Campus Editorial September 16,1992 page two For all of the wonderful experiences Meredith Abroad afforded me, I must admit it also spoiled me. Imagine going from an endless variety of entertainment choices in London to wondering what’s playing at Mission Val ley. Butyoudon’thavetospend your summer in Europe to no tice that Raleigh doesn’t have a theatre or an art gallery on every corner. However, Raleigh does offer real “culture” if you are willing to look for it and at the same time offers you a chance to go some where without the possibility of running into your suitemate and her boyfriend. This weekend, I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the NC Museum of Art on Blue Ridge Rd. For $3,1 got to sit outside, enjoy the almost-fall weather, and watch one of my favorite antimated flicks, even though I occasionally wanted to jump up and down, screaming to the dozens of six-year-old girls, “Prince Charming doesn’t exist!” This series continues with Hook (Sept. 18-19) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Sept.25- 26). All showings are at 8:30 p.m. If these movies don’t inter est you, consider Studio I and II on Hillsborough St. or the Rialto on Glenwood Ave. for the latest in foreign and alternative films. For the atre buffs, Raleigh has several op tions, In late September and October, Ladyhouse Blues and Tin types will be sta.ged at Meredith. Raleigh Little Theatre and The atre in the Park also offer consis tently good plays. If you’re interested in music, try the NC Museum of Art. Every Sunday around 2 or 3 p.m., there is a free concert. Don’t despair if none of these suggestions appeal to you. You’re probably just suffering from “campusitis." To relieve your distress, simply don your most Bohemian outfit, grab any old intelligent-looking book, and head on over to Cup A Joe to try to make eye contact with some guy. Recycle Your Thinking Meredith Herald lilditnr in Chief Amity Brown Layout Assistant. HeisyMao Reporter Frances Pate, Tnsta Sdiagal, Julie Smilli, Kale Stewart, nitistina Peoples, Sarah Muss,Traci I ..uuxKuuberlyZucker Contributing Writers Jennifer Hiffiig, I,ynn Davidson, Lyiui Farmer, Jackie Webb Technical Advisor I aura Davenport Editorial Fallcy The Meredith Herald » published hy the College diroUgbout Um acadertiie year, ITki papifT » funded by the coltcge and thravgb adverdslng, ’The Herald retains the right not to publish malenals coataiuing personal attacks, insults, ridicnle, or Ubelons stateoieats. All letters to the editor must be sigaed. The opimons expressed m editorial columns do not necessarily reflect those of tlie coDe^e administrstioo, faculty, or student body. Letters to the EdUor FolUgr Everyone in the Meredith community is mv»ted to twite a letter to the editor. All publisbed tetters mast be lypewntten with contact mime and address and telephone number. All letters most be rigned by the author, but names will be withheld upw request I.3yout Editor .Tntccy RawLs Editori^UOp*EdUor.JesslcaCook BtuinessManger ..,.GiltiaBoyd Ct^y Edifm*, .«>.,So«hn Hniey News Editor...,,..,—„Beth Lowry Feature$ Editor,KoUiadar Spwts Editor,. .Amy Whitt AdviscM* Nan Miller I am a dedicated recycler and have been since the old days, when it was troublesome rather than trendy. I’m sure I will tell my grandchildren about ho w I loaded their father and three weeks of glass bottles and newspapers into the station wagon and traveled 15 miles in the winter blizzards of Syracuse, NY—all because I wanted a better world for them. Nowadays curbside collec tion makes recycUng easier. In my neighborhood the gleaming white truck stops right at my front door every other Thursday. Ev ery street in my neighborhood, in fact, is lined with tree-green bins bulging with The News and Ob server , Pine State cartons and Ragu jars, waiting for the recy cling truck to whisk them away. Each recycling day there are more bins than the time before, and I feel smug in knowing I’ve done my part in spreading the recyling gospel. In short, recycling in the nineties is simple and neat: it can also be dangerous. In our enthu siasm to recycle our garbage, my fellow pioneers and I may forget the reason we produce too much trash. The City of Raleigh Curbside Recycling Program has given me the green container with elastic straps on top so I don’t Letter to the Editor Attention to student leaders, student advisors, orientation crew, faculty and staff, and the Dean of Students Office Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone that made Orientation such a success! I especially want to thank SC A and Jennifer Hartig for all of the help and support that you gave to the student advisors on orienta tion day for freshmen, transfers, and commuters. Everyone that works in the Dean of Students Office was very helpful and pa tient with me throughout orienta tion week. I wanted to also say have to worry about how I ’ m going to fit in two weeks’ worth of news papers. The program has given me a calendar with pick-up days high lighted so I don’t have to think about when I’m going to fit recy cling into my busy schedule. All the thinking, in fact, has been done for me—all I have to do is follow the instructions and I am rewarded with that aren’t-I-wonderful-for- recycling feeling. As a result, I no longer have to ponder quesitons like “Would all this recycling be necessary if I didn’t throw away so much stuff in the first place?” Last week I was in a hurry and tossed out a giant apple juice jar; my guests were due any minute, arid the back porch was a long way to walk to get to the recycling bin. After all. I’ve been doing my part for a long time. Now that so many others are recycling, what is one castaway juice jug go ing to hurt? see Recycled, page seven Thank You to everyone who works on the 3rd floor of Johnson Hall for their cooperation as the stu dent advisors helped to welcome the new freshmen into the Meredith College community. A very special Thank You goes to Dean Sizemore for helping the student advisors Make A Differ ence on orientation day by help ing us through our training ses sions and workshops. I wanted to also thank the faculty advisors for giving their time and energy to being a faculty/student advisor team member. The student advi sors appreciate your input and enthusiasm as much as the fresh- see L«ner, page seven

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