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you can, I advise you to do so
(immediately). That article was the
worst this year. I don't ttiinl^ your
opinion was from a neutral view
“Chocolate Funk” didn’t asl to
play; they were asked by the school.
I think that there was a better way of
criticizing. Do you have to recognize
music to dance to it? No, because if
the music is good and you feel like
dancing, dance, and don’t think
about the color of the band. If you
wish to continue to be an editor, I
would suggest that you be more
neutral. Your picture of “Chocolate
Funk” was a disgrace. You have
never seen afros look like that. To
sum it up, you need a course in
criticism and art.
Thank you,
Joseph Stanley William
P.S. Smile and be happy.
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,
I am writing about your opinion of
the band which Is a very bad one.
But of course everyone has a right to
his or her own opinion. But to think
that such filth such as that about the
band would be seen in the Gryphon
is what gets me. In my own opinion,
I think the band was pretty good,
but the way you express it
emphasizes the whites. You act as If
the whites’ opinion was so superior.
I also think who ever articulated
such filth about a band such as that
particular band is very ignorant. If
they didn’t like the band they should
have stayed home and watched
television or something. And as of
right now, the whole Gryphon staff
should be ashame for letting such a
bad choice of words be printed in the
Gryphon. I also don’t think
Chocolate Funk asked to come back
to RMSH. I don’t think they need
your support, because they have
ours. I hope your band on prom
night will be better, if not, I will be
looking forward to your next
Editorial, because this one stinks!
-iDavid Parker
the junior class would have liked.
However, much hard work and lots
of worry went into the selection of
the band. Neither group of students
on the band committee, meaning the
blacks and the whites, was willing to
compromise. In the end, through
using somewhat unorthodox tactics,
the group of students supporting the
selection of Chocolate Funk won the
tug-of-war. (And I might add that at
the final voting meeting, many
students showed up to vote for
Chocolate Funk who had not
attended the original meetings).
There was much discord on the
committee, but It is unfair to
characterize the entire planning of
the Junior-Senior as “slipshod’’ and
“high-handed.” They gym was
decorated beautifully, and in spite of
the sorry band, the prom was a
Those who organized and
attended the other Junior-Senior
also enjoyed themselves. It was
their perfect right to have their own
prom if they were not satisfied with
the school’s. After all, the
Junior-Senior is for the students.
I also commend the Class of 1977
for their efforts. I only hope the
prom goes over better than your
editorial did.
-:Pam Dickerson
Dear Editor,
Many seniors, those who had a
part In planning the 1975
Junior-Senior, were upset by the
article that appeared In “The
Editor’s Echo’’ in the April 8 edition
of the Gryphon. I am sure the article
was an attempt to commend this
year’s Junior-Senior Committees,
but it more effectively criticized last
year’s committees.
Granted, the planning of last
year’s prom was not as smooth as
To the Editor:
As a concerned reader of the
Gryphon, I would like to know how
you came about the idea that
Chocolate Funk was not liked by the
people who attended the Twirp
Dance. I feel that you criticized the
band in the wrong way. You made
fun of the band by using that
cartoon. I don’t recall a poll being
taken about the performance of ihe
band. I liked Chocolate Funk, and I
feel that you can dance to any kind
of music regardless of the type of
music they play. From what I
observed at the dance, the whites
and blacks seemed to enjoy
themselves. If your editor attended
the TwIrp Dance, she should
criticize in private; not by using the
Gryphon. I don’t feel it was fair to
say the band was not good because
a lot of other people enjoyed
Thank you very much for your
time. If I have offended the editor.
I'm sorry; that was not my intention!
-:Debbie Bynum
To the Editor;
I read the article (which wasn’t
very nice) printed about Chocolate
Funk. You noted that the article
might endear many people, but it
seems that you really didn’t care
about the people at RMSH or you
wouldn’t have printed the article.
The article didn’t please many
people. You could have noted this to
the Social Committee instead of
making a headline out of it. It really
did embarrass a lot of people,
mainly blacks. You act as though the
Social Committee was tricked into
inviting Chocolate Funk, which they
were not. You also said that there
were rumbles, especially from the
whites, as though what they say
goes. But remember we have
feelings too. I really think the
rumbles were heard because the
band was black. I really think if the
band had been white great
comments would have been written
toward the band. Well, you said the
band failed to play recognizable
songs. The real reason was because
the whites are not familiar with the
black songs. Now how can
something you’re not familiar with
be recognized? If there was a white
band the blacks would have the
same problem. You said it was often
impossible to dance to. But music
you never have heard before, sure
it s impossible. You haven’t been
listening to black music. I guess it
really was a problem. Remember
you train yourself to the music that
you are used to. The same for the
blacks If we don’t listen to the
whites’ music and train ourselves to
adjust to it. Then it Is impossible for
us. Will you please look at the
picture on page 11 and see if it looks
so impossible to you. If you look
closely at the faces, it looks like they
are really having a good time. You
could have at least thanked the band
for coming; but you didn’t say one
kind word about them. I really think
we should thank the band for
coming, not only the Chocolate
Funk, but any other band that comes
fol" Senior High because they really
can play at clubs and will receive
better pay. There may come a time
when we really need a band, and
they all may be tied up except
Chocolate Funk. With such articles
as these, I don’t think that they will
ever come back, and I don’t blame
them. Think about the way that they
would feel if they read the article.
My honest opinion is to get a band
something like the Army band that
played familiar white songs and
familiar black songs. That way
everybody would be happy. And the
problem towards a band would be
-:Annetta Parker
Dear Editor:
I was greatly disturbed by the
elections committee's bulletin on
leadership qualities and the
“common” person. The “4 I’s,”
intelligence, etc. I agree with fully,
but the bulletin's cruel reference to
common people was unwarranted. I
have composed my own “4 I’s” for
those who Instigated the bulletin
and those who agree with It.
1. Idiocy — only a complete idiot
would let such a thing be printed.
Have they become so wrapped up In
their superiority complexes that
they cannot see how degrading the
article really was? We do need good
leaders, but who is if to say what
type of people possess leadership
qualities? The uncommon people
mentioned in the article were
Washington, Franklin, and Jeffer
son. These were great men, but only
because their self-interest did not
cloud out the needs of their fellow
man. There are not great leaders
today because people don’t have the
gumption to change their views even
though the “uncommon” man has.
Most are egotistical, corrupt men,
but they have been labeled with the
“4 I’s” just because they have made
a name for themselves. Only an idiot
would acknowledge a man possess-
Cut ’em Slack
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certainly wasn't on our public
bu.s system, for the aisles won’t
accommodate wheeled persons
and it is even difficult for a
person using a double caned
walker to maneuver down the
crowded bus. If the handicapp
ed person is able to drive, he
usually cannot find a parking
place. Not one out of a hundred
parking spaces is reserved for
the handicapped. How many
sidewalks provide negotiations
over the curb once the
handicapped person is out of his
So, year after year, business
es are losing valuable cus
tomers, but most of all through
being inconsiderate they lose
ing these qualities only because he
is “uncommon.”
2. Inhuman — Who would
condemn people because of their
way of life, tell them they are stupid
and should be ashamed? The only
people who can help the oppressed
are those who have been oppressed
and not the oppressor. The article
was another crushing blow to a
struggling people, trying to find
their places in the world. How can a
person destroy a man’s dream by
labeling him “uncommon?”
3. indiscreet — The people
behind the article are so over
whelmed in themselves that even
their judgment was impaired to such
a point that they would attack the
people that feed the fires of their
ego. Are they so sure of their
superiority that they have their fun
in torturing those not as fortunate as
4. Insensate — There is no reason
the bulletin should have been
published. School Is a place to born
and develop a feeling of duty
towards the human race. Instead we
are taught Ihe real uncommon
people are encouraged to break their
ties with society and become a
semi-god and those who will
become the backbone of our country
are harassed and put down. It is just
not right.
-:John Gilmore
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