Thursday, February 10,1977 — THE GRYPHON — Page Eleven Match Scoring Not Understood Many of the students at Rocky Mount Senior High have never seen a wrestling match. Some say it is hard to understand the scoring so they don’t go. A wrestling match takes place in three minute periods. In the first period, the wrestlers begin the match facing each other. However, they begin the second and third periods in kneeling position with one wrestler underneath the other. This position is known as the referee’s position, and it puts one wrestler on the offensive and the other on the defensive. The primary goal in wrestling is to make a take-down. One of the ways to do this is to attempt a “double leg” which occurs when a wrestler picks up both of this opponent’s legs thus forcing the opponent to the mat. When in the referee’s position, the underneath man might attempt a “sit-out” in which he goes into a sitting position which enables him to escape or reverse the man more easily. Points are awarded for execution of holds or technical maneuvers such as escapes. The match ends when one wrestler scores a pin. In order to do this, he must pin his opponent’s shoulders to the mat for two seconds. If no fall is scored, the wrestler who has the most points at the end of the three periods wins the match. The next home match for the Gryphons will in Februaiy. Ray Parker Prepares Water Bottle. Ray is one of four students who spend their afternoons at basketball practice taping ankles, running the time clock, and performing various other chores. Managers Help There are several star performers on the basketball court who contribute a great deal to the Gryphon basketball program. Who are they? Billy Edringston, Darlye McCallop, Ray Parker, and Bob Allsbrook, the trainers and managers. On the average day they spend four and one half hours doing odd jobs for coaches Henderson and Batts. Some of their duties consists of taping players’ ankles, washing uni forms and towels, working the time clock at practices, and treating minor injuries. During the games each manager has a specific job to perform, such as TARRYTOWN MALL Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801 (919) 443-6741 Jeff Jones Moves To Pin His Man. Jeff is the top man in the referees position. The man on the bottom is preparing to re Jeff if possible. Northern Nash defeated the Gryph in this match. Football Examines Types Of Playoffs keeping the shot chart, score book, and rebounding chart. Few people realize the importance and usefulness of the managers. Rocky Mount Senior High sent Billy Edring- ton, a sophomore, to trainers school in Greensboro for a week of classes to learn the finer arts of taping and treating minor injuries. What motivates these mana gers to spend most of their afternoons and nights in a gym watching other players shoot? Billy Edringston summed it up best by saying, “I just enjoy basketball and being around the players and coaches.” Recently college and profes sional football teams have not been satisfied with the bowl and playoff formats, because they do not determine the outright champion for the year. Several inventive ideas have popped up, but the NCAA and pro leagues have failed to take advantage of any of the new playoff systems suggested. Over the past few years college football has had big disputes over the covered position of number one. And since it is virtually impossible to judge a team on one game’s performance, some type of playoff system comparative to that of college basketball should be initiated. The bowl games could still be used in this method. For instance, the eastern playoffs would take place in the Orange, Peach, Gator, and Liberty Bowls, and the others according to their respective regions. Those against this plan felt that the playoffs would take too long, but if they were started about the time of the first bowl games that are played now, the champion ship could be decided by the traditional date of January 1. The format of these playoffs would be similar to that of the ACC Tournament with the first place team facing the last place team. Still some problems would arise, since several conferences have more than one bowl contender each year, it would be impossible to place every team in a playoff position. The problem that has plagued professional football recently is that the best teams are not always in the Super Bowl. Then people say “Well how did they get there?” Take this vear for example. Most sports enthusi ast felt that Baltimore, Pitts burgh and Oakland were the best teams, but only one of them could get into the Super Bowl because they all are in the same conference. One response to this problem could be to arrange the teams with the eight best records no matter what conference they are in and put them into the playoffs. This would help eliminate an anti-climatic game in the Super Bowl. Another routine that could add excitement and flare to the Super Bowl would be to institute a two out of three series. This would accomplish the Super Bowls primary purpose of. completely defining the champ ion of the National Football League. Sports persons who don’t favor this method complain that it would take to long for the championship to be resolved and that the players would need time to rest and prepare themselves for the games, but this system could be completed in a week with the games being played on Satur day, Wednesday, and Sunday. This should give the two teams enough time to scout the other and rest in between games. coEcays For The Best In School Supplies 147 South Main St. — Rocky Mount Walker-Ross Printing Company, Inc. P.O. Box 393 ATLANTIC AVE. 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