North Carolina Newspapers

MAY 10
Volume XV
Campus Organizations Elect
Officers For Coming Year
Flora Kate Bethea To Be Vice FRANCES MORRIS GIVES
President of Student
Varied Program Includes Bach,
Chopin, Hiller
On Friday evening, May 8, at eight
Within the last weeks the officers o’clock In the college aiiditorKim, Miss
of most of the campus organizations Crawford presented Prances
Morris in her graduating recital.
Prances is the daughter of Rev. and
Mrs. B. E, Morris of tiurhem.
1936.1937 I, compos.,1 of the tollowlng „
. Bonrree G Major Bach
have been elected. These girls will as
sume office In the fall.
The Oak Leaves staff for the year
Associate editor—Charlotte Wester.
Senior editor—^Katherine Martin.
Jnhipr editor—Adelaide Harris.
Sophomore editor — Barbara
Photo editors—NeJl Choate, Betty
Art editor—Dorothy Horne.
Typists—Margaret Fishei, Elizabeth
The girls who were nominated and
elected as members of the Acorn staff
for the coming year are as follows:
Associate editor — Mary Fay Mac
Senior editors—Kate Covington, Gay-
nelte Sorrell.
Junior editors—Ann Potent, Mirvine
Sophomore editors—Catherine John
ston, Mildred Ann Critcher.
Poetry editor—Eleanor Cannon.
Art editor—Effie Ray Calhonn,
. Exchange editor—Lucille Cates.
Book editor—Virginia Reynolds.
Business manager—Mancy Powell.
Assistant business innnagers—Betty
Kickline, June Crow.
The girls eleced for the Twio staff
of 1936-1937 are;
Business manager — Kate Mills
Assistant business managers—Helen
Hilliard, Mary Jane Lindley.
Associate editors—Prances Pittman,
Mary Johnson MacMillan.
Managing editors—Eleanor Edwards,
Frances Tatnm, Dorothy Lowdermilk.
Reporters for this publication have
not yet been elected.
The Student Council for the coming,
year is composed of the following girls:
Vice President—Flora Kate Bethea.
Secretary—Mirvine Garrett.
Treasurer—Margaret Love Clarke.
House President of A—Mildred
House President of B—Betty Kich-
House President of D—Nannie
Margaret Browne.
Vice Presidents of A—Emily Brad-
Bher, Chai-lotte Wester.
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Dr. and Mrs. Brewer Give
Formal Dinner Honoring
the Graduating Class
seniors were honor guests at a formal
dinner in the college dining room. Dr.
and Mrs. Brewer were hosts for the countries, as well as not supplying
occasion. All seniors, both resident them with ammunition.”
and town students, were invited to be
Miss Ellen Brewer, Miss Caroline Big
Mrs. Boomhour, and Miss Ida Poteat.
seniors is an annual affair at Meredith
and was, this year, quite a festive oc
The Senior Class was also entertained
at a tea Friday afternoon by the Amerl
can Association of University Women
From fourth Sonata for Violoncello
Sonata Op. 26 Beethoven
Andante con Varlazibni
Scherzo and Trio
Marcia Punebre
Adagietto from' ‘TArlesienne"
Chanson du Chausseur Grovlez
From a Log Cabin MacDowell
Concert-Etude, F sharp major
Etiide Op. 25, No. 1 Chopin
Polonaise Op. 26, No. 2 Chopin
Concerto F sharp minor F. Hiller
Allegro quasi Fantasia
(Orchestral accompaniment on a
second piano by Miss Crawford.)
Ushers for the recital were: Virginia
Morris, Alma Huggins, Hazel Boswell,
and Susan Emma Sloan.
Following the recital a reception
was given in the college parlors, The
receiving line was composed of the fol
lowing: Frances Morris, Miss May
Crawford, Rev. and Mrs. B. E. Morris.
Miss Margaret Overcash of Statesville.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brewer, Prof.
and Mrs. Leslie P. Spelman, Miss Caro
line Biggers and Miss Hazel Clarke.
Those who assisted in serving at the
reception were: Annie Mae Taylor,
Dorothy Lowdermilk, Beverly Davis,
Jean Davis, Susan Emma Sloan, Vir
ginia Morris, Alma Huggins and Hazel
Mrs. Bowden Speaks
To Students on the
Emergency Campaign
"Economic depression is a small price
to pay for peace," said Mrs. D. J,
Bowden, field representative of the
Emergency Peace Campaign during
her talk before the International Re
lations Club, Thursday afternoon,
April 2fl. Mrs. Bowden spoke again at
the chapel service Friday morning and
presented the purpose of this campaign
to all the students. After chapel a
committee, with Mary Chandler at the
head, was appointed to work out plans
to send representatives from Mere
dith to participate In the campaign
during the summer.
“The purpose of this campaign,”
said Mrs. Bowden, "is to arouse pacifist
sentiment throughout the nation in an
On Wednesday evening, May 6, the attempt to keep the United States
neutral in case of a war, by not sending
raw materials to any of the belligerent
This campaign numbers among Its
present. Other invited guests were sponsors Harry Emerson Fosdick, as
chairman; Bishop Paul Kern, chair-
gers. Miss Hazel Ruth Clark, Dean and man of the southern sponsors; Dean
Elbert Russell, co-chairman; President
Dr. and Mrs. Brewer’s dinner for the Frank P. Graham of Chapel Hill, E
McNeill Poteat of Pullen Memorial
:• Baptist Church, and about 200 other
well-known people.
An institute at Duke University will
i- offer a course in peace campaigning
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In Role of Mary Lamb
school age who anticipated entering
college within the next year or two.
The majority of the giiests were from
Edna Lkb Peoram
During the past week-end. May 2-3,
Meredith was hostess to approximately
ceed Pauline Perry. Edna Frances has
u 1. i guests, principally Kiris of hleh
been an active member of the Little / bi i» oi nign
Theater since last year, and has had
several important roles since then,
The other officers are as follows: _ . _
Vice President Kate Covington North Carolina, but several high school
Margaret Andrews of Virginia and South Carolina were
Treasurer Charlotte Wester
Business Manager ....Mirvine Garrett
Assistant Business Manager
Catherine Johnson registered by Mirvine Garrett In the
Stage Manager Ruth Abernethy Rotunda. Friday night in the Phi Hall
Costume Manager ... Mary Fay McMillan they were entertained at a party under
Pearl Huffman was recently elected
president of the Barber Biology Club " Herring, pres-
Mirvine Garrett, Edna Lee Peg-
ram Splendid As,Charles
and Mary
“Charles and Mary,” a dramatization
of the lives of Charles and Mary Lamb,
by Joan Temple, was presented by the
Little Theatre, under the direction of
Dr. Florence Hoagland, May 5. Edna
Lee Pegram and Mirvine Garrett, in
the leading roles, impersonated Mary
and Charles respectively. The support
ing cast included the following:
Mr. Lamb Nina Binder
Mrs, Lamb .Susan Rudisell
John Lamb Edna Frances Dawkins
Becky Katherine Shuford
Jane Mary Johnson MacMillan
William Godwin Margaret Kramer
Mrs. Godwin Annie Elizabeth Coward
Charles Dudley Martha Messenger
Samuel Coleridge..,,Minnie Anna Forney
Wm. Wordsworth Flora Kate Bethea
George Dyer Mary Fay McMillan
Hester Savory Betty Claire Jennings
Mrs. Bracebridge....Catherine Johnson
Music for the play was written by
Dorothy Lowdermilk. and assisting with
the music were Miss Mary Lee, Olive
Hamrick and A1 Martin, of Wake Forest.
Annabelle Hollowell did the staging for
the play and Lucille Parker had charge
of the costuming.
Charles, a most admirable character,
devoted his life to the care of his sister,
Mary, who was driven to Insanity by
her family. George Dyer, the absent-
minded poet, afforded much laughter,
while the pathos of closing scenes
brought tears.
Following the play the cast and mem
bers of the Little Theatre were honored
at a reception given by Mrs. C. O.
Abernethy, patroness of the Little
Theatre, in the college pavloi-s.
Coiliillf AS ll clilllUX to H till}'
eiioiigrh in itself (whtit witli
Ho8|iitAlJty Weck>eiidors, Mny
l>iiy inid (lie lV»ice Ii'orcst filco
Club) tlio resurrection of tlie
€rook Siitiirda}- iiiglit tlire>r the
whole KtiHleiit body into n state
bordering: on liysterlii. Proin|it>
I}' At twelve ocl»ck Soiumv
HlAhil And Kuby Harrott, itiider
tiie fAsciiiAtod g'Axe of tiie $itu>
dents (of Meroditli iind M’ake For*
est) disA|ipeare«1 beneath tlic
poreh which eonnects A dornii-
t^ry wltli (lio AdmiitlstrnMon
biillillngri and brought forth the
covoted relic from its liidin^r iiluco
hi the >vall.
For the hour the invlodions
Rirains of "Sturdy Seniors’* ral>
lied out over tlie CAiiiiiun,. wIiHe
occasionally a note or two of Mte
ratlier feeble ^^Tiiese Bonos” was
heard. And the crook ex'cltenient
Is over for another year.
150 High School Girls
Spend Week-End Here
Barber Biology Club Also Elects
New Officers
At the last meeting of the Little
Theater, Edna Frances Dawkins was
elected president of the chib to sue
to succeed Melba Gaskins. Ruth Sears
was voted vice president for next year
and Carrie Bowers, secretary.
Elizabeth Davidson of Raleigh
Crowned Queen
Miss Elizabeth Davidson of Raleigh
was crowned May Queen at the May
Day Festival held In the grove Satur
day afternoon at 4 o’clock.
This year the pageant, "Sleeping
Beauty,” was presented by the gym
nasium classes under the direction of
Mrs. Gertrude Royster Sorrell, head of
the Physical Education department.
About 250 students participated in the
The Queen's Court was made up of
the maid of honor, Dorothy Dent, and
two attendants from each class. The
class attendants were: Rena Pearl
Hamilton and Mildred Patterson,
seniors; Sue Brewer and Katherine
Malloy, juniors; Jean Davis and
Margaret Newlin, sophomores; and
Joyce Howell and Ruth Hutchins,
Heralds for the occasion were Esther
Mae Lanier and Virginia Lambert;
Dorothy Crawford was the crown bearer
and Mary Scott Daniel of Raleigh was
the train bearer. The Jesters were
Pauline Davis and Ella Ruth Perry.
The prologue was read by Norma Rose,
Tlie opening scene of the pageant was
laid on the village green on the day of
the christening of the infant princess.
After a number of dances by the peas
ants there was a procession of the
priest with the god-mothers and the
princess. Immediately followIiiR the
christening, the wicked god-mother,
who was uninvited appeared and pro
and the awakening of the princess, fol
lowed by a minuet by the entire court
Margaret Kramer; Queen, Irene Tuth
Guests From North Carolina,
South Carolina and
also represented.
Upon arrival
the visitors were
ident of the freshman class. At the
chapel hour Saturday morning, the
guests were welcomed by Dr. Brewer
and the president of the student body,
Ann Bradsher. Following the words
of welcome, members of the Glee Club
entertained by singing three numbers.
In the afternoon a Father-Daughter
Baseball game was held on the Athletic
Field, the daughter team being victor
ious. At 4:00 o'clock followed the
May Day exercises in the grove. At
the conclusion of these events, the
guests were invited to the court, where
a picnic supper was provided for them.
The Wake Forest Glee Club enter
tained at S:00 o'clock In the auditorium
with a varied program of music, and
at fl;30 the guests were invited to a
reception in the college parlors.
Sunday morning, special busses were
chartered to convey the guests and
their hostesses to Sunday school and
Kappa Nu Sigma Gives
Banquet and Lecture Recital
Honoring New Members
Honoring its newly elected members
from the Junior Class, Margaret
Kramer and Eleanor Edwards, the
Kappa Nu Sigma Honor Society en
tertained at a banciuet on Tuesday
night. April 2S, in the college dining
Following tlie banquet the society
sponsored a lecture-recltal in the col
lege auditorium. Norma Rose, pres
ident of the organization, presided.
Dr. Glen Haydon, of the music De
nounced a curse on the infant. Scene partnient of the University of North
II was the celebration of the eighteenth p.,,.„n„„ , , , u.
or the Seen. Ill
represented the Interlude of one hun- Hansen, an instructor in the
dred years, during which the princess department of the University,
and her court were in sleep. The final save ti lecture on the life of Johannes
scene was the entrance of the prince Brithms. with special emphasis on
Brahms’ technique in some of his great
est works. After the lecture a musical
The cast of the pageant was as piogram made up of four groups of
follows: The Princess, Dorothy Dock- Brahnrs works was given, Mr. Hansen
ery; The Prince, Lucille Davis; King, at the piano. Dr. Haydon and Mr.
Hansen then played a sonata from
111; Pages, Juanita Glossou and Sada Brahma for the clarinet and piano,
Louise Clarke: Priest, Nancy Allen;
wicked God-mother, Louise Bolus; God- INTERMEZZO OP. U8, IN’ A MINOR
mothers, June Crow, Betty Lyon, INTERMEZZO OP. 118. IN A MAJOR
Marjorie Collins. Alice La Roque, RHAPSODIE OP. 119, IN E FLAT
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