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    Pa^e 6
S.B. and Crouch have the
worst luck! First, Crouch
has to walk around on
crutches, then S. B.—the
Sissy, what’s the big
attraction in 4th period
Biology class?
J.S.,what’s this I hear
about a $5 bet you made?!
P.T., S.H,, and P. H,,
what happened to your
friends from Charlotte?
Clear the Roads! M.M.
and L,B. have their licen-
s-3s! !
A lot of freshman girls
surely have been having
boy troubles — isn’t that
right, Janice?
Has anyone besides A.C.
read The Wonderful World
of Pirates by A, B, C.
The Montgomery Teen-Deras
met at the courthouse in
Troy Monday night, March
3, Having a party some
time the last of April was
discussed. A committee
was appointed tomake plans
and to report the first
Monday night in April,
Everyone interested in be
coming affiliated with the
Teen-Dems is to be invited.
Mr. Raz Autry, princi
ple of East Montgomery,
gave a challenging message.
He spoke on these things;
Who got stuck at West
Tuesday night after play
practice and almost got
arrested?—P.C., J, P.,
B.A.F.I ! !
First period French is
really rockin’ when P. I.
and S.P.A. lose their tem
12:20 A.M. is kinda late
to be getting home. Isn't
it, Jane B.?
Blind dates are fun; if
you don’t believe it, ask
B. I.!
M.H. is showing up again
outside of some freshman
classes. Wonder Why?!
P.H., J.A.M., J.C., and
M. M. seem to have a ten
dency to Spy, especially
at Drive-Ins!
(1) Why are you a Demo
crat? (2) Recognize the
Republicans, and (3) Be
lieve in what you are.
I’m sure everyone will
agree that one of the most
valuable assets in making
good grades at school is
getting along well with
your teachers. If one
would just remember these
few points I’m about to
explain. I’m sure that his
teachers will never forget
First of all contribute
to classwork eagerly and
pftem. One will be long
remembered if he makes a
habit of giving the same
answer someone else has
just given, particularly
if it has already been de
clared wrong. Some find
they get an especially
warm response by giving
answers that are complete
ly unrelated to the sub
ject. Be thorough. Never
miss a chance to under
stand a new principle com-
plstely. But don’t be too
forward. One should wait
until six people have ask
ed the same question before
he asks. Of course one
should always be inquisi
tive, Wait until the
teacher has given a pcint-
by-point analysis of the
’’heart" of the unit one is
studying. When one feels
that the climax has been
reached, and she pauses,
one should raise his hand
and ask something perti
nent like: "May I sharp
en my pencil?" This al
ways sparks a lively re
action. Lastly, one
should always ask to make
up back work; however,
first one should be sure
he owes at least half a
dozen assignments. Then
he should wait until the
day before grades are due
in the office to do this
make-up work. This holds
up teacher’s reports, en
dears her to the office
staff, and makes her espe
cially fond of the student
who follows these pointers.
by Jane McRae
The F. H. A. enjoyed
having Mrs. Jean H. Chap
pell, home economist for
Montgomery Dairy, give a
food demonstration at the
last meeting, held Monday
night, March 18, 1963.

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