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Nude women of
women's colleges
Playboy magazi:ie plans to do a
feature in an upcoming issue on the
women of women’s colleges. Oh goody.
Just the opportunity for publicity we’ve
been looking for.
There would be little argument that
periodicals of this ilk are exploiting
women. The larger question seems to
be whether it is acceptable for adult
women to allow themselves to be
exploited in this or any other fashion.
We allow the Madison Ave. moguls
to sell their clients’ products with
television ads that are so sleazy,
sometimes it’s hard to believe they're
only pushing something as benign as
cake mix and laundry products. “Oh,
you sweet talker, Betty Crocker,” Do we
really think that whipping up a two
layer fudge delight is going to ellict
heavy breathing from the lucky recipient’
In a recent bar soap ad, a young woman
whips the towel off a naked man’s
behind as the announcer tells us their
soap is good for "doing cheeks."
Print ads are no better. Men and
women drape themselves all over each
other, wearing nothing more than the
fragrance which seems to inspire their
behavior. Jewelry ads prompt male
readers to buy diamonds for their
girlfriends, noi-so*sublly implying that
gifts will bring payment in kind.
’Hie reason this type of ad is seen so
often is because it works. We believe
what we see. We hear the message. We
buy the product. Sex sells. And it will
continue to sell as long as we put up
with that kind of exploitive behavior.
Playboy isn’t going to have a bit of
trouble finding enough pert young
bodies to fill the pages of its special
issue, due out in April. The women they
use will say things like, “Why shouldn’t
1 be proud of my body? I’m not ashamed
to show my body."
It’s great to feel good about your
body. God has truly given us a wonderful
system of bones and muscles and little
tiny cells that all work together to keep
us alive and healthy.
Precious few of us, though, have
.measurements society deenis perfect.
' Women are known to be more critical of
their shape than are men of theirs. That
trend is likely to continue as long as ad
cxecs and magazine publishers continue
to use young slim women and handsome
well-built men to build profit margins.
Our bodies should be treasured,
not exploited.
Letters to the Editor
Courtesy lost at
holiday celebrations
Dear Editor,
Have we lost respea for each other?
Does anyone know the meaning of
common courtesy anymore? I'm not so
sure after tonight.
I have just returned from some of
Meredith’s traditional hoUsay activities
and I am apalled at the behavior 1
witnessed. It began with the Holiday
Dinner. Many people worked hard
planning and implementing the dinner.
During the welcoming remarks as well
as the entertainment by the Meredith
Ensemble, students were talking and
laughing as if they were attending a
picnic in the courtyard. Not only did the
performers deserve the attention of these
students, but quiet would have been
appreciated by all of us trying to listen
to the speakers and singers.At the very
least these students should have behaved
since President Weems abd the Chairman
of the Board of Trustees were in
But it did not end with dinner. After
dinner I attended the Moravian Love
Feast in the chapel. This service is very
beautiful and meaning^il because the
congregation takes pan in singing carols
as they worship. Unfortunately the
people sitting behind me chose to use
the hour to catch up on conversation.
They ulked during the anthems sung by
the Meredith Ensemble and they talked
during the brief sermon. If they wanted
to socialize, I wish they had gone
somewhere else. The service couldn't
have had much meaning for them.
Because of their talking, they must have
missed the reason for being there.
It’s time that we all examine our
behavior in public. Are we considerate
of others? Do we talk at movies or
lectures or church services?Do we care
that our rudeness causes others to be
uncomfotable? It doesn’t take much effort
to be courteous. All it really takes is just
a little thought.
This is a season of giving. Why
don’t we consider giving the gift of
Becky Bradshaw
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I'age 2 !')ecefi\ber 10, 1990

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