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May 12, 1977
Rocky Mount Senior High, Rocliy Mount, N. C. 27801
Vol. 3, No. 8
Governor’s School Candidates
Selected For 1977 Session
CANDIDATES SELECTED: Angela Ryals, David Goff, and
Teresa Everette were selected to go to tlie summer session of
Governor’s School.
(Photo by Hutchisson)
Three Rocky Senior High
School students have been
selected to attend Governor’s
School this summer.
Teresa Everette has been
selected for mathematics, David
Goff for natural science and
Angela Ryals for instrumental
Teresa Everette has been a
student council representative
for three years. She is chairman
of the Human Relations
Committee and secretary-
treasurer of the area student
council of the Rocky Mount
Human Relations Commissiori.
Teresa is a member of the
President’s Cabinet and the
Student Advisory Council. She
is also on the Hi-Noc-Ar staff.
David Goff has maintained an
excellent academic average. In
the ninth grade he won the RM
Wilson Scholarship Award for
the highest average in the
school. He is a member of the
Gryphon staff and the Medical
Explorer Post.
Angela Ryals is first chair
flute in Wind Ensemble and
first chair alto saxophone in the
Jazz Band. In the All State Band
she was second chair flute in
1976 and first chair flute in
1977. (In 1977 she was fifth
chair flute in the Honors Band).
Angela plays tennis and enjoys
bike riding.
“I’m real anxious about going
and I know it's going to be a lot
of hard work but I’m going to
make the best of it,” says
Teresa Everette.
Being away from home for six
weeks will give me a chance to
see what college might be like,"
says David Goff.
I’m really excited to be going.
I feel like it’s going to be a real
learning experience,” states
Angela Ryals.
Students Tour Europe
Two trips were taken abroad
last month, one to London and
the other to France. Art teacher
Kent and Mrs. Peggie Murray
chaperoned ISpp^Ie on a-trip
Nicholson was the chaperon for
eight people on their trip to
Two boys on the trip were
Senior High graduates, Tony
Williams and Greg Dawes.
Kelly Dickens, Paterson Wilson
and Alex Pittman were from
Halifax Academy. The rest of
the people now attend Senior
High: Cyndi Strickland, Patt
Edwards, Julie Hicks, Drake
Mann, Garland Hunt, Greg
Parker, Dan Blanchard, Joyce
Williamson, Clailc Beavans and
Bobby Ashford.
The group stayed at Rich
mond College in Richmond with
many other groups participating
in the AIFS program. They
toured many places such as:
Bath, Cambridge, Oxford, and
London. In Bath they visited
Stonehenge and saw the Roman
Baths where the Romans
actually bathed. In Cambridge
toured King’s College, and
in Oxford they toured Shake
speare’s birthplace and his
wife’s birthplace, Anne Hatha
way. While visiting London,
they saw places such as
Buckingham Palace, West
minster Abbey Parliament,
Big Ben, London Bridge, and
the London Tower. Three plays
were available to those who
wanted to see them — Donkeys
Years, Fire Angels, MacBeth,
and Chorus Line.
There were many comments
from those who went on the trip.
Greg Parker had a lot to say, “I
really enjoyed my stay at
Richmond College, and the
people were extremely nice. I
also enjoyed the pubs mostly,
but the flight on the 747 ran a
close second.” Greg summed
Obscenity Trial Stalled
up his feelings with, “The
whole trip was great!” "The
Englishmen were nice, but the
soccer team was better!”
exclaimed Patt Edwards. Patt’s
other comment was, “I can’t say
much for the food or the rooms
we stayed in, but the places we
visited made it all worthwhile.”
Julie Hicks heard some English
jokes and exclaimed, “English
jokes are a riot!” Her main
comment was, “I’ll get that
steward back one day!” “The
tubes (Underground Subways)
were one of the most impressive
things to me although the 747
was pretty swift,” said Drake
Mann. Then he added, "The
pubs gave me the most realistic
view of English life.”
But this one summed them all
up. Garland Hunt had many
comments, “The 747 jet was
great, but I enjoyed the women
and scenery a little better!” "I
enjoyed London but was
attracted mostly to the country
side with its neat cottages and
villages,” stated Kent Murray,
one of the group’s counselors.
The other counselor for the
group, Peggie Murray said, "I
was throughly fascinated by
the fences. All of the
motorways had nicely designed
wooden or stone fences to mark
the rights of the motorway. All
the houses in the city or
countryside had fences around
them. I love the tube!”
Four of the people were from
Edwards Junior High: Mike
Walker, Victor Kirkland, Tim
Burgess, Doug Etheridge and
Robbie Carroll. The other three
people were Senior High
Students: Toni Strickland, Can
dace Brantley, and Barbara
The group landed in Geneva,
Switzerland, and they took a bus
to France. On the way they did
some touring. One place was
Chamonix where they saw the
highest mountain in France, the
Mont Blanc. They took an
excursion to San Reno, Italy for
a day. On the way to Nice they
went through many country
villages. While in Nice they
went on the Riviera and
Mediterranean beaches. From
the beaches they started their
drive to Paris where they caught
their plane home.
There were some comments
from the people who went on the
trip. Barbara Coggins comment
ed, "The trip was tiring but
everyone seemed to have a good
time.” Some also added,
"Nice was like a rest period,
and we got to spend more time
there." “I like Nice better than
any other place 1 went," says
Toni Strickland. Toni added,
"Paris was also nice, but 1 wish
we had spent more time there.”
Candace Brantley said, "Paris
was the best because you were
able to see all the places you had
seen in books. The Alps were
like those you see on
postcards!” Mrs. Helen Nichol
son, the group’s counselor’s had
a few comments about the trip
to France. “Of course, I enjoyed
the Alps and the Riviera and the
parts of France I had never
The fight against obscenity in
Rocky Mount goes on slowly,
too slowly for some people who
attended a forum at the First
United Methodist Church, Tues
day the 27th of April.
According to Lieutenant Joe
Brown, an officer assigned to
the case of investigating
Tarboro Street News Stand, the
procedure is at a standstill.
“We have viewed some of the
magazines and have an opinion
satisfactory to us that is covered
by the obscenity law, and we
have submitted our findings to
District Attorney (Frank)
Brown. We're waiting on the
District Attorney’s office.
We’ve pretty much done all that
we can. Hopefully, we will come
to some legal action in the near
future,” Lieutenant Brown
Under the existing law.
before anyone can be arrested
for selling obscene material, an
advisory hearing must be held
to determine whether or not the
matter in question is obscene
before any arrests can be made.
Only if the material shows
perverted sex acts, and if it has
no literary, artistic, political,
scientific, or educational value
can anything be declared
However, new bills intro
duced in the General Assembly
may change this procedure and
District Attorney Brown, who
was not at the forum, stated
that he is waiting for any
changes first. “We’re waiting to
see what the legislature is doing
with some bills designed to
make prosecution easier. It will
be wiser to wait because it is
very difficult to get a conviction
under the existing statutes.”
New Cheerleaders Picked
The 1977-'78 Varsity Cheer
leaders are Gloria Barnes, Beth
Berry, Dorothy Brown, Kathy
Callahan, Steve Dickens, Lindi
Fields, Renee Freeman, Pam
Hudgins, Beth Hutchisson,
Cynthia Lloyd, Jana Lucas, Lisa
McCullough, Jenny Mitchell
and Sheri Vines.
For Steve Dickens and Jenny
Mitchell, this will be their first
try at cheering. Lisa Mc
Cullough, Beth Hutchisson,
Renee Freeman, and Lindi
Fields are returning to
varsity cheering squad
Seniors. The rest of the girls
have either cheered on the
junior varsity squad or have
cheered in Junior High School.
cheerleading squad has been chosen after a week of tryouts.
(Photo by Bulluck)

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