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    Tuesday, June 1.1976 — THE GRYPHON — Page Eleven
Sports Awards
Presented June 1
To Top Athletes
The annual Sports Awards
were announced June 1. Awards
were given to outstanding
athletes who excelled in various
Best Blocker — McCarge
Most Valuable Player — Joey
'A Last Will and Testament
Gryphon Supplement June 1976
Judy Willis leaves her maiden name to
some unfortunate soul to take on a new
Cynthia Fosdick and Denise Miller leave
their gossiping ability to Sharon Metcalf.
Paula Winstead leaves her hair to Mrs.
Gary Carter leaves the Unknown Joke to
anyone brave enough to read it.
Ken Scalf leaves his Hustlers to William
Gail Clark leaves her “mineral Water”
to Dianne Wilcox.
Teresa Barnes leaves her laugh to Cliff,
Jerry, and Randy.
Pierre Littlejohn leaves his heart, body,
and soul, to Gloria Dean Pittman.
Robert Privott and Jeff Kearns leave
Kenny Edgerton, Dan Crouch, and Tony
Butler their legalized “connections.”
Barbara Cofield leaves a heart
respirator to all students whose
homerooms are upstairs in the 400
Donald Dantzler leaves all of his ex
perience in the field of women to Tim
Jones and Cornell Arrington.
Luanne Denson and Garry Ward leave
their meeting place outside Mrs. Tweedy’s
room to next year’s Senior Sweethearts.
Keith Dunn leaves his sympathy to the
rising sophomores who have Coach
Wallace for homeroom.
Joey Wheeless leaves his eraser crumbs
to Teresa Whitley.
Michael Lyons leaves all his D.T.’s to
Mr. Miller so he can use them in good
Tine Parker leaves her sexy walk to
Debbie Bynum.
Alice Bartley leaves Terri Hines her
points in the Good Sports Club — she needs
Kevin Kuhns leaves his lock to whoever
stole it.
George Young leaves his apartment to
anybody who thinks they can live up to the
parties he’s thrown in it.
Matt Hill leaves his “HULK” Shirt to
help inspire all who follow the incredible
Patricia Scarboro leaves her sym
pathetic shoulder to Sharon Locus.
Sandra Parker leaves her mahogany
lipstick to whoever is brave enough to use
Teresa Mosley leaves the directions to
her cabin to next year’s pioneers.
Kenny Braswell and Ricky Smith leave
Williamston with a big grin on their faces.
Mary Jo Murrill leaves her gossip in the
hands of Debbie Mosley and Jackie Wilde.
Deborah Pittman leaves the lost and
found department to whomever it applies.
Robert leaves flirting.
Ashley Bass and Nancy Quincy leave
their blonde hair to whomever wants to be
seen easily at night.
Mary Jo Roebuck leaves “skippin. ”
Allison Sellars leaves Jelly Beans.
Julie Ward leaves her talking ability to
her sister Charlotte.
Moonpie Whitley leaves with her eyes
Duane Whitley leaves her majorette
uniform to whomever thinks she can fill
the qualifications.
The senior class leaves the remains of
Lums to the juniors and sophomores.
Laurie Kirkwood leaves her expression
“grown meat” to anyone cool enough to
handle it.
Liz and George Young leave the Yota to
anyone who can afford the repairs.
Patti Hutchisson leaves the nickname
all-beef patty hopefully for good.
Mark Smith leaves the Hi-Noc-Ar in
what we all hope are the capable hands of
the rising seniors.
Helo must !eave — much to everyone’s
Helen Bowens leaves Kenny Moore her
telephone number.
Linda Williams and Helen Bowens leave
Reggie Barrett and Earl Harrison their
love forever.
Wanda Joyner leaves Tony Wiggins by
saying “goodbye chump.”
Laura McGee leaves Mr. Hutchisson a
Timmy Dutton leaves knowing that T.
Ticket is the best friend a guy could ever
Denise Barnhill leaves her shotguns and
bullets to Mr. Rublein to fight off all the
junior girls.
yn Joyner prepares to make a
;t Wilson for out number three in
ling. Wilson won 8-2.
against Wilson Fike, the girls
finished the season with a 6-7
“We were hurt by inconsis
tency this year,” said Coach
Bradshaw. “We didn’t do as
well as ‘I expected, but the team
was young.” With only two
starters graduating, Bradshaw
Io(5ks forward to next season.
Virginia Culpepper leaves the Piccadilly
Hotel with a few tokens of Flo’s ap
Holly Harris leaves the key to the kit
chen door at Fleming’s Motel to Biff, Julie,
Diamond Dolly, and Lisa D.
Allison Sellars and Luanne Denson leave
Sapphire to the owner of next year’s “Blue
Susan Fountain leaves chocolate
covered raisins all over the floor in
Fleming’s Motel to the next Easter butch.
Brenda Reid leaves Mr. Miller to her
sister for next year.
Eunice Jones leaves Miss Rodgers with
four boxes of detention slips to replace the
ones given to her.
Larry Joyner leaves a lot of girls in
Richmond County still fuming.
Teresa Mosley leaves the stadium to
next year’s baseball freak.
(Don’t worry, Wake Forest has a good-
looking baseball team.)
Joey Stilley leaves Timmy Dutton a set
of motorcycle training wheels.
Terri Gardner leaves her fan and blue
nightie in Chapel Hill for future hot nights
during journalism conventions and
The SENIOR CLASS OF 1976 leaves
Rocky Mount Senior High HOPING they
shall never pass this way again . . .
Iments of
eH AgriServices
Vorth Carolina
f Brick Rood
on Center
rboro St.
dgecombe Tech &
Business Machines
e Play
f — Foosball
I — Pool
Color TV — Fool
U.S. 301/ Rocky Mount
PHONE 446-7195
1. r. ociiauii
Dial Collect *
Rocky Mount 446-8933
The company that service
is building
 started out i n 1931, had
to serve the financial needs
>/en't changed. We still help
life and all income brackets
vices. And vi/e try to help in
appreciate us and will continue
stomers. So please accept this
)ples family. Afterall,w/e're ,
^aiicu r cu|jico uaiir\ lOT ciood reason.
Peoples Bank
Member F D I C.

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