North Carolina Newspapers

Vol. VII
Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C.» October 21, 1927
No. 6
State and Meredith Joint Hosts
To Press Association Next Week
Delegates are expected to arrive
sometime ThuvBday afternoon by train,
feus and car. Prom there they will
be conducted to the Y. W. C. A. build
ing at Stale College -whero they will
register. There the boya and girls will
part company for a time, the boys
going in soaroh, of the i-ooniB aasigned
to them at State College, while the
girls ■will bo brought out to Meredith.
Upon arriving at Meredith, they ■will
be greeted by the members of the En
tertainment Committee who will show
them to their rooms.
And then the fun begins! From
Meredith to State and then back agalu
they will go. The sessions will begin
at 9 o’clock on Friday morning, the
opening feature being an address by
the President of tiie Association. The
meetings will run from 9 until 1:00,
and from 2:30 until 4 on Friday after
noon. There will be no night sessions.
The convention will convene again on
Saturday morning, coming to a close
at noon of that day.
The StateCarolina Football game,
which is scheduled for Saturday after
noon, Octobcr 29, will corac as a grand
climax to tlie program, arranged by
the Entertainment Committee. Al
though the Fall Session will come to a
close at noon on Saturday, reserva
tions are being made previously and
an urgent Invitation will be extended
to ail delegates to defer their return
and attend the game. State will be
very lilcoly to have some hearty yell
ing at that game. What tlie result
would be should aonie of the invited
guests proceed to flatter the Carolina
ranks with their prcaence, remains to
be determined. For fear lest the
wrong impression be given and all the
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Since Meredith has always
been noted for her custom of ex
tending hearty woleomes to all
new-comers. A Meredith “Wel
coming Committee” has been or-
giuiised for tho purpose of meet
ing the delegates to the Press
Association. Wearing the red
and w'hite "Welcoming” badges,
they will niGOt all trains and
busses with the idea of making
every visitor feel that ho or she
is heartily welcome to Meredith.
The following girls compose
tho Committee:
Bess Tliomas—Acorn Staff.
Sara Oliver—Acorn Staff.
Marguerite Mason—Twig Staff
Frances Fulghum— Oak
Leaves Staff.
Tlio Collcg(;.'i wliicli constitute tlic
North Ciiroliiia Collogiato Press As
sociation, and thoiv rcspectivo Pub
lications are as follo%vs:
CaTolina-, N. C. 0. W., Greens
boro; Ckronicia, Duke University,
Durham; Collagian, Greensboro
College, Greensboro; Davidsonian,
Davidson College, Davidson; Guil-
fordian, Guilford College, Guilford;
Jlir-Po, High Point College, High
Point; Old Gold and Black, Wake
Forest College, Wake Forest; Pio
neer, Catawba College, Salisbury;
Quectis Blues, Queen’s College,
Charlotte; Lonoir-Hkyneanj Lenoir-
Rhync, Hickory; Salemite, Salem
College; Tar Jleel, University of
Xorth Carolina; Technkian, N". C.
State; Teco-Eco, E. C. T. C.,
Greenville; Ttoig, Meredith; The
Hill Top, Mars Hill; Maroon and
Gold, Elon College.
Acai-n, Meredith; Archive, Duke;
Carolina Magazine, U. 1?^. 0.; Qar-
radi, N. C. C. W.; Message, Greens
boro College; State Agri^Magazine,
N. C. State; Walce Forest Student,
Wake Forest; Wataugan, 1^. 0.
State; ChamtiUon, Davidson.
A. Lawkence Aydlett, State College
Editor Wataugan
Treasurer, N. C. C. P. A.
Agromeuh, if. 0. State; Gkanti-
cleer, Duke; Echo, Greensboro Col
lege; Eidelweiss, Queens College;
Oah Leaves, Meredith; PhipsicU,
Approximately Forty Girls
Expected at Meredith as Guests
H. L. Hicsiicii, Duice University
President N. C. C. P. A., 1D27-28
Sonic* I'olks think tliat great men
liavt*. tlu'ir ^>ictures lunjg iii halla of
fame. Jiist now wc wish to hang
another pictiu-e in our ball of fame.
The forhniate young man is none
other than ITaiisel Hester, better
known as “Jerry.” And why should
his picturc: occupy siicli a pluee of
honor? Well, since Terry Is so
modest wu’ll be forced to tell you.
that lie is tho president of our
K'orth Carolina Collegiate Press As.
Jerry hails from that town that
is aometimeij called the “Twin-
City.” We are told that even back
in his High School days he was
recognized as n real leader. With
all his talc]it.'5 it is no wonder that
he was ehoseu president of tho Press
Aa.sociutiou[ “Jerry” is not only
IV'/u.'M. ConvvnllOH to Convene—
Tliuraday, Friday and Saturday—Oc
tober, 27, 28, 29,
Whei'C Mectlnua lo he HcUl—Y. M.
C. A. Building, State College.
IV/iH ia Ijiviled—All Editors and
members of College Publications Staffs
in North Carolina.
How Many Rcfirenentailvcfi from
finch Vollr{;i;—Two from each small
and three from each large publication.
Total Number Ucleffates Exi)ceted—
Where JMai/utes to Be Entertained
—Boys at State College; Girls at Mere
Who is To Help Slake it a Success
—All of you!
IContinued 0/1 page four)
The girla who atteud the As-
Bociation will be entertained at
Meredith. Approximately forty
will stay in the college. Tliose
who are responsible for their
welfare while here are:
Ruth Howden—Oak Leaven
Paige Leonard—Oofc Leaves
Ethel Day—Tw\j Staff,
Evelyn Jolley—-Acom Staff.
The> have decided chat Bioce
there are 38 girls who are mem-
l)ers of imbiicatlon staffs, each of
these girls shall take ono visit
ing girl into her room as her
special care for the three days. |
In this way, each visitor will re- |
ceive all due attention and will
boconio intimately acquainted
with many of the Meredith girls.
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Tho following girls have been
selected to constitute the Pub
licity Committee:
Mabel Claire Hoggard—Ttvig
Bess Thomas—Avorn Staff.
Pauline Newton—Oak Leaves
Davie Belle Eaton—Twlff Staff.
As a matter of course, their
task will be to see that tho com
ing meeting is properly adver
tised at« Meredith and State by
means of the seveial publica
tions, in Raleigli by reporting to
tho city papers all activities con
nected with it, and among the
rtiiforent collegs which are mem
bers of the Press Association.
Already circular letters have
been written to every college,
emphasizing the importance o£
tho Conference and extending to
them tho heartiest of welcomes.
Mabel Clajue HodtiAui), Editor Twig
Meredith College
Chairman of Arrangements for
N. C. C. P. A.
For tJie purpose of creating a
more sympathetic understanding,
and a better spirit of cooperation
jtniong the, eollcge students in this
stat?, the JTorth Carolina Collegiate Association was organized iu
1.922 with practically every college
newspaper, magazine and yearbook
being a member.
Each year two meetinga of tho as
sociation arc held, ono being in the
fall and, the other in the spring.
The entertaijiment of the associa
tion rotates among the different col
leger, and practically every institu
tion in the slate has been host to the
organization. Last spring the rep
resentatives of the student press
w-ore entertained at X. C. 0. W.
The meeting for this fall will he
held on October 27, 2S, and 20 with
Mereditli and Stute jointly enter
Tho ne^vapapera and publishing
houses of the state are greatly in
sjnnpathy ^vith the activities of tho
^T. 0. C. P. A. Eacli year tho Win
ston-Salem Journal offers a cup to
the best newspaper, and last year
the Chronicle of Duke Univei'sity
>\'Gii the award. Tho ^vor lovijig
cup offered by Christian & King
Printing Co. was won by the Cor-
raddi of C. G. W. Edwards and
lii'oiigliton reward the best annual
of the state in tlie same fashion, and
the Siglits and Insights of Salem
was acclaimed to be the best during
last year. Tho Greensboro Daily
I^^ew.s selects tlio best college editor
iu the State and Ilurlee Branch of
T)avitlson was selected last year.
The assembling twice a year of
the college students in the state who
are interested in journalism and
the like has affected an improve
ment in this field. Since 1922 prac
tically every publication in the state
has become affiliated until today
about fifty publications poasesa
moiiibership. Appro.ximately 150
students are expectcd to be preacnt
at the meeting this fall in llaleigh.
At tho final meeting of tho as
sociation held last spring at H”. 0.
C. W. the following officers wei’e
elected: H. L. Hester, Duke Univer-
aity, pi'csident; David Cari’oll, U.
.N". C-, vice president; Anne Fassoux
Johnston, Queena, second vice presi
dent; Francea G. Gibson, N. 0,
0. W., secretary; and A. L. Ayd-
lette, ^tato College, treasurer.
H, L. Hesteb,
President N. 0. G. P. A.

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