Thursday, March 10,1977 — THE GRYPHON — Page Three NAY or YEA Jackie WUde Parti Equality between men and women needs to be set. I am all for the liberated women and all against the male-chauvinist pigs, but ERA is not the answer. ERA won’t change any laws that are not going to be changed sooner or later, except maybe the few exemptions in case of war or divorce. I’m not a feminist, but I am not an anti-feminist either. 1 think feminism comes from the heart. It’s like an emotion. If I wanted to iron my husband’s shirt, I would do it, and I wouldn’t want to feel guilty about it. I would do it because I wanted to do something for him, not because I’m supposed to do it. The same applies to the man. The woman’s movement doesn’t make me angry at all. I think it has proved to be of some good. But, the movement itself isn’t good. The Movement seems to be hostile to any woman who is married and not working or against any man or woman who doesn’t believe in ERA. There’s no warmth in it. Most of the women who are strong feminists have been done an injustice by Discussion of tlie Equal Rights Amendment is currently being conducted on tlie floor of the North Carolina State. Tliis past week the Committee on Constitutional Amend ments sent it to the floor “without prejudice,” meaning neither express ing an opinion for or against the amendment. The proposed Equal Rights Amendment is stated as follows: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” Since early in 1972, when the U.S. Senate approved the amendment by a vote of 84 to 8, large groups of people, both for and agahist ERA, have lobbied in state senates, from which the final approval will come. society or by a male. The backers of ERA seem to be a group of women seeking revenge. If ERA is passed, I really wouldn’t be mad or upset. I’d be more worried. Suppose ERA is passed and the wife has a chance to be promoted to a vice presi dency or a presidency and she takes it because she really worked for it. Her husband is also working. What will happen to their family? The roles in that particular family will be switched, probably causing confusion and problems. Who will be responsible for the next generation? It’s not a matter of the woman returning back to the 1900’s or staying home all day. It’s a matter of the generation to come. The woman who holds a very strong career is not capable of bringing up a strong, capable child. LMietAomi For The Best In School Supplies 147 South Main St. — Rocky Mount Texfi-K Rocky Mount, NX. A Division of Texfi Industries Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer At the present date 35 states have ratified ERA. Thirty-eight states must, approve the proposed con stitutional amendment for it to become law. Our editors have I>een asked to express their opinions on the matter and have responded as printed on this page. Part n The proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution states that ‘Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” This means simply that the amendment would protect women from sexual dis crimination by guarantee ing that women and men be treated equally under the law. Equality is basic to American ideals and the American system. There fore, the Amendment should be passed as another step towards achieving that equality. As for the doubts and fears concerning specific issues related to the amendment they are only myths manufactured from political double talk. Of interest to many are changes which would occur in laws concerning support rights. In cases of separa tion or divorce, the amendment would not leave an unemployed housewife without ade quate funds but assure that awards would be made according to each in dividual’s needs and circumstances regardless of sex. Another major concern is any changes that could occur in draft laws. Congress has always had the power to draft women and should draft be reinstated, women would be subject to it. However, the majority report of the Senate Judiciary Commit tee states that, “The fear that mothers will be conscripted from their totally and completely unfounded.” Under the present volun tary military services the amendment would enable women to volunteer on the same basis as men and Billy CarroU open to women military and veteran’s benefits now available only to men such as education, loans, hous ing, health, employment, and job training. Most ridiculous of all fears is that the amend ment would force rest rooms, barracks, and dormitories to open to both sexes. The constitutional right to privacy bars any such action. Fmally, if the amend ment is ratified the states would have two years to come into compliance with it. This is certainly enough time for them to alter their laws in accordance with fairness and equality. YOU PUT US ON THE MAP. When we opened our first Hardee's, we opened them right here in the Carolinas. And today, with more than 900 restau rants across the United States and two foreign countries, our home is stiii the carolinas. Which Is why, no matter how big we get tomorrow we'll always remember all of you who helped get us off the ground yesterday. So next time you say hello to our delicious charbroiied bur gers, golden french fries and all the other good things on our nationally famous menu, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the bacl(. After all, it was you who put us on the map. And well never forget it. ide^. Charbroil Burgers u

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