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1891 ■■ 9(mcninjOur^erita^e...‘E?(pancCin^Our;H(mzorts ■■ 1991
Volume VIIL Issue 11
November 15,1991
Raleigh, North Carolina
Meredith and Alcohol
How much akohol could an average size
person drink in one hour before reaching
the legal level of int(»xication (bl(M>d alco
hol concentration of 0.10%)?
Herald reporters asked a number of stu
dents, faculty, and staff this question. The
variety of responses was astounding. Some
answers were right on target, while others
were completely out of the ballpark.
Alcohol is a factor in 25,000 deaths each
yearonU.S.hi^ways. Drinking and driving
results in more than 500,000 serious injuries
each year, as well as over one million arrests
yearly. ^
The legal blood alcohol concentration
(BAG) limit is 0.10%. Although this is the
legal limit, your chances of having an acci
dent increase long before this limit is reached.
At a BAG of 0.05%, your chances of crashing
increase by one and a half times. A BAC of
0-0.04%, although not legally considered
under the influence, can still impair cmcial
driving skills. At the legal limit of 0.10%, the
likelihood of crashing is six times greater.
These are staitling statistics considering that
50% of all fatally injured drivers have a BAC
of .06% or above.
One Meredith student estimated that it
would take “about 5 beers.” Another thought
that she could “drink all night and never get
drunk.” Another response, “It depends on
how much I’ve had to eat” stems from the
myth that eating before you go out somehow
makes you immune to the effects of alcohol.
Another student claims she can drink “tour
beers in an hour and still drive home.” That’s
one can of Bud every 15 minutes! Do you
want to be a passenger in her caf>
Several responses were under the legal
{miourn, but most were considerably over the
actual amount, which is just barely over two
drinks for a person weighing 120 pounds.
Fully 60% of those surveyed said three or
more drinks in one hour would not render the
average person drunk.
How long does it take to sober up? It
depends on your BAC level, which drops
about 0.15% per hour if you have nothing
more to drink. For example, a 120 pound
person has a BAC of 0.12% (3 drinks in one
hour). It would take two hours to dmp the
BAC level to .90% and eight hours to dnip to
There are many myths about getting so-
Planned Giving Director Named
Meredith College has announced that
Harold L. West, Jr. of Raleigh, has been
named Director of Planned Giving for the
Before his appointment at Meredith, Mr.
West was an underwriter with Peoples Secu
rity Life Insurance Company in Durham.
Prior to .joining Peoples Security in 1978, Mr.
West was an associate with H. Gray
Hutchinson & Associates, Inc.
Mr. West received a Bachelor of Arts In
Sociology and Political Science in 1971 tirom
North Carolina State University. He Is a
graduate of Broughton High School in Ra
leigh, NC.
Mr. West is married to Sharyn West, and
they have two children.
bered up tast. None of them work. Your
liver processes the alcohol in your system at
the same speed regardless of any “cures” you
might try. A cold shower, tresh air, exercise
or black coffee have no effect on yt>ur blood
alcohol level.
Drinking and driving is deadly. Know the
Blood Alcohol Concentraion Within One
For comparison, 12 oz. of beer contains 5%
alcohol, 5 oz. of table wine contains 12%
alcohol, and a mixed drink with 1.5 oz. of
liquor contains 40% alcohol.
Number of Drinks (as listed above)
Body N\eight
2 3
The amount of alcohol in mixed drinks
varies amsiderably, depending (m the recipe
and the type of liquor used.
,Uai-nlrll. Wesi.Jr.

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