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The Tzvig
Vol. II Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C., Friday, February 24, 1922 No. 14
Wiik(! .K)i'C'sr Aiiiiivcvsiivy, wliicli is iiKvnys
ill! cv(‘tir fov ircrcdifli jrivls. was (il)scvvc(l
Fridiiy. I-\’lirniiry 3 7, fu' tlu’ ciii'rliy-
.scYfiitli time. In tlie aftovimoii rh'c (|iicsfioii
t)f iiivi‘rinnc'iif owiicrsliip of iiiiiifs wns dc-
liiift'd wirli I>. Ciisfclloe nnd I*'. I., ivoli-
crfs .up!iildin^’ tlic iui*l V. iv
Howell and W. Ij. IJti'ic tin* iicaalivc. In
tlio I'Vf’iiiii”- (’liarlos A. llowanl ddivcrt’d an
unirion itn •‘(^)ini Vjidis Atiicrica'’ wliilc*AV.
Alien cliiij^c US liis .snbjeef ‘‘'I'lic Vuiei' of the
lilaek -Miiii.’’ IMovedirli nul'ovliinatcly dul
iiur nvvive until about ^ix-tliirty and j'o
missed the debate, bnt if one may jnd;j,'C tbo
whole by a pavt. tlu^y wevc exeeil(Mit. Of tbo
(-.rations, Mv. Hownrd’s Avas tho bottcv; lu-
opened lii-« spocoli Avitli a discnssion of Ibe
l>art Anierien bitd taken in tbo past, dlwrnssed
hev ]ivf.’sent position find raist'd the (piistlon
of wbi\t bov of ber jiveat inllueneo sboniti
be. I’ei'liji])s i)nv 8(nithcrii minds were t)o
prei’niliml to ai)]n’ceiato the I’Oiil worth of
'.Mr. Allen's oration. It was a masterly pieeo
of tliiiikinji' wbi‘li >avc expre.'Sion to so trn'
;ind nnliia.sod iiictiu'c of the oonditioiis of
the noi-ro raeo and its bo|)es for jnstlec and
At eiirbt-tbirty Soeioty llalls wove thrown
open to tho rec;0]»tion whieb was attended by
faenlty and Alnnnii as well as the ])ro.sent.
student body. 'Hu- nmsic whioli was fur
nished by tho liay Orebo?tra was dcli.i’htfnl.
I’uneh. ieo eream, and oake wero served as
refi'oshmonts. All too soon eleven o’olook
eain- and Dr. Brewer infovniotl the 'Meredilb
dolejiarion that it was tinu' to dei)avt. A
special train had been ]U'ovided to brinj,^ them
liaek to Kaleigb. This iiowcver, was alnnvst
two lioni’S late, so the visit to Wake Forest
was prolonged fov a sbovt while, and it was
not iintil nearly two o’clock, Saturday movn-
ing. a evowd of .ffloriously tired givls came in
to wake up theiv pe^ieefully sleepin>; uoigli-
On .l’'t'iday iii.ubt 1’'eb. 17, -.Mr. AV. -V.
Diclrieli. a niomhev of (he 'Uvirish Astvonomi-
cal >Si)ciety and the Doston .\strononiiral So-
eioly. presented to tlie i'aonlty and student
liody an illustrated IcK-ture on •■'['he Inunen-
sity (.f tlio Universe.'’
Tlu’ !eet\ive was intensely interestin_y as
well, as insti'tietive. and. as the subject shows,
the content ran,^ed from a discussion of ih(‘
hntiei'Hy's tonjine to the lire mist from which
worlds are nnide.
Ontiininji'bis lectni'e as to tlie three spheres
in which wo live—iitlios|)here, hydros])liere
anI atnn>spliove. and with a bi'ief explainuion
c.f lithosplu'Ve tlie speaker disrnssed the iiy-
drosphere, “the spiiere in which all lif’e lia(i
its bojiinnin_:>'.” .Me called alreiition here by
(Co’iliniicil on piiyc 2)
Guv ifissiou Shuly Classes wevc a great
suceess. They wore tbo most interesting- we
bftvc evev had. and wove tbe best atteiided.
Wo feel that a large sbare of evodit i? duo
Afiss Margaret Buncaii, pvesident of our Y.
W. A.
The Sneioly llalls jn'esiMited a sci-iie of
Cupid's aiiode on Saiunlay ni;.ihl. win'ii fh(>
l''r-sbnien entet'tained tb‘ -Inniors at a Val
entino party. On (‘utering Astro ilTall, each
]ierson was giv{'ii a heart, on whicli was wril-
ten a name, and told to find liev lover. After
the cniph‘s were formed, tbev(‘ were unites
ranging from .\dam and lu'e t(i .liggs a»id
.Maggie, 'I'lieii tliore was a ei.ntest of Fam
ous Women aii{! wliat was tlu' snriu-ise when
i( was foiuid that the answers to the riddles
vere .I nuiin-s’ names! "Rutli Pveeman got the
prize, a heart-shapeil box of candy. Brains,
we say. Of course evei'youe learned Ihm* t'ate
and had lier fortune told, and Sunday morn
ing Jriss Tvoystev, like tbe rest, was still try-
iiig to locate bev ‘'trj be.” After lii'avts wore
matched, everybody went into Phi Hall whore
rcfresbnieuts were served—ovorytbing carry
ing out tbe sclieme of Valentine and sister
classes. Everyone was carried nway with tlu‘
2:V25 cnkes. Tbe .Tuuiors inilled lieart
strings fov souvenirs—some getting trinkets
and coins, others whistles, etc. There couldn’t
bo a sistov class party without tbe exebanging
of songs at tbe end; and the Juniors went
aM’ay eutlinsiastically saying that their “little
.sisters” •were tho sweetest tbiugs, and had
the cutest songs, and knew just bow to iuak('
a party a sure ’nuff success.
We have just jiasscd ihr'iugh a most in
spiring week of -Mission Study. In ilie seven
classes there was an enrollment i,*f about one
Innidi-ed and fifty girls. Wr- de]nirred from
several old customs regai'ding mission study
activity and adi-]»ted new merlM'ds of proee-
ilnre which wevi' suciHsstjil.
In the lirsi |ilacc, insteal ot' iiaviiig the
classes meet for six Simday evenings during
the fall semester We liad a wec'k ot‘ intensive
sindy—beginning Sunday evening. I‘'eh.
and ending l*”'h. 17. The elasses mot each
evening just after dinnei' for abmit forty-tive
In the set'inid phice. instead of Iniviug
l''reshnian. Si*phoniore. .Inniov and Senior
I'lasses we gavi* i'ach girl the o]iportiuiity of
enlisting in whatever class she desired. In
this way she could cboos(' rhe -ubject which
api'eah'd to bor most.
Th(‘ third ili'pavtm'o ft'i'm tbo usual cn~tinn
was that of having ladies from rhe .Baptist
chnvelies of the city teacb the i.-bisses. Here-
'rile Honor lloll fu' ihe Fall Semcstev was
aniionneeil by Dr. I’rcnvcr ar ebapi'l exercises
Saturday morning, Februavy iSih. The
l‘’irst Honor Ivoll. including all ibosi- wbo
made grades of at least one and nothing
below I ), is as follows:
Ariii'tt. .Inanita: l!owers. .Mai'y: TSvewer,
\nn Kliza ; IJrown, Katherini'; ( 'arroll. Px'th ;
Conch, lluth: Hutuley, Peih; T.ivevuiou,
Knih ; .Matthews. K'athlcen : Xooo. Sarab :
O'Kelly, ^iary: Walton. I-Miia Earle.
The following who made and average of
1' on all subjects or. as many .V’s and C’s, con
stitute tin' Second Hi.nov Tvoll;
Beannui. Joyner; Eoyd. Fsrher; Day,
Phoebe: nellinger, Blanche: Dnrliam, Wil
ma; Oower, T)orothy: Grubbs. Edna: Her
ring. Susie; Honeyentt. Buby; .Tossuji, Clara
Mae; Xeudrick, Lois: Lineberry. T^utb;
r.owc, .Mice; ^Fays, Louise: "iroore, Erma;
Xoali. Elizabeth : Oldbant, ifabel: Paul. Fan
nie; I’owell. !^^artba: Spuiubour. Euby;
Strickland, Clladys; Sykes. Claudilene; Til-
lerv. AFarv: Wvatt. ’>rar!i'aret.

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