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Newspaper of the Students of Meredith College
MARCH 28, 1974
New Human Services Program will begin in fall
with emphasis on developing professional goals
hy Allyn Vogel
Beginning next fall,
Meredith will offer a Hunan
Services Program designed to
help students develop career
goals in the area of human
services early in their college
experience and then to choose
a curriculum which will give
them entry level skills in that
career upon graduation.
Noting that the intention
of the program is to expose
students to various human
service, non-social work
careers, program director
Eugene Sumner explained
“there are students who want
to work with people but not
necessarily in careers within
the field of social work.
Sumner cited personnel work
as an example of this type of
Sumner emphasized the
desirability of his program for
students entering the human
services job market. In the
process of developing this
program interviews were
conducted with many em
ployers. The employers ex
pressed a dissatisfaction with
job applicants who had no
specific career goals, no
knowledge of basic skills and
technology and no practical
experience in a chosen career
Sumner has drawn up a
tentative course outline which
is oriented toward aiding the
student to choose a specific
career, and familiarizing her
with this career through work
experience. Sumner suggests
that three professional
courses should be required of
Meredith students in this
program. The “ Introduction
To Human Service Career”
will be a 3-hour orientation to
the field of. human services
through which the student will
be exposed to the various
careers in that area and will
be able to determine her own
career goals. “Human Ser
vices Skills” and Technology,
the second tentative course,
helps each individual student
to develop knowledge within
her chosen career. The
student will follow this course
with a 4-hour Human Services
Sumner is certain that all
human services students will
be required to take a certain
number of specified courses
which will give them the
general educational
background necessary for
functioning as a professional
in a human services setting.
The list of specified courses
will be available by the Fall
Semester of 1974. These
specified courses may also
generally be counted toward
meeting the area distribution
requirements for graduation
from Meredith.
All human services
students wilt be required to
take specialized courses
which will give them a
knowledge base necessary for
functioning professionally in a
specific career. The number
of hours required in this
category will vary with each
student depending on their
chosen career speciality and
the availability of specialized
courses in this area. These
courses may also generally be
applied toward meeting area
distribution requirements
toward graduation from
One feature of the
program will be the use of the
resources of Cooperating
Raleigh Colleges in building a
knowledge base in specialized
areas. An example might be
that a student interested in
developing a career in public
service could take courses in
public administration at Shaw
University. Students in
terested in working with
youthful offenders could take
courses in juvenile
delinquency at N. C. State.
A list of specialized
courses available through
Cooperating Raleigh Colleges
will be available by the Fall
Semester of 1974.
The first course in the
professional sequence will be
available the Fall Semester of
1974 as Sociolgy 944 from 9:30-
11:00 on Tuesday and Thur
For more information,
contact Eugene Sumner,
whose schedule is as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8-10 A.M. - 218 Joyner and 3-5
P.M. - 218 Joyner.
Tuesday, Thursday, 8-12
A.M. - Third Johnson and 2-5
P.M. - Third Johnson.
Telephone number of
Third Johnson - Ext. 331. 218
Joyner - Ext. 305. Home 833-
Casts announced for one-acts
The cast has been an
nounced for the three student-
directed one-acts to be
produced Tuesday April 22,
Wednesday April 23, and
Thursday April 24 at 8:00 pm
in the Hut.
The three plays are
Flounder Complex by An
thony Damata, When
Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet
by Charles George and Spoon
River Anthology by Edgar
Lee Masters. These plays are
being directed by Marlene
Hart, Pam Faison and
Eleanor Hill as a portion of a
special studies which they are
taking under Mrs. Linda
Bamford, speech and drama
For Flounder Complex,
Marlene Hart has cast
sophomore Cathy Bland as
Lily a blind, psychologically
confused elderly woman.
Freshman Jeni Jenkins will
play Nan, a college student
applying for the job of com
panion to Lily.
Pam Faison has cast the
six females for the
Students can now pay resident - tuition
in selected out-of-state graduate programs
ATLANTA — Students in
several Southern states can
now enroll on a resident-
tuition basis in selected
graduate programs in other
The arrangement, which
will become effective this fall,
is made possible through the
Academic Common Market, a
project of the Southern
Regional Education Board.
The interstate agreement
provides for the reciprocal
sharing of academic graduate
Students from par
ticipating states will have
access to master’s or doctoral
degree work in such fields as
African history, home
economics, radio astronomy,
water pollution ecology or
nuclear engineering - to name
a few of the program entries.
Thus far, Alabama,
Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
Kentucky Mississippi, South
Carolina and Tennessee have
joined the Market. The par
ticipation of Maryland, North
Carolina, Virginia and West
Virginia is tentative but ex
pected in the next several
weeks - pending, in some
cases, only the almost certain
ratification of the agreement
by state legislatures or boards
of trustees.
The programs in which
residents of a participating
state can enroll depend upon
their state’s arrangement.
Under the Common Market
agreement, each member
state puts a number of its
programs in “market pool”
and then arranges for its
residents to have access to
out-of-state programs not
offered in its own institutions.
The number of out-of-
state programs thus made
available at in-state rates
ranges from Maryland’s five
to the 80 West Virginia will
offer its residents, provided
pending legislation there
allows that state’s entry into
the Market.
As the examples
illustrate, the typical Com
mon Market program is one
that is somewhat unusual,
both in excellence, and
program specialization, and
one that is needed by residents
in one or more of the other
states. By making such
programs available to
students, needless duplication
of graduate programs will be
As Dr. William Hovenden,
who directs the regional
administration of the
program, phrased it, “It is not
only impractical and ex
pensive, but also nearly im
possible for any single state to
provide the full array of
programs required to meet
the diverse higher education
needs of its citizenry.”
On the other hand, by
offering highly specialized
programs to out-of-state
students at in-state rates,
participating institutions will
increase enrollments in such
“uncommon” programs
which, in many cases, have
the capacity for additional
Dr. Hovenden compares the
arrangement to that of the
airlines industry, which for
years has offered tickets on a
standby basis at a reduced
rate to fill flights.
As a result of the Common
Market, additional education
opportunities will be available
to many students and existing
programs in the Southern
region will be more efficiently
utilized - all at a savings to
the students, institutions and
Posters, soon to appear
on campus, will indicate
sources of additional in
formation about the Common
Market, and the names of
state coordinators, who will
provide information about
application procedures.
Shakespearian spoof When
Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet.
Mrs. Debbie Liner Dodd will
play Desdemona, the “black
moor’s” wife in Othello.
Senior Wyn Turlington will
portray Portia from The
Merchant of Venice. Carletta
Jamison will appear as Kate
from ’ The Taming of the
Shrew. Kathy Harrison will
vamp as Cleopatra from
Antony and Cleopatra and
Hamlet’s Ophelia will be
performed by Pam Allen.
These five women gather at
Juliet’s house to instruct her
in the art of love. This title
character from Romeo and
Juliet will be played by fresh
man Donna Thomas.
Eleanor Hill will direct
Spoon River Anthology, a
modified readers theater
production developed from
Edgar Lee Masters’ An
thology. Her cast of three
females and three males will
include Susan Tew Wilkins,
Donna Hopewell and Mary
Warren Ayers. Mr. Harry
Dorsett, former education
instructor at Meredith and
NCSU senior Allen Houston,
and ASU graduate Ron Jones
complete the cast.
Rehearsals will begin
Saturday, March 30 after the
Tuesday and Wednesday
productions of The Effects of
Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-
Moon - Marigolds.
Several students in Dr. Frank
Grubbs Foreign Affairs class
were in a panic last week
while studying for an
examination when they got
the bright idea of calling the
author of the book being used
on the quiz. Getting on the
telephone, they called
Professor Adam B. Ulam of
the Russian Department,
Harvard University and asked
questions about his thesis.
Professor Ulam, although
somewhat flustered, an
swered their questions and
then referred the students to
his research assistant, whom
they also questioned! (Dr.
Grubbs submits the above
idea tor all students who panic
in the face of the exam!)
Attention Amigos! On April 2
at 10:00 a.m. in the Cate
Center, the gymnastic team is
sponsoring a sale of Mexican
goods consisting of hand-and
machine-embroidered halter,
smock, sleeveless, broadcloth
and denim tops. The fifteen
styles will sell for $4 to $14.
Handcrafted leather purses
will sell for $20 to $30, while
rings, earrings, and bracelets
will go for $2 to $6. Proceeds
from the sale will be used to
purchase new uniforms for the

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