Page 3 W'; V\\ ' •' r« +^Siv? .■■■' A>v HE HA5: :>HE IS: MoMha A^n6tA.o)^ .. ’’P^aniU*', S’ 5", a JiinloK, going!j, Hm- bzA 0^ %Qjjx Chib, MonogAMin CZub, fleXhociUt, ir/E HAS: dtond kcuA, biue. et/e4, one i^2,akte., iwo dogjii, ono, cat, SXud^i'lt Counclt pin, a JbuUJtz 6^teA, bad tmpoA, bad t'joM. ■HE LIKES: CoAoUna, gn.zdiy ba^koXboM, Iky, chow miitn, 3m Hu/l, /ofee4, babij-’^Itting, In a cjo/l, u)ot2A .iklltig, HE VISLIKES: Tobacco Road^ fl>^een pcaA. aJigmicnti,, dlnZy ka.Ui, CkmLit^y, ^noiA), tz6t^, condacX: 6li.p6, practicing the piano, iztdlng the dog6, HE (JISHES: 6kz had a btg bKotkoA, 4>h(i knm more about k2A.iel^, 4/ie didn^t have to take piano anytnore^ Af48ITIOMS: To become a vrAAJiiod die- mentoA^y teadiex. HE IS: John Hodg^ 5* 9 1/Z" , 1S5 pouiid4, pAeitdent o^ the .; Seta and Honogmn Chib6, Chaplatn oi the Ht'-V, co-editor oi the anmal, 6tcXl&tician and pubtc- cc&t j^or the ^^a/iAton^, 6 ports edJXok 0^ tl'ie Smoke S-ignaZ, dark hatr, green eye^, tuoo 6l6- te^ and a brother, been accept ed Lit CoAotina, no money, gol den pear-i>haped tone& and a Ji>ll- ver tongue. HE LIKES: imaZe^, {^ood. Carotins^* GIA products, aZt 6port&, money, 4ucce44. HE VISLIKES: cheioing gum, people Loho u)on't listen to reason, ooork, crying twmen, Vuke, to Zo6e, o'jomen drivers, to hear Tincker ^ing (who doesn^t?) HE WISHES: he couZd have pZciyed ^oot- baZt, he u)ere in top phy^i- caZ condition, he couZd have done more ior the WarrZor^, he drove a Corvette» HIS AM3ITI0M: to gradu:ite (rom CaroZina, to be 6ucces6^uZ,

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