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Newspaper of the Students of Meredith College
No. 11
Equitation Director Named;
"Slim" Huggins Heads Program
Eoster Egg Hunt Featured
Luke “Slim” Huggins has been
announced as the new Director of
Equitation for the Meredith riding
A varied work experience is de
tailed in Mr. Huggins’ career. His
first connection with a stable was
work with his father’s horses and
mules until he went into the mili
tary service.
While in the army, Mr. Hug^ns
was detached to the Veterinary
Corps to care for horses confiscated
by the German Army until the
rightful owners were located.
From 1947 to 1963, Mr. Huggins
broke and trained horses to sell.
Work with Dooley Adams brought
schooling of young thoroughbreds.
In 1964, Mr. Huggins was em
ployed by Vardell Hall where he is
presently a member of the faculty,
and is a riding instructor and stable
manager. He has also managed the
riding program at Camp Merrlmac
in Black Mountain, N. C.
New Folk to Give Concert
Group Features Folk Rock
The New Folk are coming!
A group similar to the Young
Americans, the New Folk will ap
pear in Jones Auditorium Apr. 22
in a two-hour concert open to the
student body and Raleigh com
The program will feature music
from popular to sacred, but the
speciality of the group is folk rock.
Members of the singing group are
from colleges all over the United
States joined by the decision to
share Christianity through a con
temporary media. Sponsored by the
Campus Crusade for Christ Inter
national, the singers will also be
working with the Fellowship of
Christian Athletes.
Susan Fletcher, past president of
the Meredith Christian Association,
explains the New Folk as “ • • • not
a revival group. They’re just gung-
ho sharing Christianity through the
music.” “After hearing their al
bum,” Susan continued, “I can tell
this group is happy, enthusiastic
Representing Austria Will Be Meredith
Girls at National Model United Nations
For the first time Meredith Col
lege will participate in the National
Model United Nations, to be held
in New York city, April 9-14. Five
members for the International Re
lations Club, Kay C. Kennemur,
Barbara Perry, Nancy Hinson, Kay
Goodrick, and Karen Watson com
pose the Meredith delegation. Dr.
Sarah Lemmon, advisor for the In
ternational Relations Club, will
accompany the girls who will rep
resent Austria.
Students from all over the coun
try will join together for numerous
debates and considerations of reso
lutions on the world issues of Viet
nam, Biafra, Red China, and
Czechoslovakia. Each member of
the delegation will be assigned to
Spring Break Canceled
and really good. They play some
jazz, some pop, some sacred lyrics
to pop tunes. They’re a terrific
Mary Lynch Johnson
Honored at Seminar
A surprise dedication of the 27th
annual Alumnae Seminar honored
Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson. The
March 22 program featured Dr.
Johnson’s address “Words and the
Word,” but the retiring professor of
English was not told that, following
her speech, the entire seminar day
would be in tribute to her.
Dr. Johnson was presented an
illuminated and framed copy of
Caedmon’s Hymn which she then
recited in Old English. At the
luncheon following the morning
session, Mrs. Elizabeth Ponton, rep
resenting the entire alumnae, gave
an 800 dollar tribute.
An underground committee
passed a resolution April 1 to can
cel spring vacation in order to pro
mote a greater community spirit and
to provide more classroom hours.
The proposal has been accepted on
a trial basis for the April 1969
break and Meredith students are
therefore requested to remain on
The biggest community activity
will be the all-campus Easter egg
hunt Saturday, April 5. Approxi
mately 2,000 eggs will be hidden
all over the grounds and the stu
dent or faculty member finding the
greatest number of eggs will re
ceive a yet unannounced prize. A
special golden egg will be hidden
and the lucky finder will be hon
ored by having the new dormitory
named aher her. This golden egg
category will be limited to students.
United Nations committees where
all resolutions will be thoroughly
scrutinized before going to the floor
of the General Assembly.
In addition to meetings of the
General Assembly, Security Council,
and Economic and Social Councils,
there will be various seminars on
United Nations Affairs and related
subjects. Members of the United
Nations will also meet their mission
counterpart at the real United Na
tions for briefings to aid each
school in the representation of its
The Meredith delegation will be
flying to New York Apr. 9 and will
return to school after the Sunday
meeting, Apr. 14.
Hail! Hail! Meet the Gang
Next Year at Our Own Pub
“Long-needed for after-study re
laxation” was student response to
the official announcement of plans
to open a Pub on the Meredith
Campus. The Pub, promoted by
the Student Activities Board, will be
the new campus entertainment cen
ter. Still in the blue-print stage, the
Pub will tentatively be located on
the east campus next to the senior
Coordinator of the project, Ifeel
High, stated that the purpose of
the proposed $50,000 structure will
Since all other buildings on campus
are named after college presidents
or benefactors, this will honor stu
Other community activities will
include open houses in the dormi
tories for the professors to see the
students “at home,” picnics in the
court, boating races on the lake and
free outdoor movies in the court.
To add to the scholastic life of
the week, certain classes will be
meeting. With the loss of Saturday
classes, some of the Tuesday-
Thursday professors have com
plained of the excessive length of
time from one class meeting to the
next. To compensate for this, all
TTh classes will meet every day
of the spring in-school holiday.
Whether the professors intend to
teach or to socialize while pro
moting unity in their classes has
been left to the discretion of the
individual teacher.
Other announcements concerning
the week will be given in a printed
program which will also acknowl
edge that all this is for a belated
April Fool’s Day chuckle.
Dr. Bruce Heilman Decides
"US. Education Looks Best
“The lights of this press confer
ence feel good after being in Si
beria,” grinned Dr. Bruce Heilman
as he began talking about his Com
parative Education Tour.
One of the Raleigh newspaper
men quipped, “Maybe you should
scotch the rumor that the Trustees
had anything to do with sending
you to Siberia” and Dr. Heilman
joked “Well, you want me to tell it
like it is, don’t you?”
Getting serious. Dr. Heilman de
scribed education in Russia. When
asked about student unrest in Mos
cow, Dr. Heilman commented,
“When I asked the vice-rector of
the University of Moscow, he
evaded the question by answering,
‘Yes, we occasionally have student
unrest. We may have a student in
toxicated one night, but he is not a
student the next day.’ ” Dr. Heil
man laughed and observed, “This,
of course, was not the right student
Summing up his general impres
sion from the trip, Dr. Heilman said,
“Our three weeks were a reaffirma
tion of what I already believed —
our education is best for the edu
cation of masses. We have the
long-range future for the best educa
tion in the best way.”
A sidelight of special interest to
the Twig was Dr. Heilman’s com
ment ’’I took a copy of the school
newspaper to one of our graduates,
Louise Stokes Kinken. She’s living in
Berlin now and was delighted to see
an issue of the Twig.”
Mezzo - Soprano
to Sing Here
Guest performer in chapel, April
11 at 10:00 a.m., will be mezzo-
soprano Jeanne GreaHsh. Miss
Grealish, a Meredith alumnae and
member of the Beta Zeta Chapter
of Sigma Alpha Iota, is currently
part-time teaching at the University
of New Mexico.
Having studied both at home and
abroad. Miss Grealish attended
the New England Conservatory of
Music, the Vienna Academy of
Music and the Vienna State Opera.
She has been soloist with The
Vienna Chamber Orchestra, The
Innsbruck Orchestra and The Vi
enna and Paris Jeunesse Musicale.
Miss Grealish is presently serving
as National Chairman of Sigma
Alpha Iota Foundation, and is a
co-chairman of the 1969 National
Young Artists.
A critic of her January, 1968 role
in The Medium, said of her per
formance, “J. G. in The title Role
enters the character without inhi
bitions. Her voice more than meets
the exacting requirements of her
role and is equalled by her excep
tional acting ability. She is superb.”
Miss Grealish, whose 1968 au
diences totalled well over 30,000,
will also hold a lecture-demonstra-
tion on Hugo Wolf Thursday after
noon at 4:30 p.m., in the Small
Auditorium during the regular re
cital time.
Two RislngJuniors to Spend
Year at University of Madrid
be threefold: (1) To provide
Meredith students with a genuine
London atmosphere in which to
study English; (2) to provide a
place for student relaxation after
exams and a hard work day; (3) to
provide a place on campus to take
dates, to enjoy the beverage of your
choice and to get a snack.
Reacting favorably to the prom
ised campus addition, one student
commented, “This will be one of
the most significant additions to the
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“1 thought it would be an ideal
opportunity,” says Alice Hill, tell
ing of her plans to spend her junior
year abroad. She and Barbara Cur
tis will spend next year at the Uni
versity of Madrid in Madrid, Spain.
“It will be a different experience
for me,” admits Alice, “although
I have been to South America.”
Barbara has been to Madrid before.
Alice became interested in the
program when Dr. Elsie G. Minter,
a representative from the As
sociated Mid-Florida Colleges, Inc.,
which sponsors the program, spoke
in chapel. She applied to go to Ma
drid because she is majoring in
Spanish and was accepted.
“Dean Peacock helped me with
my schedule for my senior year, so
I will graduate with my class when
I return,” Alice continues.
She is looking forward to the ex
perience. “I will take Art Appre
ciation in the Prado, one of the
world’s great museums.”
The students in the program will
leave on August 20 on the MS
Aurelia and arrive at LeHavre,
France on August 29. An extensive
shipboard orientation will prepare
Uarbaru Curtis (left) and Alkc Hill pause front kite flying to dream of their year
in Spain.
the students for their studies.
“Three days will be spent in tour
Paris, and we will travel by train to
Madrid. After our year of studies,
we will go to Luxembourg for the
flight home,” Alice summarizes.
“Although I will miss Meredith,
I am quite excited about going,”
Alicc admits as she gazes at the
Spanish poster on her door.

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