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    March 26,1992 page two
by Jessica Cook, Copy Editor
Last Monday night, the SGA election speeches
were overwhelmingly pointless. What’s the use
of having speeches when all the offices, with the
exception of one, have only one student candi
date for election? SGA should not have wasted
its time coordinating the event. The low partici
pation of Meredith students in the SGA elec
tions shows they are obviously not interested in
student government. In fact, what is the use of
having an active student government when the
students are so apathetic about its existence?
This is not mean to be a criticism of SGA; the
various organizations do an incredible amount
of work every week that goes largely
unappreciated by the student body. It is miracu
lous that SGA manages to accomplish anything
with the current uninvolvement of students.
With open forums, a genuine committment to
change, and a willingness to persevere until the
job gets done, SGA is an organization dedicated
to serving students; however, when the students
do not respond, students make a mockery of
Students, including myself, complain inces
santly about Meredith’s rules. Every year, we
fight to live off campus to escape these rules we
deplore. Instead of complaining, though, we
should get together with SGA and work for the
changes many students desire. A powerful
student government that is supported by the
student body through participation and support
can make many changes on campus. Congratu
lations to those who ran for an office this year;
a real challenge awaits you.
Letter to the Editor
To the editor:
This letter is in response to the SGA Executive
Committee’s proposal on the ban of alcoholic
containers on campus. We are in no way debat
ing the seriousness of alcoholic consumption on
campus. However, this proposal will not solve
the problem of students drinking in their rooms
- it will merely disguise the larger issue. As
graduating seniors, this is an issue each of us
feels strongly about, even though it will not
affect us if passed.
As stated in the March 20 issue of Meredith
Herald, one of the rationales for support of the
proposal by SGA Executive Committee was
that allowing students to have alcoholic con
tainers on campus relayed a mixed message to
the students. The proposal does not solve the
mixed message problem because it too is only
one of the ways students are sent mixed mes
sages. What else besides the display of alco
holic beverages containers “sends mixed mes
sages to students, promotes alcohol consump
tion as an activity to be displayed,a and supports
the underage use of alcohol?”
1. The sale of Meredith College shot glasses
from the Student Supply Store AND the sale of
shot glasses as memorabilia at Meredith dances.
Are shot glasses considered student supplies or
proper memorabilia?
2. On Comhuskin’ night the last thing stu
dents are told before departing to celebrate
(whether it is by a student, a speaker, or a faculty
member) is to have fun at post Cornhuskin’
celebrations but to be careful - drink off campus
but do not drink and drive. This is why students
in the past have organized transportation to and
from parties held at the fraternities. But how
does this discourage drinking?
3. Students holding positions in Mere
student organizations are elected represe
fives of the college. If the rational behind
proposal is that “the college strongly diso
ages the sue of alcoholic beverages by Mere
students,” then why do many of these stud
fail to comply with this standard?
We are also concerned about the diversity of
the student body narrowing because of rules and
regulations that have nothing to do with a young
woman receiving a college education. There
are only a few single .sex schools remaining, and
how will Meredith be able to attract future
students with trivial rules such as this one? How
can we fight for the privilege of having male
visitation if we are not allowed to have an
empty, washed out, alcoholic beverage con
tainer in our room? (Yet another mixed mes
Alcoholic containers may be personal souve
nirs from a special event, may be incorporated
into a still life in the art building, or may be
brought by area residents to Meredith to be
recycled. This is about to be banned if the
proposal is passed. If it is assumed that this
proposal is a step toward solving the on-campus
drinking problem, we disagree. And how can a
rule based on suspicion support an honor code
supposedly based on trust? The rule will not
make it any more difficult for a student who
chooses to break the rule of drinking on campus.
Banning alcoholic containers will not solve the
drinking problem.
—Submitted by Tanya Brunner and Amy
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