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    Page Six — THE GRYPHON — Thursday, May 13, 1976
Warm Season Brings Many
Ideas For Outdoor Activities
Spring is here. It is now the
time of the year when flowers
are blooming and the air is cool,
but not cold. Spring is the ideal
time for outdoor activities. One
way of cutting down on pollution
is riding a bicycle. Spring
provides the best weather for
"pushing those pedals" unless
you're one of those “old
faithfuls" who rides your bike in
the dead winter, through snow,
ice. and chilling air. But of
course, if you’ve got a little
sense you'll choose now to ride
that bike.
There are all kinds of really
neat things you can do on a
bicycle, such as bringing some
friends along, pack a lunch,
bring a blanket, find a field, and
having a picnic. Or how about
going on a "quickie-camping
trip," just overnight. Bring a
pup-tent, some food, and a
friend, and head off for the
“Falls." If none of these ideas
suit you, how about a
“bike-hike." This is always fun
if you bring some friends and
head to the beach for the
For the sake of ecology, why
not get some friends together
and have a “planting-party."
Plant flowers, shrubs, and trees
anywhere you think there's a
need for beautification. Serve
refreshments, and you have a
friendly “get-together.”
If you like raising vegetables,
why not get an early start? Plant
seeds in empty egg cartons, and
put them in your window, and
watch them grow. When they
get big enough and the weather
gets warm enough, plant them
March winds are just great for
flying kites. By constructing
your own kite not only will you
get the fun out of flying it, but
also watching it get off the
ground. Ideas for the theme of
the kite could be the Bicenten
nial, by using balsa wood and
strips of colored tissue or
cellophane paper of course in
red, white, and blue. If you
enjoyed flying the kite and think
maybe you’d like to be on a kite,
why not try your skill at hang
gliding — that is if you’ve got
the nerves.
The flowering bushes provide
ideal flowers for drying if you
want to capture the 1976 spring
to use in the ’76 Fall. Why not
dry these flowers by hanging
them in groups suspended by
string in a dark closet.
Merchants Suggest New Ad
Layout For The Gryphon
"Good morning sir,” my
name is Joe Ad from Rocky
Mount Senior High. I was
wondering if you would like to
buy an ad to put in our paper the
For many of the merchants
within a 25-mile radius of Rocky
Mount this was a common verse
heard nearly every day of the
week. For the members of the
Gryphon staff it was just the
memorized verse usually spoken
while asleep. But for both the
businessman and the staff
member it was a time for
co-operation. The merchant
tried to do his best to support a
“worthwhile cause” while the
staff member tried his best to
sell the merchant’s product
through advertising.
The idea for writing this
article came through questions
which were asked about the
advertisers and how they felt
about the ads they had
appearing in the Gryphon.
When asked about suggestions
for next year, a majority of the
merchants felt that there was a
need for a new advertising
format. They felt that placing all
the ads at the bottom of the
page took away from the effect
of good advertising because the
reader has a tendency to skip
over the bottom of the page
because of the “square monoto
ny.” Other advertisers cited the
need for ads with more
individuality. They feel that the
ads take on a more “city
newspaper” form than they
should. As one merchant put it,
“the ads lack eye appeal.”
Another question which came
to the eyes of the Gryphon was
why advertisers advertise in the
Gryphon. One of the most
common responses to this
question was the desire of the
advertiser to make their name
known to the student body as a
possible shopping place not only
now but in the future as well.
Along with this response came
the “supporting advertisers”
who desired to support a
student body paper as well as be
part of it.
Sales Co.
For the Finest Quality
In Your Jr.-Sr. Formal
Mon.-Tues.-Thurs. 10-5:30
Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-5
155 S. E. Main St.
Taylor s
302 N. Franklin St
Roclty Mount, N. C.
120 N. W. Main Street
Rocky Mount
North Carolina
Hfanufaclnrmg Company
Custom Metal Fabricators
and Machinists
Flowers for
All Occasions
AREA tif 442 0154
BOX 22(5
The Men Who Know Tires Best”
Tel: 446-9184
W' ^
Rotary couple named.
Two Seniors Honored
As April Rotary Couple
mathematics or secretarial
work, Beulah plans to attend
U.N.C. at Greensboro. In
exercising her mathematical
abilities, Beulah has recently
participated in Upward Bound,
a program sponsored by
Wesleyan to provide tutoring for
students who need it. In her
spare time she enjoys sewing
and dancing.
As an owner of an Amateur
Radio, Gill Fountain spends
much of his time either talking
on his radio or fixing it. He has
come to be known to many
people as WB4DNP. With this
experience in electronics, Gill
plans to attend State University
and major in electrical engi
neering. At the present, he is
preparing for this major by
working at TV Radio Hospital.
At school, Gill is president of
the National Honor Society.
Gill Fountain and Beulah
Battle have been selected
Rotary Couple for the month of
April. Both are currently
involved in school and civic
As head cheerleader, Beulah
devotes much of her time
towards creating and sharing
her own school spirit with
others. She is a member of the
Senior Committee and has also
attended the President’s Class
room. She commented, “It was
great. I was not only able to
learn more about the repre
sentatives from my state, but I
was able to meet both national
and international people.”
Continuing this experience,
Beulah hopes to obtain a
summer typing job in the
district office of Representative
L. H. Fountain in Tarboro.
Hoping to major in either
Denson's, Inc.
Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801
The Yellow Brick Road
Recreation Center
217 Tarboro St.
Across from Edgecombe Tech &
Beside Hudson Business Macliines
Come Play
Air Hockey— Foosball
Pinball — Pool
Mon.-Thurs. — 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Fri. — 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sat. — 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Holidays — 12:00 Noon to 10:00 p.m.
.Kids, Teenagers and Adults Are Welcome
To Play and Em'oy All Games

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