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FEBRUARY 6, 1984
Grace Akers
Jane Boyd
Carol Brooks
Kim Causey
Claire Clybum
Caroline Cooper
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1984 year of Alice
By Anne White
Meredi!n stud^s,
the year you've been waiting
for! It’s almost time for another
zany performance of “Alice in
Wonderland"! Now, if you're
wondering why you never saw
audition notices, it’s t)ecause
the piay has already been cast.
The performers? None other
than your very own Meredith
College faculty and admlnistm'
Once upon a time, when
Meredith College was housed in
a beautiful Victorian building
downtown across from the
Qovemor’s Mansion, there was
an epidemic of flu which
quarantined many students to
the infirmary. Since most
classes had to l3e suspended,
the faculty wanted to do some
thing to cheer up the students.
So they decided to perform the
piay “Alice In Wonderland” by
Lewis Carroll, adapting It to suit
the occasion, it was such a
roaring suceew that- Meredittv
faculty and administration have
kept the tradition of performing
“Alice in Wonderland" once
every four yeai? so that each
college generation can exper
ience It. With elaborate
costumes and makeup, the
^aracters' true identities are
lept secret-part of the fun is
trying to guess who’s who!
The play is nonsensical,
centering around Alice's adven
tures in Wonderland, where she
meets the White Rabbit, the
Cheshire Cat, and Humpty-
Dumpty, among ott>er charac
ters. There's the Magic Forest,
the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and
a royal court session in which
the King and his court try to
decide who stole the tarts.
There’s ad-tlbbing, music,
dancing, and suiprises galore!
And what do the critics say
about these special per-
26 seniors chosen for
Who’s Who honors
formances of “Alice in Wonder-
€>r: -amrdTa Thomas;
Meredith’s Vice-President for
Student Development, admits:
“it has never won an Academy
Award, but It is worth seeing
aid would probably rate four
stars for comedy, if not for
A wonderful tradition of the
evening is the Mad Hatter's Tea
Party held after the play for
cast, crew, and students in Belk
Dining Hall, where tee and tarts
will be served by the Queen of
Hearts. This Is the social affair
of the year and it’s exclusively
for Meredith students, faculty,
and staff, so don’t miss iti
The fun starts at 8:00 P.M.
on Thursday, February 16, in
Jones Auditorium. Better get
there early - tlwe's always a
“standing room only” crowd.
Mark your calendars now to
come on out and experience
this hilarious tradition!
The 1964 edition of Who's
Among Students in
American Universities and Col
leges will include the names of
26 seniors from Meredith Col
lege who have been selected as
national outstanding leaders.
Campus nominating com
mittees and editoia .of the
annual directory have Included
the names of these students
based on tlieir academic
achievement, sen/ice to the
community, leadership in extra
curricular activities and poten
tial for continued success.
They join an elite gnsup of
students selected from more
than 1,500 institutions of
higher learning In ail 50 states,
the District of Columbia and
several foreign nations.
Outstanding students have
been honored In the annual
directory since it was first pub
lished in 1934.
Students from Meredith
nominated for VWvj's Who
include Grace Akers, daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Aters of
High Point; Jane Boyd, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.
Bo^ of Charlotte; Carol
■Broote, daoghter- c^fley, and"
Mrs. Nathan C. Brooks, Hi of
Lynchburg, Va.; Kim Causey,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jad(
Causey of Greenville, S.C.;
Claire Clybum, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. James L. Clybum of
Raleigh; and Caroline Cooper,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grady
Cooper, Jr. of Raleigh.
Aieo nominated were
Renee Davis, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Waiter I. Davis of
Raleigh, Michelle Farrier,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice H. Farrier of Raleigh;
Margaret Garrlss, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. V^iilam Phillip
Garriss of Raleigh; Suzanne
Hilton, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. David R. Hilton of
Raleigh; Jii Humlierger, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Hum-
berger of Concord; Luann
Johnson, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James V. Johnson, Jr. of
Smithfleid; and Elaine Jolly,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Hubert R. Jolly of Lumberton.
Others nominated include
Julie Lloyd, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Holmes Lloyd of
Durham; Lisa Loftis, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W.
Loftis, Sr. of Hope Mills; Susan
McDonough, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Edward Mc
Donough of Clemmons; Ann
McKee, daughter of Mr. Jack
McKee of Roxboro; Peggy
Ot'erton, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Nelson T. Overton of
Hampton, Va.; Anna Pearson,
daighter of . Ms. Jeonrte
Pearson of Henderson; Noel
Peilish, daughter of Ms. Grace
S. Peilish of Raleigh; and
Harriet Platts, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Paul K. Platts of Kin
Also nominated were
Virginia Ratcliff, daughter of
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AllceinWonderlandv^llt)epresentedonFebruary16starrlngtheMeredith College faculty.
Alice pulls on the mouse's tail In this scene from
"Alice in

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