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    Thursday, September 30, 1976—THE GRYPHON—Page Nine
Girl’s Tennis Team
Raises Rackets
This year’s Rocky Mount
Senior High girls tennis team is
a very young squad consisting of
13 netters. There are eight
returning racketeers among
whom are Charlotte Ward, Lynn
Hodges, Gaye Shearin, Mae
Jackson, Allison Aldridge,
Ginny Riddick, Georgianna
Holding and Amelia White, all
juniors. But only Charlotte
Ward started last year.
Here are Coach Judy Brad
shaw’s evaluations of this year’s
team members: Charlotte
Ward: “Strongest, she has the
potential to be a good player.
The change from #6 to #1 this
year has been a big step which
will require much practice and
hard work in order to win this
year.” Lynn Hodges: “She is
most consistent, needs to be
more aggressive at the net.”
Denise Ward: “She is a senior
playing for the first year. Denise
makes beginner’s mistakes.
Gaye Shearin is the most
improved since last year, has
good serve, is a good net player.
Georgianna Holding needs to be
more aggressive but has
potential be a good player.
Allison Aldridge has good
served, good backhand. With
practice Allison will develop into
a good tennis player. Amelia
White and Ginny Riddick are a
good doubles team but need to
concentrate more on strategy.
Wim Braswell, a sophomore,
has potential to be a good tennis
player with experience and
practice, has done well in
doubles even though inexperi
enced.” Other members of the
tennis team are Mae Jackson,
Pam Parker, Debbie Bulluck,
and Dorothy Steadman.
Fun For Everyone
Water skiing — the sport of
adverse conditions. Man is not
supposed to stand upon the
water. Yet, for many people,
their sole objective in life is to
be able to achieve this and to be
good at it.
Admittedly, for the average
person, getting up on two skis is
not outstandingly difficult.
However, most people cannot
be satisfied with skiing behind
the boat for hours upon hours
doing nothing but skiing in a
straight line. After a while they
get inventive. They will try
many new things such as
jumping the wake of the boat
and “whipping” when the boat
turns around.
After awhile through, this
even gets old and soon another
step needs to be made. Usually
this means going to “slalom” or
one ski. Usually, the challenge
is this phase of skiing comes
when a person tries to make the
biggest “rooster trail” possible
without falling.
From here it’s a person’s own
game. A skilled skier can jump
on a ski jump, ski barefoot (no
skis) or even join the
tournament trail.
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1976 GIRLS TENNIS TEAM — Coach Judy Bradshaw fields a young girls tennis squad.
[photo by T. Bulluck]
Lottery Could Endanger Sports
Delaware recently became the
first state to institute govern
ment run betting on National
Football League games. This
will not necessarily deter illegal
gambling, but more than likely
increase illegal gambling in
every aspect of sports.
Now that one state has
ventured into legalized gambl
ing, other states are sure to
follow suit by passing similar
laws. These will probably be
expanded to allow gambling in
baseball, basketball, and other
Legal gambling also broadens
the bettor’s knowlege, and he
soon learns that he can acquire
better returns on a winning
wager from illegal bookmakers.
Another reason for resorting to
illegal gambling is one can bet
by telephone, doesn’t have to
pay a federal excise tax on his
wagers, and can avoid federal
income taxes on gambling
Not only will legal gambling
cause more illegal gambling,
but will also induce problems
within football itself. If legalized
gambling disseminates to other
states, will games be fixed or
aranged for gambling purposes?
This is a big question for
bookmakers and National Foot
ball League officials alike. The
bookies positively want games
to be fixed because their net
gross would enlarge. But
football fans, officials, players,
and owners obviously don’t
want speculating to interfere
with the games. Fixed games
would amplify and enhance
gambling and diminish the
excitement and flare of profes
sional football. Fans would lose
interest and enthusiasm com
Most fans look up to these
outstanding athletes, and if
gambling were legalized, all
respect would be lost for the
individual’s talent. Nobody
wants to see, for instance, a
team’s halfback adroitly fumble
three times in a ball game for
fifty thousand dollars from the
Legalized gambling has no
place in professional sports!
What player wants to be bet on
like a horse?
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