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    Vol. I, No. 4 Meredith College, Raleigh, N.C. 27607 Feb. 28,1986
Meredith Chapel subject for Sunday service
Meredith’s chapel — a useful
investment or dust collector? (Photo
by Stephanie Bennett)
by Kim Allen, News Editor
Some students at Meredith College
have raised questions about Sunday
morning worship services in the Meredith
College chapel. When asked about Sun*
day church services. Campus Minister
Sam Carothers said, '*WeVe talked about
it in the past,** and added **1 am not totally
closed on it, 1 have several questions.”
Carothers said that his flrst question
was whether or not Meredith College
should provide all services students need.
don't think that we can provide the type
of stimulation and experience that you
can get from a local congregation,'’ he
Carothers’second question was really a
concern about Meredith College having a
**church*' on campus. **We actually have a
chapel," Carothers said. According to
Carothers, a church is made up of people
co'mmitted to doing something, who then
group to form a church. This is not what
is present on Meredith College’s campus,
he says. “We have a chapel where we
come together, loose knit, one time a
week for worship experience. There is no
way that that can take the place of all that
a church can do."
Carpthers feels that Meredith College
offersan artificial environment at Convo
cation on Wednesdays. The school has
various speakers which greatly differs
from churches and synagogues where
services are usually led by a resident min
ister, priest, or rabbi.
Carothers also questions the issue of
student interest and cited an incident
from two years ago. A devotional time
was held in the fall of 1984 and, as
Carothers explained, “No one came."
Also, buses ran for the first four weeks of
school to local churches and, by the last
Sunday, the number of riders was down
to ten. Carothers explained that because
of these two incidences, he wonders how
many students would attend on Sunday
morning at Meredith. “Students who
want to go to church can get rides with
other students or through buses," Caro
thers said.
When the idea of the chapel was in
debate, according to Dr. Jerry McGee of
the Educational Advancements Office,
the Meredith Board ofTrustees members
did not want a church because they felt
students should not be taken out of the
community churches.
E)ean of Students Dorothy Sizemore
gave four reasons for Meredith not offer
ing Sunday morning services.
“I. Worshipservicesareheld on Wed
nesday which is unique, because most
churches do not offer these.
2. Organization is required for weekly
Sunday morning service. It is difHcult to
maintain high quality worship services —
the kind that Meredith College students
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Twenty-eight Meredith seniors
chosen for ‘Who’s Who’
by Betsy Short, Interim Editor
According to Dorothy Sizemore, Dean
ofStudents, the seniors honored in Who’s
Who are nominated by the faculty on the
basis of the following criteria: scholastic
achievement, participation and leadership
in academic and extracurricular activities,
citizenship and service to the college, and
potential for future achievement.
The final selection from the faculty
nominations is made by the Student Life
Committee members, excluding seniors,
and a special subcommittee of junion
that works closely with seniors in campus
A maximum of 30 seniors are selected
each spring. This year^ selections are:
Christine L. Arnold
Lisa M. Britt
Jean Michelle Cherry
Lisa L. Clark
Sandra C. Close
Karen M. Cockrell
Jonelle Davis
Lori J. Dowdy
Theresa D. Duffy
Dalinda A. Dunn
Gwendolyn R. Godwin
Susan R. Goins
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Meredith College Honor Council
connpared to other women’s colleges
by Casey Bass, Features Editor
Due to some controversy with Mere
dith’s Honor Council, the //^roWdecided
to compare the judicial system at Mere
dith with those at other women’s colleges.
In Meredith’s Honor Council, “The
student accused is sitting. I read the plea
and turn it over to the Solicitor General.
The Defend talks and calls witnesses,
then the Solicitor General does the same,"
said Donna Elliot, head of Meredith’s
Honor Council.
“After all the witnesses are heard, and
the final questions are asked, the Defense
and Solicitor General make final state
ments."Then both voting and non«voting
leave to discuss the verdia and possible
Vaiden Kramar, head of the Judicial
Board at St. Mary’s College described the
usual order of hearing a case there.
“The Judicial Board consists of nine
students (one from the freshman class,
two from the sophomore class, two from
the junior class, one from the senior class,
two S.G.A. members and the day student
president), along with three faculty mem
bers who act as advisors," Kramar said.
“When a vote Is taken, there must be five
students and two faculty members in
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Low water level makes lake an eyesore to public
by Betsy Short, News Reporter
The water level in the lake at the
amphitheater has reached its lowest level
in the past two years, according to
Grounds Superintendent Dorcey Adams.
As a result of the lowering water level
the lake has become clouded with brown
ish muck and overgrown algae. What is
usually a major attraction at Meredith is
now an unseemly eyesore.
**The lake does enhance or take away
from the beauty of the college," Director
of Student Activities RhodaSoXvereBaid.
The lake is not only a highlight of Mere
dith’s campus, but also of the Raleigh
community. ’Pops in the Park* attracts a
major crowd from throughout Raleigh
each fall. Outsiders come to the Meredith
l^k^’a{^' f9r;pwpic^,, fq^atipni walks
and weddings." Sowers said “a clean lake
would make a difference in Meredith's
According to Adams, the remedy for
the lake is rain, a lot of rain. “We have not
had any run-oW water. One big rain will
fill it up," Adams said.
Other than praying for rain, little can
be done to raise the lake level. However,
Adams cleans the lake periodically, every
few weeks, clearing out trash and spray
ing the algae with secticide. The sectidde
temporarily cuts oH* the plants oxygen,
stunting its growth, Adams said.
A pump was Installed in the lake to
reduce stagnation when it was built in the
.S0’&. Vet, Adams explained, the pump is
InefT^ive when it is submerged, which is
thecasenow. Since the pump is not above
the water, it cannot help circulate it.
The moat area also aids in circulation
as the water flows over the dams, Adams
said. The dams are not useful, however,
unless the water is high enough to drain
over them.
One practical solution, according to
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Meredith lake brings both to the beauty and uniqueness to campus ~
depending on level of water.

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