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    Page Two — THE GRYPHON — April 7, 1977
SPRING SPRINGS: Spring springs into action as is shown in this
tree in bloom.
The purpose of the Gryphon is to examine events in the school, the community and the world which affect the
lives of the students of RMSH. It is the Gryphon’s aim to stimulate awareness of issues, to promote a better
understanding of others, and to bring about positive action where change is needed. Student, faculty and
community response is welcomed and may be sent to the Gryphon, room 110; however, the editor reserves
the right to withhold libelous or profane letters.
Vigilantes Found?
This was going to be an editorial on the “evils” of the Citizens Crimewatch squad, but
upon investigation, it was learned that the Crimewatch squad no longer exists.
Why attack a group with such a helpful purpose one may ask? One night a group of
students from Senior High were stopped by a man who represented himself as a member
of the Crimewatch squad although he showed no actual identification. He requested that
the driver get out of the car and present his. driver’s license. After questioning the driver,
the man whipped his flashlight inside the car and questioned the passengers with one
insistent question, “Do you have any beer?” Each time the group answered a truthful
“No.” Finally the students were allowed to continue on their way as another “member of
the squad” drove up. Supposedly the first man considered the student dangerous and
contacted help on his CB radio. The men drove ordinary street cars, but the cars were
equipped with sirens.
Feeling somewhat annoyed after hearing the story, the Gryphon staff decided to in
vestigate the validity of such a group of “vigilantes.” Some representatives of the staff
questioned the former head of the now defunct Crimewatch Squad. The representatives
told the official the story by the students, and he confirmed that all of the actions of the
supposed officer were illegal.
Conclusion:there is a group of unlawful vigilantes patrolling the streets of Rocky
Mount. No such group can be allowed to exist that dutifully infringes on the rights of high
school students or any citizen as far as the matter goes.
In order to prevent such unlawful harassment each individual should know what rights
he has when stopped by any law enforcement officer or any other individual. If stopped an
individual is required to show his driver’s license or some other ID. Unless being arrested,
the individual doesn’t have to answer any questions or sign anything. The officer cannot
search the automobile without permission unless there is a probable cause that it may
contain illegal material. An officer in full uniform does not have to show an ID card.
If everyone is aware of his rights, it will be virtually impossible for any group to harass
the general public in an effective way.
School Break Needed
After Christmas, students return to Senior High and begin to prepare for their semester
exams. When these exams are over, the students get out for two days as teachers prepare
semester averages.
Students return from these two days, and they begin their third nine weeks. The
students face a period of 45 school days with the only vacation they receive being the
weekends. During this period, many students seem to grow listless and some students’
grades begin to drop a little.
Though the calendar is adopted months ahead of school opening, it is ridiculous for
students to have to face this long third nine weeks each year. Next year’s calendar is set,
but students need not face this problem year after year.
This year’s calendar has yet another problem. The problem is the very short spring
break that has been allotted. This year students will receive three school days for spring
break. If they must face the long third nine weeks, surely they deserve more than three
days for Easter.
Spring break offers students and faculty a much needed vacation from school. Many
students head for the beach when this time arrives. The number of days allotted for spring
break this year is barely sufficient for either beach trips or family trips to visit relatives
who live far away.
Although school did begin later this year than it did last year, many students would like
to see the calendar worked so that a longer spring break can be realized. However,
students do not want for school to continue into June any more than it does now. It is
difficult for the school board to approve a calendar which will suit both students and
teachers, however; it is not impossible. Surely both faculty and students must not face
that long third nine weeks and the short spring break indefinitely.
More Assemblies Help
The word “school” to the students at Senior High means classes and work. To learn
attending classes is only to be expected but is there no other way of learning?
School assemblies can provide just as much learning for the students of Senior High as
classes can. Assemblies bring students closer together and enable them to display their
ideas and talents with one another. The problem here at school is that we do not have these
opportunities. State requirements of being in class a certain number of hours prevent the
students from being able to experience this kind of learning. Not being able to get the
school together causes a lack of student participation and involvement. We wonder why
there is a lack of school spirit at the ballgames and why students show a lack of interest in
school activities such as the magazine campaign. Without a feeling of more unity, it is
hard for many to show interest.
There should be more assemblies involving the officers of each class. If the students do
not get to know their officers and what they are capable of doing, how will their class ever
succeed? Debating assemblies would be helpful in choosing who would best represent the
In order to prepare themselves for the future, students need to be better informed about
requirements for graduation and what they can look into for in the years ahead. It would
be helpful to a great majority of students if there were assemblies concerning these
things. ■ '
Mrs. Doris Dupuy and Mrs.
Vivian R. Anderson have
earned secretarial certificates
from the Professional stan
dards Program sponsored by
the North Carolina Association
of Educational Office Per
sonnel. These dedicated
secretaries have worked hard to
earn these certificates of merit.
They attended college courses
at Edgecombe Tech along with
several workshops.
Mrs. ^ Anderson is the vice
president of District II of the
North Carolina Association of
Educational Office Personnel
as well as secretary to Mr.
Elton Newbern. Mrs. Dupuy is
the chapter treasurer and
guidance secretary. Both
women do a remarkable job in
their field.
The NCAEOP is a self-
improvement program for
office personnel members. This
year was the first year that
participating members could be
eligible for certificates.
Mrs. Dupuy seems to always
keep the guidance office away
from extreme chaos and
disorder. She is willing to aid
anyone without any hesitations,
and she treats every student
equally. She might give one an
impression of a scatterbrained
secretary, but Mrs. Dupuy has
got everything under control.
Mrs. Anderson, a con
scientious hard-working
assistant to the principal
doesn’t take nonsense from
anyone. She guards Mr.
Newbern’s office and handles
his business like a mother
protects her child. Mrs. An
derson handles all the
bookkeeping for Senior High,
including all the money from
clubs and committees.
Both secretaries hold the
school up with all the busy
paper work they take care of.
The trouble with all the work
they do is that they never get
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