batts;
the newly originated Dating
Committee, chairman Mike
Barnhill; the Invitations Com
mittee, under co-chairmen Beth
Edwards and Sharon McNeil;
the Program Committee, co-
chairmen Karen Kirkman and
Angie Renfrow; and the Clean
up Committee, with co-chair
men Richard Newman and Bob
WRAL-T,V. In Raleigh Invit
ed the Advisor and one student
from many area high schools
to attend a Seminar on Journa
lism April 20.
Mrs. Margaret Williams, ad
visor to the Gryphon newspaper,
and Richard Newman, one of the
Junior editors, represented
Rocky Mount Senior High at this
The day began with orienta
tion in studio "A" of theWRAL
facilities. Here the visitors
were briefed on the day’s ac
tivities by Sam Beard and Da
vid Weatherspoon of Channel 5,
The next item on the agenda
was a trip to the State Legis
lature. Here, the students held
an interview with Lieutenant
Governor Pat Taylor, Repre
sentatives Jim Holshouser and
employment among students
who desire summer and part-
time work, Ffrst of all, veter
ans from some segment of the
service and other adults have
priority over students in ob
taining many types of jobs, be
cause of dependability and ne
Also, according to Mr, Clar
ence Wiggins, students will not
always accept some jobs which
become open to them. For
example, most students wish to
have a certain special job such
as a clerk behind a counter,
whereas not so many are will
ing to work priming tobacco or
picking cucumbers.
More important, Mr, Wiggins
pointed out that those students
planning to apply for summer
jobs should apply early. When
one can obtain a part-time job
before the summer, he can es
tablish a relationship with the
employer and thus be assured of
a summer job,
Mr. Wiggins brought out that
"desire" Is one of the primary
factors determining whether or
not a student gets a job. For
those who have little luck in
finding a job, he says to "keep
All will be requested to pre
sent their Invitations upon ar
rival at the dance, with the ex
ception of parents and grand
parents, who are invited as
After arriving at the Junior-
Senior, no student may leave
and then return to the dance.
Since the prom Is formal,
young ladies are towear gowns,
while young men are requested'
!to wear tuxedos or dinner jac
John Burnie, and State Super
intendent of Public Instruction,
Dr. Craig Phillips.
After lunch at the WRALstu
dios, the visitors were taken
on a tour of the Channel 5
facilities, including photo lab,
news room, video tape room,
and FM radio studios.
Next, all participants met in
the WRAL-T.V. Auditorium for
discussion of the entire day’s
activities. Here, the guests
were introduced to Ray Wilker
son and the host for the event,
WRAL President Fred Fletch
er. This concluded the day’s
activities, one which was most
enjoyable for all participants.
This was the first seminar
of its kind, and WRAL hopes
to make it an annual event.
Junior~Senior Approaches
Prom Committees Make Plans
WRAL Conducts Seminar
On Role Of Broadcasting

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