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    Friday, April 30, 1971
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April’s Kiwanis Boy Is
More Than Just A Boy
Hal Goff is, according to
friends, an extrovert and a flirt;
he is a playboy who is person
able, Hal Goff is RMSH’s Ki
wanis Boy of the month.
The reason Hal received the
honor, however, is obviously
because of his active participa
tion in school activities. He
is co-chairman of the School
Spirit Committee (which also
makes him a member of the pre
sident’s cabinet)^ he is and
Congratulations to Hal Gof^
the Kiwanis Boy for April, He*s
a right nice guy.
has been a member of the Stu
dent Representative Assembly,
he has held homeroom offices,
and he was involved in promot
ing the Pakistan Relief Fund.
After graduating from RMSH,
Hal Goff plans to attend North
Carolina State University.
While at State, he anticipates
going into the School of Forestry
so that he will be able to man
age private firms'forests In the
Presently, Hal is very ac
tive in Church oriented acti
vities. He is president , Qf the
Christian Youth Fellowship, and
he Is a member of the board at
First Christian Church.
And, because of his Interest
In social affairs, Hal will be
traveling to the United Na
tions during the first week in
May, He and junior Jackie Al
len are going to observe Inter
national affairs and to contrast
foreign ways.
In his spare tlme~aside from
Church work—Hal likes to hunt,
skeet shoot, and water ski. Hal
is the son of Mr, and Mrs, Ha
rold Goff of 1729 Fletcher
'The Company” which will be playing at the Junior-Senior features from left to right: Bill
Overby, bass and rhythm guitars; Tommy Henson, organ and backup vocal; Robin Wilson, lead
vocal and drums; Billy Cleaver, lead guitar and backup vocal; Robin Smith, trumpet; David
Nichols, drums; Johnny Githens, light show and electrician; Les Hicken, saxophone; Chris
Ely, bass guitar and trombone.
'^Company’’To Perform OnMay 7
Little Big Man": Movie Review
Little Big Man Is a film
that many people have been
anxiously awaiting, mainly be
cause of the presence of one
man-Mr, Dustin Hoffman, Hoff
man received much accalim for
his role in “THE GRADUATE”,
Mr. Hcrffman offers another
sterling performance in "Lit
tle Big Man”, In fact, his
portrayal of Jack Crabb Is the
highlight of the film.
Jack Crabb Is a 120 year old
man who happens to be the only
living survivor of Custer’s Last
Stand, The film begins with
Crabb as a child. As a lad of
seven, he Is captured by the
Cheyenne Indians, Jack Is
adored by the Chief of the tribe.
Old Lodge Skins (who happens
to be played by a real Indian,
Chief Dan George), The scenes
that take place in the Indian
camp are so realistic that one
wonders how much time was put
Into this movie.
The next phase of the movie
Is the weakest in the film. The
25-year-old Crabb Is subject
ed to all sorts of people, in
cluding a “hanky-panky” mini
ster’s wife, and young boy who
thrills at Crabb’s gun-twirling
exhibit. Crabb’s gun-twirling
escapades account for many hil
arious incidents. This phase
of the film, which takes the
white man’s side is well play
ed but lacks much of the life
and warm-heartedness of the
Indian sequences.
The climax of the film is the
Battle of the Little Big Horn,
The scene is staged well and
features Custer and a cast of
thousands. The battle scene
comes at a very good time, be
cause things had become ra
ther boring during the prece
ding scene. And of course,
the white men are defeated and
Jack Crabb survives.
“Little Big Man” is a film
that everyone should see, not
only for the acting, but for
its content of pure American
Some like it soul and some
like it rock.
The RMSH 1971 Junior-Se
nior Is coming May 7. Many
students have been wanting to
know what kind of band there is
going to be, what kind of music
they play, et cetera,
“Company” Is the name of the
nine-member group. Their
manager, Mr, Richard H. Wil
son, said, “ 'Company’ plays a
variety of music, specializing
In progressive rock. They
also play soul and some psy
chedelic, They like the music
of 'Chicago’, ‘Blood, Sweat, and
Tears’, ‘Santana’, and ‘Sly and
the Family Stone,’ but they en
joy playing the music of other
popular groups.”
Also, brass is often used in-
the group’s songs and they pro
vide their own light show. The
types of lights used are color
ed, black, and strobe.
According to Mr, Wilson,
“Company” was first known as
“Hard Soul,” This was in the
summer of 1969 when the group
was first organized with six
members. Their first perfor
mances were at church socials,
small parties, and high school
dances, fii the fall of 1961,
they added three members and
Telephone 446-5825
9:00 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M.
1S1 S. E. Main St.
SAT. 8:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
Rocky mount, n. C.
Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Outboards
1145 Cokey Rd. GI 2-2369
Yurjtof I Mall
Dotted Swiss, Printed Terry, Kettle Cloth,
Whipped Cream
Shoe Co.
Great Place
Buy Shoes
more quality to the group.
During the spring of 1970,
they began to get better-paying
jobs and placed second in two
out of three local Battle of the
Bands contests. That summer
“Hard Soul” was changed to
All “Company” members at
tend Charles E. Jordan Senior
High School in Durham and all
have a tremendous amount of
There are six senior mem
bers. Tommy Henson, 17,
member of the Jordan High
Band, will attend E.C.U, this
fall. Robin Wilson, 17, mem
ber of the National Honor So
ciety and Jordan High Stage
Band, vocalist with the Jor
dan High Stage Band, will at
tend U.N.C. this fall. Billy
Cleaver, 18, member of Jor
dan High Band and Jordan High
Stage Band, will attend U.N.C,
this fall.
Other seniors; Robin Smith,
18, member of Jordan High Band
and Jordan High Stage Band,
All State Band, will attend E,C.
U. this fall. Johnny Githens,
18, will attend N, C, State this
fall, Les Hicken, 17, Na
tional Honor Society, N. C,
School of Performing Arts,
All State Band, Jordan High
Band and Jordan High Stage
Band, will attend Eastman Sc
hool of Music in Rochester,
New York, this fall, Chris Ely,
18, National Honor Society, N.
C. School of Performing Arts
All State Band, Jordan High
Band and Jordan High Stage
Band, president of senior class,
will attend Davidson College
this fall.
There is one junior and one
sophomore in the group. Bill
Overbey, 16, junior, is first
straing center on the Jordan
High varsity football team, and
member of the Jordan High
Stage Band. David Nichols,
15, is the only sophomore.
It’S the
real thing.
There’s Room At
The TOP For You!
P. 0. BOX 2347
CALL US: 443-4011

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